World Exclusive Pagani Zonda 760RS driven


  1. Post By chronodiver300

    Industrial sounding

  2. Post By Maly Pivo

    lol you drove quite quickly in this episode:)

  3. Post By Lucas Reed

    He said he drove this transmission in the Cinque, but the Cinque is only 6 gears, and the 760RS is 7, no?

  4. Post By Bikerman 690

    supercool video from Harry! getting stone chips on these awesome carbon fibre monsters would be an absolute shame!!!

  5. Post By warak anda

    really appreciate your review. it's Awesome.

  6. Post By Kenneth Stretton


  7. Post By Shorty on a Sporty

    Ugh. I want this car sooo badly.

  8. Post By 3ridetec

    The Zonda rs makes the Aston Martin One 77 look like it was made by Vauxhall

  9. Post By El Shuwix

    Harry, you're like a chatty version of Valentino Balboni, …

  10. Post By jim james

    just a bullshit car…fkn boss

  11. Post By zhbroder

    this channel represents the golden era of automotive video blogging imo

  12. Post By EuropeansCars

    insane lovely car

  13. Post By Fred Garvin

    It howls like a V10 F1 Car! What a sound!

  14. Post By ThePepperford

    Bloody hell….

  15. Post By zhbroder

    flagged for porn

  16. Post By G Botha

    My favorite car review of all time – petrol-head happy place

  17. Post By DoriFord

    Quite reasonable prices for Huayra! I thought it'd cost more.

  18. Post By Roman P

    The only thing I don't like is that steering wheel – reminds me of off the shelf wheel I see on civics and old hot rods. I'm sure they can do better design on that one

  19. Post By Aleksandr Halas

    A ride to her from Calais to Lemberg on the highway E40

  20. Post By Aleksandr Halas

    The most desirable car in the world – I envy you white envy journalists from EVO.

  21. Post By PsychoTheRapist

    i hope that Pagani will never get in the hands of the vw group !

  22. Post By ahpadt

    This makes LaFerrari sound like a Fiat Punto.

  23. Post By Seige CJ

    Mother of god…… if the devil was an engine, this would be it. 

  24. Post By Tim

    I don't understand why this hasn't got 1 million views.

  25. Post By DJ

    Sounds like it runs on the blood of furry cute forest animals.

  26. Post By 3dScience

    6 likes only on this epic review?Keep up Harry!

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