V8 Engine – Explained

What is a V8 engine? How a V8 engine works. What are the benefits of this engine layout? V8 engines are fairly compact, rigid, and ever popular in American muscle. But what makes these engines so great? There are various types of V8 engines, with different firing orders and crankshafts. This video explores the advantages and disadvantages of V8 engines.

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  1. Post By Millan Kumar

    What about secondary balance?

  2. Post By Aditya Vikram Singh

    please post a video to find firing order for engine

  3. Post By ValleyoftheKings64

    Don't h8 get a v8.

  4. Post By Jay Heroux

    well done, love this

  5. Post By Emir B.A.745d

    Do straight 8 engines ( altho they were pretty rare)


    can we make 2 piston fire at one stroke?..

  7. Post By Dan R

    Hello Jason (it is Jason isn't it). I have been looking through your videos and I have an idea for a new category, I picked this "v-8 engine" tutorial as the engine I have a question about is a V-8. The category is "engineering mistakes" and I would like for you to explain what happened with the BMW M60 V-8 and the early block wear problem. This problem was most likely the biggest "mistake" by BMW (we had to replace many engine blocks). This could be called the Nikaseal Alu-seal problem that was aggravated by low sulphur content in the fuel. I would really like to read an analysis concerning this problem, one that is not pro nor anti BMW. I believe some technicians are calling these recurring problems "pattern failures". Thanks


    what engine does the Monte Carlo have in fast and furious tokyio have?

  9. Post By Alpha Fort

    i've seen engine builders on utube like Nelsons that make huge powerful v8 (12 litre plus i believe) within the dimensions of a big block Chevy. Assuming exotic alloys or other production cost was not a limitation, why not have large bore v8s to give easy bhp instead of twin turbos and complicated systems? i',ve noticed manufacturers staying under the 7 litre mark. Obviously this is not a simple question, and more obviously i'm an amateur :). Ok…i know that particular engine of Nelsons was for a drag racer (output 3000bhp or something)…but why not undertune it to maybe 1000bhp, and still be able to fit it in chevy big block space AND make reliable power?

  10. Post By Chase Lanier

    which one is the longest lasting or most fuel efficient?

  11. Post By Chris Huynh

    Hey, I'm a huge fan of your videos, great work. Does the full-weight counterweight actually work in the situation every 1/4 of crank revolution though? Since piston velocity is higher from crank angles 270-0-90 than 90-180-270 because it travels more distance in the upper half of crank rotation. How could an unchanging quantity of mass cancel out 2 different velocities? please answer, thank you

  12. Post By Timothy g


  13. Post By RzVids

    I have a 6.2L v6, will I win a race against a v8?

  14. Post By Rick Bergolla

    im gonna spend so much money making a little engine that i hope in a few years will be better then most middle class stock engines

  15. Post By Flash Gordons

    Can't stop watching ! You could be friends with Edd China in Wheeler Dealers ! Cheers !

  16. Post By TheMaskedEmolga 587

    No wonder mad max wanted one so bad for his car

  17. Post By Jleone leone

    its 18436572

  18. Post By Squishy guard As genji

    Thx for this I had to show my parents I'm smart they treated me not very cool

  19. Post By joespeed1952

    Never heard of that firing order…. Hmm….

  20. Post By Wobble King

    Mad Max brought me here. V8! V8! V8! V8!

  21. Post By Jajuan_t

    You lost me within 2 minutes

  22. Post By UrBanBoi ArT


  23. Post By Aubrey Disney

    I'd love too see a video describing the differences and advantages/disadvantages of stroking vs boring a v8?

  24. Post By xXCarMurderxX

    How do you know all this stuff?

  25. Post By Gino Mendoza

    not sure if you'll ever get to doing it, but I haven't found anything about what a stroker kit does, so here's my request!what does a stroker kit do?

  26. Post By Macmillium

    would you please explain piston slap on the 4.6 and 5.4 triton V8, please. Thank you, always a pleasure to watch your videos.

  27. Post By sean griffin

    Hey love the videos ive learned a lot from watching could you do a vid explaining the difference between a 2 valve 3 valve and 4 valve I have a 4.6 2 valve I was looking at a 5.4 I've been under the impression 2 valve is better torque 4 valve is better horse so what is 3 valve. Id greatly appreciate it.

  28. Post By Blue Oval Forever

    My car has a V6 which is not bad , but sometimes i do wish it had a V8 :D

  29. Post By Alex Holloway

    On a V8 engine, would it be unfeasible for 2 cylinders to fire at once? For instance, in the cylinder order shown in the video, could the firing order be: 1/8, 2/7, 3/6, 4/5. Or any order but with 2 cylinders firing simultaneously? Just curious. I would assume this would lower MPG and could potentially mess up primary/secondary imbalances but in theory would this not create more power? I am struggling to visualise such a system myself! I would assume this would use a flatplane crank also.

  30. Post By Jan Kapteijn den Bouwmeester

    How do you determine the firing order of a crossplane V8?

  31. Post By dion759

    why do most u.s.a made v8s use pushrods and not ohc like some jap ones do?

  32. Post By firstname lastname

    when the counterweight balances the piston weight opposite to it,won't the other piston perpendicular to it will cause a primary force because at that time there is not any weight at that other piston?

  33. Post By Aaron Heusser

    how is a v8 more ridged than an inline 6? Please correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't the inline 6 have 7 main caps and the v8 only has 5 right?

  34. Post By easyadventurer

    Rotary next plz. I know how they work… I just enjoy your videos :)

  35. Post By maybach300c

    BUT I noticed that Ferrari Berlinetta, Lamborghini Aventador,Rolls-Royce Phantom, Aston Martin DB9, Pagani Zonda Rall of them equip with V-12. Why did they prefer V-12 ?Can you make the video about V-12 engine ?

  36. Post By Vivek Panchal

    I like your videos before I start watching them because your every cider deserves a superlike!!!

  37. Post By Corvettes&CokeFloats

    Twin Ball Bearing turbocharged LS7. :D

  38. Post By Junaid Malik

    Can you make a video about the VW golf r32 engine and how to get the maximum power from it?

  39. Post By ElCactus

    So the main reason why you don't see high displacement 6 cylinder and 4 cylinder engines in cars is because it becomes very difficult to balance the engine?

  40. Post By FourTwenny

    Great video as always.

  41. Post By Ram Skirata

    first off: very good video, as most of your videos are.I have to say though, that im not with you at the argument that a V8 is complex. Whe you look at you good old V8 from the 60s or 70s, they are really not yomplex.

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