What won’t fit in an Aston Martin Rapide?

The Smoking Tire takes to the links in the most beautiful 4-seater on the market: The Aston Martin Rapide. Fortunately, we’ve chosen a golf course only accessible by tight, windy, canyon roads.

50 thoughts on “What won’t fit in an Aston Martin Rapide?

  1. The rap eyed, nice. How can you even pronounce it that badly?

  2. iVlog says:

    The wiper stalks are actually out of a European Ford Fiesta.

  3. Pearl Jam Forever!!!

  4. It's like a Jaguar or Maserati but completely cloaked by alpha romeo styling…no?

  5. the new amr version of this car has 600hp and looks fantastic inside and out thats coming in future

  6. Matt you need to bring back the sideburns

  7. THOMAS B. says:

    my faviorte car

  8. coffeeblak86 says:

    Squirrel lived damn!!!

  9. definitely i will buy a rapide as soon i have the money , this review is stupid , we are talking for an aston martin ,is a legend , if you compared with other cars ,then go buy a toyota ..pls …( it cant fit 4 sets of golf !!!!! lol lol wow big problem man !!!! you waste your money !!…)

  10. Kyle Choi says:

    what's ra-pyde?

  11. Dara Moattar says:


  12. Ian Edmonds says:

    Rivaling the top gear dudes for best job in the world.
    Luv and Peace.

  13. D Evans says:

    You loved that stunning V12 car; a car that you don't have to leave your kids at home to drive (or your golf clubs) :-) However I cant forgive you for permitting the '.com!' man in – you know the one who mispronounced Rapide so horrendously badly at the start and was then drinking Pepsi in the back from a paper cup! Honestly no Trump type chump like that would ever be let into the back of mine!

  14. How much water goes into your garage when it rains?

  15. Max Maltha says:

    Aston Martins are not "pimpin". These are classy cars for classy people.

  16. Kool Keith says:

    I could get a panamera and a gtr for that money…and feel just as pimp!

  17. did anyone else see the squirrel at the beginning almost get hit by the ferrari.

  18. did anyone else see the squirrel at the beginning almost get hit by the ferrari

  19. Can't stand that guys arrogance anymore.

  20. a 5'10 human being obviously wont fit at the rear seat

  21. Jay Kumar says:

    there's room for his sideburns

  22. Jay Aulestia says:

    Yo Matt you used to be a pretty fit looking guy. I know you have less time to work out now being a prolific journalist. Just pick up a salad once in a while

  23. As a normal joe Living in Germany and being legally Allowed (in certain desiganted areas of the Autobahn) to break the speed of sound in my V8 Vantage, am always wondering whether I would own this car or any supercar for that sense in any other country in the world? if you can't legally drive the car above 60-80 mph or above 130 km/h, what's the use of all that horsepower except showing off the depth of your pocket and the size of your…. ego? It's like having a caged cat and never allowing it to spring…

  24. Luke Murphy says:

    Those turn signal and wiper stalks are the same as my Jaguar X Type.

  25. lol his complaints

  26. Mario Lopez says:

    Nice submariner

  27. It's built for You and your wife with your kids in the back :) So you can still have a supercar

  28. Harry C says:

    Who calls it a fucking RAP HIDE WTF HAHAHAHA

  29. boxterduke says:

    No sunroof?

  30. texasBMXer says:

    Host review: Terrible facial hair.

  31. What color is that? Tungsten?

  32. Caleb Hu says:

    LOL I was looking up stats on the internet when I heard this guy at 3:45 going "if your 14 and looking up stats on the internet"
    Plus I'm 14

  33. Dan o Dan says:

    I would rather just have an RS7

  34. How motivating it must be for old Fritz, to know that all his skills go towards brain dead douche bags and their golf

  35. Lavish Beats says:

    i love this car to shreds, but are the backseats really that bad?

  36. wonder if you can put a carseat in it

  37. james vargas says:

    It's got dealership plates!! Just like mine

  38. Il Valentino says:

    Answering the title, a rich American oil company kid won't fit, nor will his little Arab man-whores who live in their massive mansions, drive supercars, suck US and UK corprate dick while the rest of their poor country lives in poverty.

  39. Sam Armstead says:

    Hold on, does Matt have a Pearl Jam tattoo?

  40. Why do always car journalists make stupid (for them they are funny) comparisons?

  41. For these guys to be going to play golf, they freaking suck. lol

  42. I should sue you guys for making my keyboard sticky  

  43. MrDjvas says:

    This car needs about 500hp then it would be perfect that and a new front bumper that just looks nasty.

  44. I'm warming to the idea of the rapide. I have hated it for years though.
    But more importantly, those golf swings…As beautiful as a db9, as horrible those golf swings :/ If you time to drive a rapide, you have the time to get a decent swing ;)

  45. JsDs1020 says:

    470hp from a 6.0 v12 seems pretty limp wristed.

  46. Xander521 says:

    Thaddy the Caddy.

  47. So glad that squirrel got away! 

  48. Targa Florio says:

    "You're buying a $200,000 sedan, cause' it's Pimpin!" Right on the money Matt. Really like your reviews.Share your opinion more often than not.

  49. LDN13Y says:

    Great vid, except the guy who pronouced the car Ra-Pyed ! idiot.

  50. MrMister1227 says:

    Being overweight is normal now?

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