XFR Laps Laguna Seca! – 2009 Best Drivers Car Competition

Ride along for a hot lap at Laguna Seca in Jaguar’s supercharged cat, the XFR, as part of Motor Trend’s 2009 Best Driver’s Car competition. For the full story, check out the October issue of Motor Trend magazine.

48 thoughts on “XFR Laps Laguna Seca! – 2009 Best Drivers Car Competition

  1. GillAP2 says:

    @torbwrc that does not change the fact that they are working for India now. lmao

  2. Fussinated says:

    They keep on saying that NIssan 379z sounds like a truck, how about this Jafuar tracktor sound, yet they can not finish praising with this jaguar, do they think that we deaf or something?

  3. @ae8686 You're forgetting the fact that it's British engineered, Britsh made by a British workforce

  4. It doesn´t sound like a ferrari V8, obviously, because thinkin in the USA market, this V8 only goes to 6000-6500 rpm and has "only" 510 cv, searching that almost 500 lb/ft of torque, because Jaguar has a lot more success in USA (in europe, the germans rule). However, if you look at other videos of both XF & XKR, the engine sounds pretty nice. It even has 2 electronically selectable exhaust modes, normal and sport, and trust me, ind sport mode sounds pretty devilish. Crap video quality at fault.

  5. It makes me laugh that some american noob says that a Jag V8 sounds like a tractor, when they basically drive V8 powered tractors(that´s how we europeans see at your cars, mot of them anyway). It´s like those that say that a lincoln MKS or a Cadillac CTS is as good as, for example, a BMW 5, or this XF. Yeah right.

  6. Mustafa says:

    Can that be because he is randy probst?

  7. Bobbonbon says:

    sounds like a tractor

  8. Yea something is wrong with the mic……watch Top Gears review….thats the exhaust note….

  9. karla fyae says:

    the engine sound is not good..hahaha…

    un lang ung sablay sa kanya…

  10. sounds like a go cart

  11. GillAP2 says:

    IT'S INDIAN NOW !!!!!!

  12. that the same car as the buick

  13. WTF is that sound. That cannot be the exhaust note or the engine noise. Something is wrong with one of their camera microphones.

  14. Cobrah says:

    unless theres a horrible exhaust leak the engine would be almost silent as the sound is piped out the back through the EXHAUST!

  15. Aidan Fay says:

    ew, i dont like the sound of it… its so grungy

  16. what a tool…

  17. IT'S BRITISH !!!!!!

  18. Cobrah says:

    and i said its their shitty camera it sounded the same when they tested the camaro, and the camaro sounds great. oh and ug ug bitch

  19. I understand that, it's just when you look at the XFR, the kind of car it is and intended to be, to me it isn't meant to be a "Driver machine"(sorry, best I could come up with XP). It may be, however, a great handling sporty lux sedan.

  20. ekroyalty says:

    We are obviously playing with words. Who defies the meaning of the word performance ? None of us can prove he is right.
    Anyway, my point is that I can't listen to a race driver say something like that. Expecting the car to do everything for him. For instance let's take mid engined cars. They're hard to drive, but in cold hard math, their faster round the track.
    Anyway we clearly have different aspects on this and it's
    obviously not a right/wrong situation, so thats all from me

  21. Elmo187 says:

    just because a car is the fastest around a track, DOES NOT mean it performed well. performance is not how fast it did the lap, its how it acted during that lap. having the ass-end all over the track means it performed poorly. no driver wants a car that's scary to drive.

  22. ekroyalty says:

    You said it on your own you fucking idiot, the ZR1 was the fastest although it wasn't easy to drive. We don't disagree on this. But I used the word performance and performance is about pure numbers. The fastest car performs better and so on …

  23. Elmo187 says:

    wrong, if a car isn't easy to drive, it won't perform well. a car might be incredibly fast around the track, but that doesn't mean it performed well. go watch the ZR-1's lap. its the fastest out of this whole thing, yet the ass-end was all over the track.

  24. ekroyalty says:

    OMG What an idiot ??? I'm just saying that the guy in the vid
    expects from a performance car like that Jag to drive itself and it just happens that I disagree with that ok? Because a car isn't easy to drive, doesn't mean that it doesn't perform well. Am i clear ?

  25. Elmo187 says:

    a car doesn't need to be a coupe or a super performance car to be a driver's car. it can be any type of performance car, whether it has 4 doors, 2 doors, or no doors at all.

  26. Elmo187 says:

    you just contradicted yourself. he said "you can't just turn the steering and off you go in this car". now you're saying he said the opposite.

  27. Elmo187 says:

    no, the new supercharged 5.0L is an all-new engine from Jaguar.

  28. Danti3l says:

    beautiful car

  29. canammx1 says:

    Sounds like a diesel pickup lol

  30. piwright42 says:

    Great clip. I was surprised by Randy's comments on the cars handling, from the few clips you showed of the steering wheel it looked well composed. I expected to see more counter steer on the corkscrew exit. Still Pobst has raced for a long time, he would know far more than I ever will. My only gripe is the audio. Why did the XFR and the Camaro sound like farm tractors with flapper valves on their exhaust tips? I hope MT can fix this issue in the future.

  31. mz9393mz says:

    Very good insight from this pro driver. Interesting to see the side of the rim repeatedly almost scrape pavement on the track.

  32. Cobrah says:

    its the camera dumbass obviously it doesnt sound like that

  33. Jaguar's most beautiful car EVER!!

  34. adogg619 says:

    And so do you!

  35. 伍錦達 says:

    I agree! It sounds like a diesel engine or something!

  36. J.Cub says:

    the car doesnt sound like this in real life. the audio in the video got all screwed up or something

  37. Angel lopez says:

    sounds like shit

  38. Onoff314 says:

    Man watch the Top gear episode with this in it and you get the real sound so much better then this.

  39. im1greatman says:

    The Cadillac CTS-V would demolish this car!

  40. skatarest77 says:

    sounds like a v6 mustang..fuckin bs utube account.

  41. american cars SUCK !!!!!!!

  42. Am I the one that tilts his head to the side when you hear the exhaust that weird way dogs do when they hear a strange sound? Kinda almost sounds… dare i say it… DIESEL. Not fond of the sound. Great car though… wouldn't be my choice though.

  43. ekroyalty says:

    I don't give a shit about what he has achieved as a driver.
    Expecting from a performance car to "Turn the steering and of you go" doesn't sound racing driving to me at all … I don't need
    to google him, I can see his face in each and every corner, looks like he's farting in his pants …

  44. shaddap tool. it's one thing if they throw one of their editors behind the wheel, but you're incapable of critiquing the record of a driver as proven as randy pobst. go google him or something.

  45. Mike says:

    Most of the cars they display sound like that, proably distortion.

  46. thebonefish says:

    and they said the nissan sounded like a tractor earlier in the series…

  47. Amazing sound. I thought it was wind buffeting at first.

  48. lol…yo seriously…y does that engine sound like that? haha

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