1905 Model No.1

1905 Model No.l


  • Engine: Inlet-over-exhaust single
  • Capacity: 24.74cu. in. (405.41cc)
  • Рower output: Unknown
  • Transmission: Single-speed, belt drive
  • Frame: Tubular loop
  • Suspension: None
  • Weight: 185 lb (84kg)
  • Top speed: 40mph (64km/h) (est.)


There wasn’t much more to the first Harleys than these two vital ingredients. Though William Harley and the Davidson brothers used a larger engine than most of their contemporary manufacturers, the fact that pedal power was an essential supplement to the internal combustion engine on hills meant that the bicycle layout had to be retained. Harley curved the bottom frame tube under the crankcases to allow the engine to be mounted lower in the frame, resulting in superior handling. The battery ignition system, crude carburetor, belt drive, and other unrefined elements ensured that the early motorcycle wasn’t really a viable means of transportation, but at least the Model No.1 was a cut above the average.

Hurley’s Model No.1 was essentially an engine boiled onto a bicycle frame, with pedal-power still needed when there was a steep hill to be climbed.

1905 Model No.1

The 1905 Model No.1 was almost identical to the bikes built in 1903 and ’04, and until 1909 Harley-Davidson produced only one model, which was improved upon each year. The model number represented the year of production minus four.