You Don’t Drive An Alpine A110, You Wear It

We’ve been lucky over the years to have had the chance to not only see a few Alpine A110s in the metal, but to actually drive them. As an office we’ve had this saying for a while that “you don’t really drive an A110, you wear it.” It’s somewhat of a running joke that has been tough to describe to outsiders. Any time the marque or model was mentioned, that phrase would come out and we’d all chuckle. That was until we decided to make a short film, the latest in our “Morning Coffee” series about what that experience is like.

The cockpit is so intimate, so snug, so perfectly purpose built that it’s akin to applying a wetsuit to yourself to go surfing. There’s a certain ritual to the way you have to prepare to get in the car, to turn the key in the ignition, the whole thing is just so personal.

This one is owned by our friend Jürgen Clauss, the man behind AlpineLab: “Sometimes, when stepping into my garage, and looking at my cars, I am surprised that it is already 30 years and the Alpine hasn’t worn out yet,” he explains from his German workshop that specializes in these small French sports cars. “I still like to look, drive, and work on these cars every day,” he says, “To me, it was always unique, always something special; you even had to have certain ergonomic prerequisites to drive an Alpine.”

You can visit Jürgen’s website to learn more about what he’s up to at

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39 thoughts on “You Don’t Drive An Alpine A110, You Wear It

  1. Mel Chanic says:

    Why be Normal when you can Drive Tastefully? Thanks to the Petrolicious team, i get my daily fix of PETROLICIOUSNESS.

  2. MindDezign says:

    A W E S O M E…

  3. jewel ! great video !

  4. How tall is too tall to fit in one of these things?

  5. musaabr says:

    Real talk, I think I'm actually addicted to petrolicious.

  6. Leo Jonkers says:

    Most beautiful sportscar ever build.

  7. This video look like a pub for parfum

  8. Craig Thomas says:

    I'm 55 and I still haven't ever seen an A110 in person.

  9. Sexy Vegan says:

    What's the maximum height for the driver?

  10. Does anybody know what track this was filmed on, and where it's at?

  11. frank rs says:

    This is Amazing.

  12. Dizzy Guy says:

    Who needs the hub

  13. well shot piece

  14. New Yoko says:

    Too pretentious, unwatchable, dizzy.

  15. Alex Lamas says:

    Love these Alpines!

  16. Epic car!

  17. Extremely gorgeous video, this is. Expresses so much about our automotive dreams without any words

  18. sunlights0 says:

    This was fantastic. Beautiful scenery! I feel i was very much pulled into the story through the music and filming.

  19. Waqar Ghulam says:

    You guys should get Emmys for your videos.

  20. Killer film again. I love seeing stuff like this to break it up from your usual stuff.

  21. Dan Mai says:

    super cool car, I hated driving it in grand tursmo though haha

  22. The car is just an excuse for some pseudey photographic "art".

  23. Every video you do on a car needs to have one like this afterwards. I loved it, well done!

  24. Bevinkowser says:

    You put all that work into planning this, then you go and hire Michael J. Fox as your cameraman….

  25. Classic Tax says:

    Geniales Video Jürgen. Perfekt!

  26. Waqar Ghulam says:

    If u know about it them it was that quiet, was it?

  27. ape_status says:

    pure driving. period.


  28. Bravo, Petrolicious, less produced than the last one. But you still need to slow down your cuts for these action videos. Just as the viewers eye is drawn into the scene, it's cut away into another scene and the music still felt a little intrusive. EVO's Dawn Raid video still wins for me over either of your morning Coffee productions.

  29. kefkeuh says:

    I suppose a lot of Alpine lovers will see this clip. At the Eifel Rallye in Germany I saw somebody wearing a Alpine jacket, looks very fashionable. Does somebody know where you can buy it?

  30. Art Racing says:

    This is an Alpine A108, not a A110.

  31. Paul Zedic says:

    I have watched almost every video you have posted, this one is by far the best! Camera angles, colour, sound, total perfection. I got goosebumps watching it. I bow in the honour of artist achievement

  32. This is not petrolicious

  33. rousp1 says:

    @1:38 What? You cheated all your viewers from hearing the sound of the gearshift?

  34. chrisfi3d says:

    Petrolicious dominating as per usual

  35. Jonny Rocket says:

    i´m not a friend of Alpine or Renault… but this … this is real – CARPORN – and i love it !!!

  36. Daniel Bob says:

    What song was that in the video? Also where was that shot? Simply amazing !

  37. vikSport says:

    Una Belleza…

  38. music name?

  39. Adam Allen says:


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