Volvo C30 Polestar Review + Dyno Test

Matt gives a thorough review of the Volvo C30 Polestar, and, suspecting the manufacturers are providing more horsepower than they let on, takes it to Hennessey’s dyno to check.

25 thoughts on “Volvo C30 Polestar Review + Dyno Test

  1. asa 7319 says:

    what a buffon hes overweight and will never get the chance to drive the REAL POLESTAR C30! MOVE ON…

  2. Kid Refugee says:

    Volvos are a unique breed, held tightly by those who like riding unicorns.

  3. Matts a smoker?

  4. AMG or BUST says:

    Unique I like it! Too bad there is some 40 year old ass hat here in Plano, Tx with one who tries to race my c63 everyday on the way to work in full traffic weaving in and out of cars. Ruined these for me now every time I see one i think jackass

  5. Dam i was soooo wanting this thing to be good. The R-Design ones look cool and i almost brought one but the interior is average looking and decided on the Renault Megane RS265 instead. Good video and keep it up

  6. Wrong tyres, doesn't know how to use the keyless start, wrong strut brace.

    On decent tyres the C30 will rotate waay before it understeers.

  7. Oooh quarters (takes them and puts into pockets) hahahaha

  8. Simon Vuille says:

    Ugliest car ever…

  9. Joe Mueller says:

    I have a 2011 non-polestar, with some modest upgrades. I think you should ride a few turns with me, and I believe the opinion you have of his car will change.

  10. not a lot of clutch feel. lol
    You mean it's more of an on and off switch hahaha

  11. This guy is a total idiot

  12. G S says:

    The strut brace on my 2010 d4 does not bend like this. Mines solid.

  13. Neil Patrick says:

    This isn't a real Volvo C30 polestar lmao this isn't awd and it doesn't have the mole leather interior

  14. Dream car

  15. technically this is a detuned European fwd ford focus rs; just like the cobalt has the saab turbo engine.

  16. Will Palmer says:

    it's basically your average t5 with a remap lol

  17. I have a C30 T5 with a polestar tune. It's no Golf R32 but it is a lot of fun. Smooth and good on gas. the only thing I don't like are the seats, yes the seats. Not as comfortable as you'd expect from a Volvo.. I've replaced it with a S60 seat now.

  18. most of the usefullness of a strut brace comes from its longitudinal, not traverse rigidity. that said, smaller volvos have for a long time been crappy, starting with the small hatches from 80ies (244 i guess), all through shitty 480, C40 of the late nineties. volvos start with size/class of the current S60

  19. Ian Townsend says:

    The V40 Polestar looks really good too

  20. Ian Townsend says:

    I like the one that Clarkson drove that had 395 bhp

  21. this guy always sounds so negative in all his reviews

  22. CeeStyleDj says:

    it's a shame. This could have been a great great car and it's definitely one I have always been interested in because of the turbocharged engine and the design but I can't believe how little they did transitioning it over to a pole star our design model. it's a good start but not enough hopefully Volvo will learn from this

  23. AdrianC12345 says:

    Such a missed opportunity. Volvo should have thrown on 18's, summer tires, and a real strut brace. Curious as to why you think the C30 doesn't rotate well, I've found (and my friends back me up on it) that my family's S40 T5 does rotate oddly well for a FWD sedan. Perhaps throwing it into a corner while trail braking was too much for the tires? Hmmm…

  24. Such a sick car. #volvo

  25. yamahaevo says:

    Smokers are offen more uneducated. 
    Driving with all season tyres may explain that.

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