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Changes under the new Rapide’s skin are comprehensive, with a version of the new AM11 naturally-aspirated 6.0-litre V12 powerplant delivering unprecedented power and improved in-gear acceleration.

Power from the new engine jumps significantly versus that of its predecessor: up by 17% or a massive 81 PS from 477 PS at 6,000 rpm to a now very substantial 558 PS at 6,750 rpm.
Peak torque increases, too, up from 600 Nm to 620 Nm at 5,000 rpm. Meanwhile an even more marked improvement in torque occurs lower down the rev range, as pulling power rises by more than 40 Nm between idle and 4,000 rpm with an additional 50 Nm available at 2,500 rpm.

Naturally, increases in power and torque lead to even swifter performance as befits a four-door sports car. New Rapide S shaves 0.3 seconds off its 0-62 mph time, which drops from the 5.2 seconds of the current car to just 4.9 seconds for the new model. Top speed climbs, meanwhile, to 190 mph.

The 5,935 cc naturally aspirated V12 boasts race car technology — developments derived directly from Aston Martin Racing’s successful WEC GT campaign — to maximise both performance and efficiency. The new AM11 engine thus boasts fully CNC machined combustion chambers and lighter, hollow, cam shafts.
Dual variable camshaft timing, knock sensing, even the fully catalysed stainless steel exhaust system — these are all
engineering advances developed to preserve the V12’s position as a mainstay of the Aston Martin range.

The engine is now even more efficient, too. Despite the very significant increase in peak power and torque, the Rapide S is appreciably more economical than before. CO2 emissions drop by seven per cent — from 355 g/km to 332 g/km — while fuel economy now stands at 19.9 mpg on the official EU combined cycle.

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22 thoughts on “Aston Martin Rapide S – XCAR

  1. tmat04 says:

    The grille is enormous. And, overall, the front end is too round for my taste.

  2. Carfection says:

    It's #AstonMartinModay  today – Remember this? #AstonMartin    #astonmartinrapide  

  3. Carfection says:

    #WayBackWednesday  – Thumbs up if you love The Aston Martin Rapide S

  4. yes! I looks like the Aston Martin Zagato's grille too.

  5. Carfection says:

    Ha, that is one way of looking at it! What do you like about the car?

  6. Carfection says:

    Yeah, maybe it will take time to get used to?! Otherwise, liking the car?

  7. Carfection says:

    Cool indeed! Like the grill?

  8. Carfection says:

    It's a bit different and yes perhaps it will take some getting used to! JBB013, thanks for your comments as always!

  9. Carfection says:

    Ha, yes the grill is often compared to a giant mouth. Not to everyone's taste, but you seem to like it?

  10. Carfection says:

    Thanks for saying so morphius44, we are growing quickly which is good! Please share videos you enjoy!

  11. welc13 says:

    At least this one looks less like a Ford fusion!

  12. The grille worked on the One-77 but it'll take a while for me to accept this new grille.

  13. taking some inspiration from the zagato isnt it? keep up the videos one of the mosy underrated youtube channels. keep it up!

  14. Cool!

  15. This will take some getting used to for sure…. It is very bold but all Astons are beautiful so in time people will like it

  16. roy stone says:

    The grill remindes me of a big smile,the car looks happy.nice car

  17. Carfection says:

    Interesting point, thank you morphius44. The grill is quite big isn't it?!

  18. Carfection says:

    Certainly looks great doesn't it?!

  19. ferrari ff and lotus evora aren't 4 doors

  20. Jonathan Lai says:

    Dammit why is it that all supercar makers are turning into 4 door luxury cars — trust me they made the wrong choice, such as : Lamborghini estoque , Ferrari ff , lotus evora and a few more

  21. like the shape but the front is just horrible. theres no detail on any of the bumper and then a huge ugly chrome grill. if they made the grill smaller and added some air intakes then it would be a great aston.

  22. Kyu1LL says:

    Beautiful elegance. Won't win any awards for performance or race records but who cares when it looks like that?!

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