World Exclusive Pagani Zonda 760RS driven

26 thoughts on “World Exclusive Pagani Zonda 760RS driven

  1. Industrial sounding

  2. Maly Pivo says:

    lol you drove quite quickly in this episode:)

  3. Lucas Reed says:

    He said he drove this transmission in the Cinque, but the Cinque is only 6 gears, and the 760RS is 7, no?

  4. Bikerman 690 says:

    supercool video from Harry! getting stone chips on these awesome carbon fibre monsters would be an absolute shame!!!

  5. warak anda says:

    really appreciate your review. it's Awesome.

  6. superbe

  7. Ugh. I want this car sooo badly.

  8. 3ridetec says:

    The Zonda rs makes the Aston Martin One 77 look like it was made by Vauxhall

  9. El Shuwix says:

    Harry, you're like a chatty version of Valentino Balboni, …

  10. jim james says:

    just a bullshit car…fkn boss

  11. zhbroder says:

    this channel represents the golden era of automotive video blogging imo

  12. insane lovely car

  13. Fred Garvin says:

    It howls like a V10 F1 Car! What a sound!

  14. Bloody hell….

  15. zhbroder says:

    flagged for porn

  16. G Botha says:

    My favorite car review of all time – petrol-head happy place

  17. DoriFord says:

    Quite reasonable prices for Huayra! I thought it'd cost more.

  18. Roman P says:

    The only thing I don't like is that steering wheel – reminds me of off the shelf wheel I see on civics and old hot rods. I'm sure they can do better design on that one

  19. A ride to her from Calais to Lemberg on the highway E40

  20. The most desirable car in the world – I envy you white envy journalists from EVO.

  21. i hope that Pagani will never get in the hands of the vw group !

  22. ahpadt says:

    This makes LaFerrari sound like a Fiat Punto.

  23. Seige CJ says:

    Mother of god…… if the devil was an engine, this would be it. 

  24. Tim says:

    I don't understand why this hasn't got 1 million views.

  25. DJ says:

    Sounds like it runs on the blood of furry cute forest animals.

  26. 3dScience says:

    6 likes only on this epic review?
    Keep up Harry!

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