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The world’s fastest drivers battle for to days to set the fastest lap to become the champion. Time attack is a pure form of motorsport where only the fastest lap counts

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  1. Post By MrHiOctane

    FYI the driver the finished 3rd the year this video was made actually won Le Mans this year with Porsche.. His name is Earl Bamber

  2. Post By William Seroyer

    Man what has happened to time attack? I feel like it was just getting big just 5 years ago, now its just fallen off the face of the earth. I was loving how crazy it was getting the F-wing is the car that comes to mind, crazy…

  3. Post By sodazman

    These are certainly some of the quickest track cars in the world. The Cosworth Sierra Sierra Evo holds lap records in the USA and was beaten in this event. The lap record holder in Tsukuba in Japan was also beaten. Around this track, only single seater cars such as F1 and A1 cars are faster than them. The winner from last year built a car with as much downforce as a Le mans Prototype with a 1000hp/tonne power to weight ratio. That should give you an idea of how serious the competition is.

  4. Post By michal8kowalik

    It would be nice to see the track layout and lap times then..

  5. Post By Ibike007

    Subbed! Wauw

  6. Post By Fleek

    NICE that black rx7 was sick


    Ian Baker, a pack of Winnie Reds per day??? Lulz

  8. Post By waskidd

    Song name? starts 5:40

  9. Post By Bill Collins

    Song please?

  10. Post By NRD WRD

    i love cars

  11. Post By Nameanelement

    Hai Stig.

  12. Post By kurukato

    I hope you feel the same way about the World Series. If not you're being quite hypocritical.

  13. Post By Carfection

    Thanks for generating some discussion on WTAC. I think we can all agree it's certainly a different kind of motorsport to enjoy. What other kind of video content would you enjoy watching on this channel??

  14. Post By funhan jie

    A nice video!
    Can i get the background music?? plsss i so liked it.

  15. Post By ozsnowbum

    i was saying, are they the worlds fastest drivers. ive said that 3 times now. you cant read.
    i give props for the effort, it was a well run event, rare in sydney.
    my small gripe is with their obvious misleading marketing.
    im quite happy racing karts

  16. Post By Luke Huxham

    There were European drivers, so……….you were saying? And if no one tries to make a "World" time attack series who else will? Give props for the effort that goes into these events or start your own.

  17. Post By ozsnowbum

    again i totally understand that mate.
    2 issues.
    1. its marketed as WORLD time attack. it isnt.
    2. 'The world's fastest drivers battle for to days to set the fastest lap ' No again.

  18. Post By Nik Spartan

    Different horses for different courses folks. Hey it's not for everyone but you really have to be a fan or involved to appreciate all that goes into events like this. There will always be haters as with everything on this world. P.s Redbrick Racings EVO is one of the Top Cars from Japan and the USA car accidentally got sent to China. Cheers to all!

  19. Post By ozsnowbum

    thanks :)
    i appreciate the engineering involved in building these cars and the best part is being able to walk around the pits and see the cars close up but i cant see this form of motorsport taking off because it really is super boring after seeing a couple of laps.

  20. Post By Skeljam

    To be honest, since you clarified it i pretty much agree haha. I don't like time attack much its pretty boring after the first few laps.

  21. Post By ozsnowbum

    yes i am serious.
    its marketed as WORLD time attack. it simply isnt. its 99% japanese/australian teams and drivers. thats what i mean.
    and therefore them also marketing it with the worlds fastest drivers is a joke also.
    i understand theyre trying to make it more popular but come on. it is what it is.

  22. Post By Skeljam

    You aren't serious are you? Yes its not the best spectator sport but the rest is bs. There are European time attack series and American ones aswell. You don't see any europeans at WTAC because its a very long journey that most of the teams don't want to take just for a time attack event. So no this isn't just some weird form of motorsport only found in Japan and Australia.

  23. Post By ozsnowbum

    lol @ worlds fastest drivers. no.
    its basically a weird form of motorsport only in japan and australia. notice no europeans or european cars.
    its not even a good spectator sport as all you see is cars randomly driving around the track and you cant even tell whats going on unlike actual racing.

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