Widened, Blown, & Bagged 2015 Mustang GT – One Take

This 2015 Mustang GT has been extensively modified by its owner Eric to promote his wheel company, Blaque Diamond Wheels of Sylmar, CA. It features a bolt-on supercharger package good for the requisite 700 horsepower, a full wide-body kit, and it rides on air suspension to boot. While, to be honest, we did not expect this Mustang to drive well at all, as even Eric would admit it’s more of a show car and city cruiser, but we came away pleasantly surprised and impressed with the overall dynamics of the car.

Check out Blaque Diamond Wheels!

33 thoughts on “Widened, Blown, & Bagged 2015 Mustang GT – One Take

  1. Jason Nav says:

    I’d rather a stock one lol

  2. Historian automatically across that title answer suddenly

  3. Ace Aardvark says:

    The Volvo in the background has to be a teaser?

  4. ryridesmotox says:

    I want to see that 914 video

  5. Adam S says:

    Looks wise I like this a lot, except the wheel color which seems to clash with the black/white theme.

  6. Guys favorite word 'yeah'.. car was dope I'd lose the hood

  7. PocketsJuicy says:

    Needs mustang to handle better.. ooh I know air bags

  8. Tuscani011 says:

    not bad mins that horrific "duckbill"

  9. Ryan Lange says:

    I’ve always wondered if Matt has ever been pulled over by the police while driving someone’s car up there. In all the videos of his I’ve watched I’ve never even seen a highway patrol car drive by.

  10. Ryan Lange says:

    Please tell me you did reviews of the white 914 and 911 you can see in the background! Every since you did that blue 914 I’ve been hoping someone would bring you a better one to drive. Something modified like Kevin Lynch’s 912 you recently drove. A 914 with 150 horsepower or more and a properly set up suspension and brakes will impress you I guarantee. That last 914 you drove wasn’t exactly exciting and probably gave you the wrong impression of what they can be. Hope we see a new video soon of that white 914.

  11. Gotta give the owner credit for at least doing work under the hood, rather than slapping on overfenders and bags and calling it a “build”

    That rear wing is still a total dumpster fire tho.

  12. That rear lip is hideously tall

  13. Chris Cahill says:

    I hope this isn’t the company’s sales guy

  14. EfOneAddict says:

    1:37 it doesn't go up. There's an enduro parked right at the window sill and they never move in relation to each other. Also, needs camber. WAY more camber. Like 35º or so. Then it would have achieved the trifecta of shitness.

  15. Matbee says:

    This guy is nervous as fuck with you driving, LOL

  16. CheezyGeez says:

    Checks all the boxes for a SEMA car lol. Bagged, check. Widebody kit, check. Just needs some type of wrap to complete the SEMA beginner package.

  17. Ollie Powell says:

    This dude is super disrespectful, glad Matt made him shit his pants in the turns

  18. Andrew says:

    Looks mean af. Not too keen on that bigass ducktail though, maybe if it were smaller.

  19. nathan greer says:

    Holy fuck farah is ridin dirtier than ever

  20. Sounds like a beast but looks like shit.

  21. The ugliest car in existence

  22. jfitts23 says:

    Hey Matt i seen two Feb 2018 featured vehicle articles on mustang 360 about your foxbody. Do you know if your vehicle will be in a Feb 2018 printed copy of muscle mustangs and fast fords in stores? Or is it just a online article only. I really like the mods to your fox and would like to have a physical copy of that article for reference for my foxbody build. Thanks again keep up the good channel.

  23. Mogs01gt says:

    Yeah, they ruined that car.

  24. M McBride says:

    I love how every inch of the car is modified but the warning sticker is still on the sun visor!

  25. fishhead90 says:

    Matt nice AP dude, did that just happen or have I just missed it? Just got one myself and I'm still staring into it all damn day

  26. jumpsuit boy says:

    Looks so stupid

  27. once2008 says:

    Yikes !

  28. R34GTRR35 says:

    Looks like an accident

  29. Jalen Davis says:

    People keep dumping on this guy's car. It's a PROJECT CAR. Meaning, it's only supposed to show the most extreme spectrum of what his business can do to the car. Just like SEMA it often has nothing to do with personal taste.

  30. Rocky Navi says:

    did you abuse the car because the owner is an ass ?

  31. Aaron Turner says:

    I love this channel & the work Matt does to bring us fans content…..& unlike most of the other negative comments below I'm simply going to say not my cup of tea, but to each their own. I'm a huge mustang fan , love the GT350.

  32. Yeah..your're good to go ahead and alt-f4

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