Volkswagen Golf GTI Clubsport at Frankfurt 2015 | evo MOTOR SHOWS

More power and a host of interior and exterior upgrades mark the GTI Clubsport out from the standard car. evo’s Henry Catchpole tells you everything you need to know about the new performance VW.

29 thoughts on “Volkswagen Golf GTI Clubsport at Frankfurt 2015 | evo MOTOR SHOWS

  1. rzorNvme says:

    Bring it to the U.S.

  2. Stigs722 says:

    Henry you are the best

  3. Dmitry L says:

    I need one.

  4. Beauty

  5. VW need to get the emmisions levels right rather than paying so much attention to the GTI.

  6. Hass. T™ says:

    just one thing, how is the emissions on the Golf GTI Club sport like?

  7. zkljaja says:

    Thank you for not using fake exhaust tips on this car

  8. LDN13Y says:

    100% agree that the GTI needs a 'ClubSport' edge, and NOT just a straight power increase. Quite frankly I find the Golf R model totally awful, it's so boring and reserved.

    However, the black glossy plastic really IS NOT what I hoped for :'( The ClubSport needs to be classy, not tacky! I hope other model colours don't use that same black plastic gloss. PLEASE!

  9. crism says:

    Just what the GTI needed. In years gone by it was always the benchmark hot hatch but has seemly been left my the waste side. Time for a rejuvenation of the iconic GTI

  10. rfouR_ says:

    "Thank you very much" xD

  11. Nick says:

    The drool is literally pouring out of my mouth like that stupid rainbow feature on snapchat

  12. Nick Catelli says:

    I adore my Mk7 GTI. This looks awesome as well. Just enough flashiness but still restrained and understated. Exactly what I love about Volkswagen.

  13. rafa s1000 says:

    É pólo ou é golf que vão mostrar nessa bosta?

  14. rafa s1000 says:

    É pólo ou é golf que vão mostrar nessa bosta?

  15. Club sport has to mean lighter than a standard GTI and hope it's got some stiffer suspension too. If so, will run rings around a Golf R on track.

  16. 3DFX says:

    Were the heck is our Golf R400 VW? – You promised to have it shown at Frankfurt Auto Show didnt you…???

  17. gibson4602 says:

    'Thank you very much…'

  18. David Van says:

    This thing looks really good, and if the standard GTI is anything to go buy, it should drive really well too. It's a shame it's not coming to the U.S.

  19. coffeeblak86 says:

    Damn that VW is slow as shit! why does it look like that? all those kits and so slow! at least do it in 5.5

  20. kkthxk says:

    VW you dolts. Why can I not buy a production version of that rally car??

    1. Polo chassis + braces, stiff bushes, springs, dampers.
    2. 1.8 Litre turbo
    3. FWD + LSD
    4. USA
    5. Defeatable ESP.


  21. fish fingers says:

    The cock in a suit..

  22. marcus6285 says:

    in the Golf range this car make sence with the overboost.
    But the Seat Leon has the same 290PS all the time with the same engine…………………

  23. Jon Gandy says:

    Is Henry wearing no shoes? Looks like he's standing there wearing socks and nowt else on his feet!

  24. Oh my Golfs are so ugly and boring…

  25. mkygod says:

    Pricing will be a bit tricky though fitting right between the GTI and the R. Base price will probably overlap the price of an Autobahn GTI with performance package.

  26. Adam Bingley says:

    I prefer its looks of the clubsport to my R but the 4wheel drive's worth its weight in gold.
    bring on an R with over boost & that rear spoiler and seats ;)

  27. nik r says:


  28. PeeCarNoo says:

    I feel this is the sweet spot in the golf range. Much better looking than the R

  29. Nop Nop says:


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