TST Podcast #317 – George Notaras (Motoman TV)

George Notaras has been an automotive journalist and friend of TST for about a decade. He travels the world driving all the good things, and puts out his reviews on YouTube. He joins us to talk about Porsches, planes, ice driving a Kia Stinger, and lots more. Check his channel out! https://www.youtube.com/user/MotoManTV

This episode is available in downloadable audio only format on iTunes, Google Play, wherever you get podcasts, or at the host site: www.shoutengine.com/thesmokingtire

IG: @thesmokingtire @motomantv @fakezackklapman

7 thoughts on “TST Podcast #317 – George Notaras (Motoman TV)

  1. Robertas says:

    Gee, this guy is insane. When he started talking about how he's getting back into flying planes, I was like: "could this guy get even more likeable?" Thumbs up from me, dudes.

  2. jrossi9250 says:

    Congrats to Matt on your future license. What plane flies on 5 gal an hr???? A Cessna 182 sucks up about 16 gals in that same hour.

  3. Nice to see George back on the program!

  4. FYI Area 27 Motorsports Park is NOT on Vancouver Island, it’s inland BC, not far from Penticton.

  5. Chad D'Boy says:

    i seriously detest this motoman tv guy hes so annoying.

  6. Holdadolla says:

    Matt, I've got a 1999 Ford Taurus with NOS I want you to review

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