Volkswagen Passat Wins 2012 Motor Trend Car Of The Year!

Editor-in-chief Angus MacKenzie explains why the Volkswagen Passat was chosen 2012 Motor Trend Car Of The Year.

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21 thoughts on “Volkswagen Passat Wins 2012 Motor Trend Car Of The Year!

  1. Alex K. says:

    I love my 1.8t Passat. It pulls hard, brakes well, drives nicely and is very simplistic.

  2. I put 288K on my first rabbit. Only lost a fuel pump. 2nd rabbit went 95k without even a tune up or brakes. I traded to a Passat with auto so my wife would have something to drive while her BMW is in the shop. My tow truck man sent 2 kids to college thanks to that car. I like the car, but not as well as the rabbit (stick). But what do I know….I drive a sawed off 2000  Ford dually with a beefed up 7.3, with 6 speed stick.

  3. Wong Yewtung says:

    The best car i have ever rid

  4. The fuck are you on? The STI isnt even 3.7 seconds! The WRX is 4.9 as tested by MotorTrend AND Car and Driver. And its 30grand base price is 7 grand more than a base Passat WHICH has more features. These cars cannot be compared! It may be much faster in a straight line and around a track but thats where its goodies end.

  5. so you're comparing a German, beautifully built, comfortable, efficient, and luxurious car to a garish, cheaply made, ricer box?

  6. I find it funny looking back on my comments Go research final sales numbers for the Passat over 2011-2012 and it reads exactly like I said ..VW all but forgotten. But there's still hope if they come with a mid size sports coupe..

  7. RookAttacks says:

    @rah Sh Take your piece of shit Honda and stick it up your Hindi smelling ass lol

  8. CatWhisperer says:

    can anyone help me please ..what is the color of the car in the middle 00:35 and dont tell me its gold cz there is another name for it

  9. Tobias says:

    Volkswagen – Das Auto. ^^

  10. and yet, your'e still on the subscribe list for MotorTrend

  11. Ron Wolf says:

    I love my new 2012 Passat! Thank you Volkswagen!!

  12. Supercharged says:

    CC is a fancy version of passat and is no more practical or economical

  13. Rev_Rob says:

    I thought the last model was way more attractive

  14. Volkswagen CC 2013 is way better.

  15. good car, just don't like the exterior design

  16. AdamOrnelles says:

    If you haven't drove the car then stop being so judgmental.

  17. Eu também amo o meu !!!!

  18. Mike Larson says:


  19. im unsubscribing

  20. RookAttacks says:

    I love my Volkswagen

  21. Zee Wil says:

    I rent a new passat and drove and 1200 miles and I loved it has hell!!!!, and yeah i don't know why ppl dislike this video

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