Yonaka Coilover Test and Review – Acura Integra

A test and review of Yonaka Coilovers on an Acura Integra. Demonstrations of body roll and nose dive. Coilovers can allow for lowering a vehicle, and also can reduce body roll with stiffer springs. A coilover gets its name from simply a coil spring over a shock absorber. The coilovers used in the video are Yonaka Motorsports coilovers for a 94-01 Acura Integra.

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Product Link:
Yonaka Coilovers – http://www.yonaka.com/Suspension_Acura_Integra_Coilovers_94_01_DC_p/ymtc005.htm

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45 thoughts on “Yonaka Coilover Test and Review – Acura Integra

  1. corndogbeats says:

    i have set of yonaka coils almost new take any offers hit me up for 94-01 teggy ls

  2. so would you recommend these, are they worth the money. its mostly to lower the car and I wont be driving to get bodyroll or hard braking

  3. im looking to purchase the yonaka coilovers for my 95 acura integra. honestly just wondering if its worth the money spent, for whats all out there? Are they honestly a good set of coilovers for the integra? my teggys just a daily driver. so im looking for more comfortable driving.

  4. Jay Puran says:

    I don't see much difference

  5. Arnie Xiong says:

    This coilover is too bouncy!!!

  6. Barely any differences.

  7. actionmethod says:

    A woman needs soft suspension so her tits won't jump up and down.

  8. Marko Markov says:

    Engineering explained drives with hand at 12 o'clock?! Cmon man…

  9. Why it looked like girl driving your car?

  10. OFFICIAL NSA says:

    considering most of your braking power is in front, to plant the car, I feel like a downside of coilovers would be less nose dive, aka longer braking distances

  11. acelakid94 says:

    Wow, with this suspension mod you end up using more of the available grip of the tires. When you brake after the mod the tires screech a bit; you get to the limit sooner. My Lincoln Ls is sporty, but when you turn quickly without braking (loading the front springs) the car leans like hell. I totally need to get some coilovers.

  12. llavero5 says:

    Can you post the spring rates before (stock) and later (Yonaka) please?

  13. Kal's Tube says:

    *Closed Course by a professional. Do not try in public

  14. Saim Zaib says:

    I read bad reviews about these coilovers, what is your opinion on them, i heard they arent very adjustable as yonaka says? please let me know you thoughts on them for the price.

  15. this is a difficult mod to explain to the girlfriend. Honey I'm going to lower my car. wife: sure okay why? me: it looks better. wife: how much? me: about a grand plus labor. wife: okaaaaay. will it drive better? me: wehhlllll…. it will be a lot less comfortable and the ride will be stiffer. but it will look great and handle a bit better :) wife: so you're spending 1500 dollars so that you can't go over speed bumps and you'll have a stiffer, more uncomfortable ride…. me: ummmmmm.. wife: no

  16. Seto Bikouta says:

    i'm gonna watch all of your vids before i rewatch initial d, it's gonna be amazing

  17. EJL2004 says:

    So I know this is an older video, but I was wondering what your final set up was like with your coil overs? I'm looking at putting coil overs on my 2011 WRX, I love on an island with really twisty bumpy roads, so I'm not stoked about the idea of creating a low and harsh ride, I just want to have better damping than stock suspension when I go over these phantom bumps that jolt the car skyward mid corner. hmm, still learning about suspension set ups and tuning. looking for some advice.

  18. HUSKEY BOY says:

    Hey , great video thanks…….I have a mint condition 1997 Honda prelude that I bought brand new with just 23,000 original miles on the odometer as of today…..Would like to lower it with coil overs……..How ever it's a job I would prefer a Honda tech at a dealer do, any idea how long this may take for the change over ?……Thanks , hope to hear back from you Engineering

  19. Lizzy Wood says:

    i guess my car has stiff suspension cus its a bumpy ride lol. but good to know. I recently got a 04 civic and i'm trying to learn about my car and what can or needs to be done with it. thanks for the awesome videos! its my go-to to learn about cars and how to modify them, I'm a noob. lol

  20. Altezza boi says:

    Not even low

  21. Tom Phu says:

    + Engineering explained Im looking to do some back road and regular commuting with this set up, how's it holding up? should be about a year since you release this vid?

