360° New Top Gear Track With Chris Harris | Top Gear

We’ve got a new Rallycross Mini, and a new layout: experience it in 360 degrees! Note: this will only work in Google Chrome.

So, the first episode of all-new Top Gear TV has aired. And keen viewers will have spotted that we’ve got a few new things…

Notably, a new Mini for our Star in a Rallycross Car, and an all-new track layout. P

Yup, we’ve introduced some mud, some jumps and lots more oversteer potential around the circuit. And what better way to experience it than to ride onboard with TG and Extra Gear host Chris Harris?

Hit play above for the full 360 experience – note, will only work on Google Chrome.

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34 thoughts on “360° New Top Gear Track With Chris Harris | Top Gear

  1. Cooper 2004 says:

    He’s the most competent presenter in terms of driving skill and knowledge

  2. Oh so that's what the celebrity face off track was based off

  3. Szymon Lipa says:

    New track sucks.

  4. Philip J Fry says:

    It's gone now. Good thing they brought the old track back

  5. Alex says:


  6. RaceCake says:

    So they've ruined the test track… Cool…

  7. New tg was shit. Harris an leblanc were good, and tbh I liked the new track

  8. Poor mini cooper

  9. I wonder if anyone thought that the British Chris Evans was the American Chris Evans that acted as Capt America.

  10. Foxter says:

    Why everybody spit on this video ?

  11. I hate new top gear

  12. Kalo Gri says:

    RIP Top Gear

  13. matt leblanc funny guy be good to see him jeremy hammond and may doing the show it would be brilliant

  14. bring back jeremy ? hammond ? and may ? and throw away that ginger tosser i dont like watching it now

  15. I love the 360

  16. 8k dislikes on a Chris Harris vid .. he was the best part of the show .. those dislikers should be ashamed !!

  17. PUN Cake says:

    8K people didn't even know chris harris..

  18. Stu Bur says:

    Okay the 360 shot is cool but the new track is rubbish.

  19. JDMxlove says:

    This is badass

  20. Rsracerp60 says:

    Bring back clarkson

  21. Höpö Yt says:

    flop gear

  22. juissius says:

    why do you have to destroy everything great

  23. Peter B says:

    Said this when I heard the cast announcement, replace Evans with Harris! Also, why so many dislikes?

  24. ConsLife - F says:

    Rallycross track is much better than the old one.. Just say'in..

  25. Probably clarkson is watching this and think, "m8, what have you done" , "you are such an imbesile"

  26. reck101101 says:

    Fire Chris Evans the same way you did with Jason Dawe…ouch,

  27. Gyan Singh says:

    So a Lamborghini for instance has to jump the ramp and drive off-road
    Don't think that's smart

  28. needforsuv says:

    he did a 1:47 and wasnt even trying

  29. Central Apex says:

    I like Chris.

    But he can't save Top Gear.

  30. wrexel says:

    Chris Harris should replace Tiff when he retires

  31. M1kk0saatana says:

    Did I just hear tyre squeal in the gravel section? In around 0:38. Reminds me of Bond films from the 60's…

  32. extra gear presenters must present top gear and know how is wrost le blanc or ginger instead tha other two make a good job

  33. Dirty Dan says:

    You need misfits… Chris Harris is funny and like Jeremy. Matt is cool and can be like James. Who's gonna replace Hammond though…

  34. Vx Ghosts says:

    Look at the char all way round has they ruwned it

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