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Window tint is mostly enjoyed by drivers for its esthetic enhancement. Additional benefits include reduced glare, prevention of heat build-up, and reflection of UV rays. This week on DRIVE CLEAN we illustrate the art of proper window tinting. Before proceeding with your own installation, be sure the tints you’ve chosen comply with local laws and the quality meets your expectations.
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22 thoughts on “Window Tint Installation — /DRIVE CLEAN

  1. IPSCSylta says:

    Chris!! Chris Daughtry, is that you man?!

  2. on one says:

    Narrator should've been someone who actually knows how to explain the techniques of the tinter. Tinter was awesome. Had to stop cause of his narration

  3. Looks like 15% tint to me

  4. fraccz13 says:


  5. Marrda says:

    The most excessive tint job I have ever seen. He must strictly just do classics and collector cars. Give me a plotter, a closed off garage and you'll have a full car done in 45 mins. You can get a flawless tint without taking all these steps. Mind you this car was old and hardly had its back window cleaned.

  6. pricekidd77 says:

    My guess is 20% tints. That is what I got on my '18 Chevy Traverse

  7. Sean says:


  8. It barely even made a difference at all to the car with the tint. but im guessing 50%….even tho the law says no less than 70% of light

  9. Wave God 23 says:

    5% tints

  10. Matthew C says:

    Thanks Larry awesome video as usual !

  11. Window tinting is an art, however this guy is not like the tint god… Lol

  12. 604k people watched this
    600 people tried this
    60 finished and came out shitty
    6 finished and came out even more shitty

  13. Really nice video and information was great, but I feel like it would've been better to write down the key info before you recorded the voice over. So some people are going to get lost in separating info and techniques, as well as when the next step started.

  14. Dude. You are a next level bro. Jeez

  15. Zoran says:

    Wouldnt the blade cut or scratch the glass a bit? Maybe there is no other way but just saying

  16. I wonder how it would look if I apply mirror tint on my already existing dark tint.

  17. JBIRD575 says:

    Johnson baby shampoo or dawn??

  18. JBIRD575 says:

    does he use baby shampoo or dawn???

  19. 70% in New York. Dang. Washington state is 24% for passenger cars and there is no limit for the rear windows after the front seats in SUVs.

  20. did anyone else notice hes missing half of his ring finger???

  21. Jason Lee says:

    Why is he using a paper towel (instead of microfiber) on the glass??

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