Two-Wheeled Time Machines: Racing Vintage Motocross — /RideApart

Two-stroke powerbands, not much suspension and rubbish brakes. For Jamie, racing vintage motocross is like going back in time to his childhood. For Wes, it’s a terrifying introduction to dirt bikes, doubly so on a ’79 Yamaha YZ490, the fastest MX bike of its era.

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48 thoughts on “Two-Wheeled Time Machines: Racing Vintage Motocross — /RideApart

  1. Where is this at l live in California..

  2. I wish Yamaha still made these still…

  3. kayhewitt says:

    Fun video! Reminds me of the pasture motocross races in Kansas back in the early 1970's! Thanks for the memories!

  4. David Zanin says:

    im thinking about getting some classic 80s dirtbikes and restoring them like simple stuff resleeving cleaning carb air filter chain and giving them a all out clean and riding them because i fill restoring 80s and 70s bikes is alot of money and im more interested in 80s dirtbikes so tell me if im wrong please

  5. Alan Moley says:

    That music reminds me of the film vanishing point check it out you youngsters

  6. must of been sooo fun. be cool to ride some of those old bikes.

  7. enduro pasion x las motos

  8. ravanderveur says:

    Great video and great music to go along with it!!!

  9. bigmurr725 says:

    Great video ,Terrible music .

  10. ripmax333 says:

    the good old scrambler.

  11. Great video! You call that vintage? That ain't vintage. Checkout my channel to see what vintage motocross really is ;-)

  12. VTR Vinduro says:

    Love It .. Good too see Old Bike still get out on the Track ….


  13. 72+HourBOB says:

    Sold my soul at the age of 14 to go to work in a Honda / Suzuki shop. We still had 305 Dreams on the floor. Worked my first year for free. Stayed in it for over 20 years and can still be found in some of the shops I have worked in over the years. See you at Barber's this year. I bleed 2 stroke.

  14. The1Away says:

    tt 500 yamaha 300 lbs of motorcycle get the 2 stroke guys talking to themselves when I get them on every holeshot and get the win, more fun then any modern bike I ever own or ride. I have 2 of them one with a white brothers swingarm double leading front brake larger legal front end and much more, in and around Hanover PA, Give me a yell I could be talked out of it for a resonible price. 717 668 4970

  15. Bigdog302V8 says:

    the 1982 YZ490 was a real pig of a bike,it pinged badly,the suspension sucked compared with what other manufacturers offered. vibrated badly and only came with a 4 speed transmission. a Maico 490,Honda CR480 could eat it's lunch in all areas. they came jetted rich and was near impossible to jet,jet it to run strong and it would seize. the 1979 YZ400 was inferior to the 1978 YZ400 in almost every way.

  16. Bigdog302V8 says:

    your description is a bit off,Yamaha did not come out with the YZ490 until 1982.

    the YZ465 came out in 1980 and 1981 and the YZ400 was made from 1976 to 1979.

  17. gremmann says:

    Great info, great vid…..could do without the music.

  18. orange70383 says:

    When I was 15 I raced a (new at the time) 1978 RM 125. I loved everything about that bike, from being able to here it being kickstarted a half mile away to the super short power band, to the wonderful smell of burning Castrol pre-mix.

  19. james white says:

    Jesus John R & pineapple John, makes me want to go find a can of Blendzall, and some gas, and fire up that beautiful pumpkin orange ' 72 Montesa Capra again! I love the smell of castor bean oil in the morning smells like heaven to me !!!

  20. james white says:

    The guy who complains about someone mispronouncin Husquarna needs to learn how to spell Huskavarna! ( God, hope I spelled it right!)

  21. should get some of these new school 4stroke riders out on a vmx piston ported 2stroker see how they handle the ruts?

  22. Gotta love vintage MX,…..LOVE IT MAN!!!

  23. von551 says:

    Jamie, my first bike was an '81 YZ100! That 490 must be a beast! I love the old two strokes!

  24. and now i m on craigslist looking for a vintage bike

  25. I will be doing this SOOOOOON! I cannot wait!

  26. 1979 yz465 the yz490 didnt exist until 1982

  27. Eric Shelton says:

    One of the best opening sequences on any video ever. The music, footage, and riders taking off in the title shot… Love this!

  28. speddie71 says:

    We're there any makos

  29. where are they riding??looks so cal,but where?

  30. rich smith says:

    He's actually racing in the Post-Vintage class.

  31. 04enduro says:

    4:18.. he's dead right.

  32. Love the video. What's up with that awful music?

  33. valntino64 says:

    This really is motocross, have fun and enjoy bikes before and with the best sound.

  34. EreksonJ says:

    They need to make a cheap, air cooled, big bore 2 stroke motocross bike. Something that is very affordable, durable, and easy to work on. Drop the high tech stuff and just make something cheap, powerful, and fun that anyone can afford to run. You know, like an entry level dirt bike.

  35. ams914 says:

    Love these RideApart videos. Keep em coming.

  36. rich smith says:

    He talks all perty like on u them ferriners. True though, I gave up my 450, and am looking for an old bike. Calvmx is an AWESOME club, they put a lot of work into these races. The racers are wonderful people.

  37. IamTheEggMan says:

    I'm a Husqy guy myself.
    Dad got me a 78? Suzuki RM50 when I was 5, learned me to use a clutch and ride. A year later, RM80. Rode that till I was 10.
    Dad went to a yard sale and found a Husq CR390 that an old guy was selling, it had water in the case but he got it for $30.
    A month later I was told to hop on (I'm still 10). I rode that bike for 2 years before it lost compression. We sold it and got a 74? Maico 250.
    Time to get another Husqy.

  38. Dale Hause says:

    if you aint mixing gas you aint hauling ass!

  39. oj cush says:

    Why no yz80? Best bike ever made small light fast and cheep


  41. Itz Mac says:

    old but gold bro ;)

  42. Ruudje0411 says:

    Old bikes

  43. coenijn says:

    Who knows what song this is? I love funk/soul like this

  44. mogearz says:

    added to bucket list :D

  45. coenijn says:

    Jamie, eventhough I haven't passed my exam for my driver's licence yet, you really really inspire me to put away my car and buy a bike. Thank you for sharing your love

  46. Paul Pah says:

    Whats the backgroud music? does anyone know?

  47. Thanks to Jamie & his crew for joining CALVMX! Please join us for some moto fun in Southern California!!! Go to for more info

    Moto on

  48. valebliz says:

    damn, i wish there where tracks like this here in italy, i would spend my weekend riding 24h/day…

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