What Type Of Car Battery Should You Use? Flooded vs AGM

What are the advantages of different kinds of car batteries?
Flooded Lead Acid vs AGM – Sponsored By Optima Batteries
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There are three major forms of lead-acid batteries used in cars which will be discussed in this video: Flooded Lead Acid, Spiral Cell Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM), and Flat Plate AGM.

Flooded lead acid batteries are the most common lead-acid battery found in OEM applications. They offer a cost-effective solution, however they can require more maintenance, and must be mounted upright to avoid spills.

Spiral Cell & Flat Plate Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) batteries offer unique advantages over traditional flooded lead acid style batteries. They are maintenance free, and because they use 99.99% pure lead, they offer better cold cranking amps and deep cycling characteristics. They are also more flexible for mounting, as the absorbed glass mat medium prevents acid from spilling.

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36 thoughts on “What Type Of Car Battery Should You Use? Flooded vs AGM

  1. Grunchy says:

    There's a guy who deleted his battery and runs with a large capacitor only. I heard that a capacitor acts only as a drag on the electrical system, yet how could that be true if you can literally replace a car battery with a capacitor? Guys were adding capacitors to their auto electrical system to prevent their overpowered audio systems from 'clipping' under high transient peak loads, but some people think that capacitors can't work that way, and what the audiophiles really need is one or more high-output alternators. It seems to me a guy could monitor the system voltage using a voltmeter and confirm once and for all whether 12V super caps have any place in a car electrical system. My personal thought is they probably don't do any harm, as evidenced by people replacing their battery with a capacitor and not observing any ill effect.

  2. Tim Travasos says:

    So now I really don't know which battery to consider if I want to upgrade. Optima square or round cell?

  3. sidharth cs says:

    Physics is fun

  4. I hope Johnson Controls is not a DEATH sentence for the Optima batteries. I have experience with johnson controls UPS type batteries used in big systems. NOT good. I would use a different band if possible.

  5. Most interesting information, thank you and I think your presentation is quite well done too.

  6. Karl H S says:

    Optima never lived up to there hype. My first three only lasted 5 years..Same as a CHEAP Old style battery

  7. Geoff65 says:

    So are both plates pure lead or is the positive plate lead dioxide?

  8. What sup with all the camera angles. Just point the camera to the posterboard. Keep it simple, like your other videos.

  9. tjs114 says:

    Very good subject matter, but very hard to watch due to the quick-cut editing. I would rather have so-so video work and good presentation of data than this ad-style video.

  10. For us diesel lovers living in the frozen north, which retains its CCA the best? I daily an 82 Mercedes 240d. Now that she's getting up there in miles (roughly 360k) cold starts are beginning to feel abusive anytime it goes below 10°f. I was considering mounting a second battery in the trunk just to give it a little extra oomph. (A little more weight over the drive wheels wouldn't hurt either)

  11. Dislikes?.. Obviously we are in the day and age where excellent information backed by science and research is frowned upon.
    Excellent information as usual thank you for posting.

  12. This is just an advertisement for Optima. I have found with many years of experience with batteries that the main reason for failure is the high amperage needed to crank an engine, and once started the high amperage from the alternator recharging the battery. Both AGM and flooded type batteries break down after two or three years. What i have found and what is not practical at all; is to have several batteries in parallel to supply the cranking amps. In my f150 truck with the 5.4 liter engine i used to average a 2 year lifespan of the battery. Than i added 4 more equal sized batteries (flooded type) to do the job, and now 6 years later all is still fine.

  13. J D says:

    you never add acid to a battery only water after the initial fill.

  14. Mike B says:

    really nice. thank you.

  15. rellimmot says:

    Whoever edited your promo shill video needs to never work with you again.

  16. Regardless what anyone says loved the video. Camera work was fine. Idk why theres complaints. I couldnt do better and didnt know the difference until it was mentioned.
    No infomercial feeling at all…. and ive seen alot of those.
    Felt kind of like a training video thats all.
    Shouldve mention benefits of not having a liquid filled battery when cars are constantly moving in and around corners

  17. Cody Lee says:

    Distilled Water*

  18. David Ogawa says:

    Remember, AGM and Flooded need different alternator voltages. Swapping these will over or undercharge the incompatible battery. So change the voltage regulator to maintain compatibility.

  19. Gardy Marra says:

    don't buy optima they are junk batteries

  20. Olds Pwr says:

    Times may have changed over the years, but in the military, we noticed that the Red Tops, lasted no longer the Flooded Cell Lead Acid Batteries.

  21. Peizxcv says:

    Lame. They didn't give you one to take apart and show us what it looks like on the inside.

  22. Dcc357 says:

    I had an Optima Redtop only last a year and a half, but it was my fault. I always cycled the battery with the car's lighting when I did work on it, and it sat a lot. Died so many times that I ruined the cells lol. Luckily I got it replaced under warranty at Autozone. I could have just disconnected the negative cable and even buy a battery tender. At least now I actually drive it more and got a lot fixed.

  23. Ben Crosbie says:


  24. Ed T. says:

    so in ten words or less…

  25. A lot of that went over my head, but I got the jist of it I guess. Lead acid is the worst but cheapest and most common.
    As for my application (eventually), I have a hard time deciding if I need a red or a yellow top. I would think deep cycle (do they take longer to discharge? Hold more of a charge longer?… Such as running radio with vehicle off, or accidentally left lights on?… And is a yellow top good enough to start a big cam V8 engine in 10 degree weather, or is a red top need for that?

  26. Jwad says:

    For the money I have seen no advantage of AGM over flooded. Very disappointed. The AGM is more money. Never again.

  27. Jules Arnold says:

    stop with the camera angles….its distracting. love your channel but every time the camera angle changes its disrupting the flow of information.

  28. Nart Wumar says:

    It's probably due to the sponsor, but something is annoying about this video format. It looks like a cooking show with that different camera pointing at you at an angle, and the camera roll through the text that you wrote as if it's a piece of steak. just point one fixed camera at the board and other camera to point at your face occasionally. Simpler is better.

  29. What’s the cost difference compared to what you get for your money?

  30. Any difference in resistance to freezing

  31. Anton A says:

    Does Optima have the newest gen 'yellow' AGM targeted for the Subaru WRX?

    Their site is devoid of specifics about this newest design.

  32. Could you do a video on lead crystal batteries?

  33. the boi says:

    I will get a battery that makes my car run

  34. hua Hua says:

    distracting focus on drawings instead ty

  35. CatsMeowPaw says:

    This video did feel like a long ad for Optima's AGM batteries. As well as mentioning the AGM battery lifespan is up to three times longer than normal batteries, you should also mention AGM batteries are a lot more expensive. About triple the price from what I can see locally, so you're potentially gaining nothing financially and could end up losing money if the AGM battery doesn't last as long as three normal units.

  36. Those pissed about the filming, this is clearly an ad for optima. Optima may have filmed him their way.

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