  22. Great multiple video series by EE and illustrative comment thread here for anyone considering changing from stock, or selecting factory option packages on their new car, based on drive style and road conditions. I've been reading and driving for 45 yrs and learned lots here. The harmonic frequency response of the driver increases with age, IMO, so old farts on bumpy roads may need the softer factory suspension for everyday. Maybe use a factory or aftermarket adjustable package for performance driving when we don't need the dampening to save our face from vibrating off!
    I see the importance of a track tested, time tested aftermarket system over a multibrand piecemeal approach is implied by your analysis in the other videos.
    Appreciate your systems and analytical approach to suspension mods!


  23. -SB33- says:

    looks like the stopping distance was increased with the coilovers though

  24. Can you soften up the stiffness on the suspension??

  25. Feras A. says:

    I love those wheels!

  26. I just installed the same set on my Integra. I was very surprised when I drove the car on them. Nearly as comfortable as stock! They seem very high- quality and I hope they last for many years to come. So far I am impressed, as with the Yonaka exhaust I installed.

  27. h22sparkle says:

    did your fender just rub on the outside ontop of the tire

  28. Brick says:

    Your Acura is always scared and makes a face like this D:

  29. POWERMAN says:

    Nice video – thanks for sharing!

  30. HiatusMobs says:

    Hi! I just installed my new coilovers. I've been doin some research about bouncy and ucomfortable ride that it gives. Even if I set it up to the stiffest settings it still feels like driving with an oval shape wheel, I know you might say get a wheel alignment but I already did, even had a wheel balance. Could someone explain this to me? Is it the road that I'm feeling when I'm driving or is it just the coilovers?

    BTW. It's a BC V1 Coilovers. I know this isnt the perfect place to ask this but ye.

  31. so coilovers in mexico would rattle out your fillings in your teeth and its a under 30 type of thing

  32. Sorry i got so caught up watching one after another that i often forget to like your videos. ill make sure to rewatch them and add the like when i make it back aroudn the loop. I used to be cartarded completely beyond repair; But im great with computers so technically i could learn, just NEVER found a knowledgeable or willing party like yourself. Kudos. if you ever want a website made or anyone to work with you let me know.

  33. geoff says:

    Nice video unfortunately we don't see such comparisons on other videos

  34. Devin Rojas says:

    How many inches is the your car lowered. I want my integra lowered the same exact height. Not slammed but a clean drop like yours.

  35. Hey I'm looking into to buying some for my car, do you still have these installed ? If so how are they doing ? Have they started to break down yet ?

  36. jench78 says:

    supposedly one area where you can make a big improvement in the suspension on these cars is with a larger rear anti-sway bar.  Almost everyone believes the OEM piece is way undersized.  If you go with a larger one, you have to get a subframe brace though.  That and tires are supposed to be the biggest suspension changes on these cars.

  37. Oohhh. More planted.

  38. macd says:

    Hey i just bought a dakota rt do you think if i stuck those on the back i be able to handle the torq a lil better

  39. uplayokrus says:


  40. hahaboy21 says:

    What is the purpose of the nose dive test? What is meant to be seen when comparing stock vs aftermarket? Also, is the grinding sound with the yonaka coilovers because the body is hitting the wheels?

  41. how come with the new coilovers when you brake there is a loud grind?

  42. djay102687 says:

    How about nose lift during hard acceleration? Or does helf keep the front wheels on the ground.

  43. Frank Aviles says:

    How are these holding up? Still on the road with them?

  44. eclipse4388 says:

    Did you have to go thru getting the car all re- aligned after you installed the coilovers or did you do them where you install them almost exacty the same as where thstock 1s were positioned to not have to get an alignment after so its all balanced out?????

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