What Will My Next Car Be? Renegade vs Crosstrek vs CX-3 vs HR-V

Comparing the Subaru Crosstrek, Jeep Renegade, Mazda CX-3, Honda HR-V, Nissan Juke, & Chevrolet Trax.
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For my next daily driver, I’d like a vehicle that has AWD, plenty of ground clearance, good cargo space, a manual transmission, and solid fuel economy. The compact SUV category has a few vehicles which satisfy most of these requirements, with vehicles such as the Subaru Crosstrek, Jeep Renegade, Mazda CX-3, Honda HR-V, Nissan Juke, & Chevrolet Trax.

To be clear, I will be purchasing two vehicles. One will be a practical daily driver, and the other will an unpractical fun/project car.

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  1. Post By Jerry Lee

    How did you justify getting a new car versus old? FYI I bought a new car to take to the snow but the reason why I'm asking is because my friends gave me a ton of sh*t for it. Mainly because of the value depreciation. Even tho Subaru retains it's value would it not have been a more viable option to purchase a used Renegade?

  2. Post By Pawlok Dass

    Hi Jason, can you please clarify why you insisted on AWD? Snow? Also can you please put together a video comparing FWD vs AWD for vehicles which will almost always face city-freeway roads and mostly dry conditions at legal road speeds. In such conditions does it make sense to opt for an AWD especially when one has to sacrifice gas mileage and limit one's options.

  3. Post By ron bergeron

    You missed out on the 2018 crosstrek nerd

  4. Post By Nomadunlimited

    crosstrek 2018 cvt blows the competition

  5. Post By Jim Hill

    Great info, thanks!

  6. Post By Rizvi Rahman

    Whats the noise level like for the Crosstrek?

  7. Post By Jerry Lee

    I really appreciate you putting this video together and it was really informative! I'm leaning more towards the Renegade just due to price. Any idea what the biggest consumer complaint was for the Renegade?Also, did you consider the MINI Cooper Countryman S? It's technically a compact SUV, has as much horsepower as the Renegade and weighs about as much as the Crosstrek.

  8. Post By Mark Ferrer

    I find that it's easy to pick a dream car, but choosing an everyday car that you're gonna buy with your hard earned money is infinitely more difficult.

  9. Post By racerxvids

    Get a nissan GTR! duh

  10. Post By Raquel Foster

    I've had a Miata as a daily driver for 6 years, and I want something more comfortable and taller but still small. I'm considering a Crosstrek, but I'll probably pay double for an AMG GLA45. Because fun is good.

  11. Post By justchoosehim

    HI, loved all your videos! Especially the clear and concise explanations on your technical videos. I was wondering if you have your car comparison or "car shortlist" in excel template form to share with us?

  12. Post By nicoxis

    it would be cool if you could make a channel section with these kind of segments comparisons! I found it very enlightning :D

  13. Post By drepop803

    I said to my cousin, who's a car freak "is manual transmission dying?" to which he said "heck no! it'll never". but he went with me to the dealers to buy a car and the salesmen said they had no manual transmissions because no one buys them and they just sit in the lot. you would have to order one ahead of time to get one. now you just kind of confirmed what Ive been noticing. I only like driving stick and I will continue. although my brother had a stick shift Subaru forrester and it felt so pointless to drive it as a manual car. so If I ever buy an SUV, I might get an automatic but for now I stick with sedans and hatchbacks and stick shift is A MUST.

  14. Post By Jake S.

    WHEN IN DOUBT, MAKE A SPREAD SHEET. (doubt and debt are interchangeable)

  15. Post By Keith Roxo

    New to the channel. I looked at many of the same choices for my wife's new baby mobile. We ended up with a 2016 Impreza for many of the same reasons. Though we did get the CVT as my wife doesn't drive stick, but we do get the better MPGs for it. We also weren't concerned with the ground clearance as we have a truck for anything that might really require ground clearance. That saved us some money as the Impreza is a bit cheaper than the Crosstrek.

  16. Post By AlexBNice

    You're always subaru bias. That said, the new WRX I think is the best choice. Cheapest all wheel drive with twin turbo. I think that car is always fun to drive and it's practical according to your videos.

  17. Post By Johnnyflash1

    thank you for not being tidy!!! ;)

  18. Post By Innovation

    I own a Crosstrek and a Miata currently. Both great cars.

  19. Post By Overlord277

    Your next car is the Crosstrek.

  20. Post By Less Talk, More Delicious

    CRV.. because K-series engine. Which, esp you owning an S2k now, I'm sure you would've loved in the CRV.

  21. Post By MonsieurHiroshima

    You should have waited for the Peugeot 3008 GT ;)

  22. Post By Derek Swanson

    I'd impressed (but not surprised, since you are an engineer) that you approach buying a vehicle so objectively. The human mind is naturally quite biased, so most of us go out in the car market with brand preferences, known personal anecdotes, and a tendency to affirm what we already believe. Then again, you had a Subaru before, so perhaps you had SOME bias? I'll admit straight away I have a Mopar bias, but I like to use that as more of a tie-breaker rather than the single most important deciding factor. For example, the Dart is going bye-bye and now R/T, SRT, etc. AWD turbo version was ever released, so I really started looking at the Focus ST and RS (and of course, your's truly, the WRX STi).Anyways, I started college in Computer Engineering, so I totally understand the engineer's lifestyle and way of thinking. I've told my fiance so many times that breakfast is just whatever is the first meal of the day, not necessarily a certain type of meal (i.e. fried eggs) nor a time of the day (although fast food restaurants would disagree). I truly enjoy your videos! Hope to see many more and I hope you are being financed sufficiently! Cheers!

  23. Post By Matthew Caron

    It's nice to see other people buy cars the same way I do.I recently bought a new daily too – needed to replace my 2012 TDI Jetta (VW Buyback) and found a 2013 Turbo Beetle (now known as the Beetle R) for less than I'm going to get from the buyback, so now I just need them to buy the car back, since I've already bought the Beetle.. which I love. So much fun.

  24. Post By Tyler Kiefer

    I have multiple computers on my desk also! I would definitely recommend checking out Synergy.http://symless.com/synergy/It's cross-platform so it'll work between your Mac and (looks like maybe) Windows that you're running. I know I hate having multiple keyboard and mouse on my desk.

  25. Post By Mihai Voicu Drebot

    Just for info, these are the specs for Mitsubishi ASX (Outlander Sport in US):Manual Offered: 5Ground Clearance: 8.5Cargo Rear: 21.7 cu. ft.Cargo Full Rear: 49.5 cu. ft.Fuel Economy: 24/31/27Fuel Tank: 16.6 gal.Fuel Range: 514 miles (highway) Weight: 3109 lbs. Power: 148 HP, 145 lb0ft Power to Weight: 21.006756756756756756756756756757 Front Legroom: 41.6 in. Rear Legroom: 36.3 in.Front Headroom: 39.4 in.Rear Headroom: 37.4 in.Reliability Ranking: No idea Depreciation 5 yr: No ideaTowing Capacity: 1400 kg Fun to Drive: No ideaIt is almost identical with the Subaru. I don't know what source he used for reliability, depreciation and fun to drive, so i did not put them in. I own a 2011 model (1.6 diesel, manual, 4WD) and i'm happy with it so far.

  26. Post By se7en1976

    Do yourself a favour.  Import yourself a Ford Territory Ghia Turbo from Australia.They run the F6 Barra engine.AWD SUV,  7 seats will do high 12sec 1/4 if you spend about 3k (AUD) on it.6 speed ZF boxIf you're rich, get the F6x version, but the benefits of the big brakes aren't that big of a deal.

  27. Post By Jon Labbe

    Breakfast! Thank you! Pizza for breakfast and eggs for dinner!

  28. Post By hdjc86

    how would the new vw alltrack fit into your lineup?

  29. Post By fxckNugget TV

    CX -3

  30. Post By Fahrenheit38

    I'm kinda angry you can;t get the Crosstrek with a moon roof and a manual

  31. Post By Noah Cardwell

    I felt like i needed to take my clothes off after you threw that money.

  32. Post By JAVERON H.

    for kicks and giggles I thought I would take your chart and give number values to it, you can modify based on what each matters to you so my numbers were simple.  whatever vehicle you get you have to enjoy it, it is yours.  just thought this might be a way to help be objective about your decision making process.  anyways I assigned values like this:GREEN= 2.    YELLOW= 1.   WHITE= 0.   RED= -2.   this led to the following:CROSSTREK= 17.   RENEGADE= 7.   CX-3= 3.   HR-V= 10.    JUKE= -6.   TRAX= -8.   again it is your vehicle so you have to enjoy it, but hopefully this can be a springboard to help your decision making.  if not there is no problem with that either

  33. Post By Purya Kiani

    I love your channel! I really enjoy the main content of your videos, as well as the little quips you include such as throwing the stack of cash at the camera. You're an entertaining, knowledgeable, and interesting guy- keep doing what you do!

  34. Post By Okay

    You should have bought the all-new VW Golf AllTrack!

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