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Aston’s Vantage may be on the way out, but the track-focused GT8 proves there’s life in the old dog yet. And yes, we got the noise. It sounds like it’s powered by hammers.

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26 thoughts on “Aston Martin Vantage GT8: Looks to Kill, Noise to Thrill – Carfection

  1. To many limited production cars this the 911R for ex. Just make as many as people want

  2. Joe S says:

    Did he insert something into the dashboard to start it?

  3. SPRCRS says:

    Awesome vid!

  4. Im Kentt says:

    I want one but from Canada

  5. Dear Carfection,
    Awesome vid again as always :D
    Can I please use a few fragments of your video(s) for my best sounding cars video? I'd be really pleased :)
    Kind Regards,
    Merijn van de Ree

  6. Brascofarian says:

    it's body has been designed so it slices through the air as cleanly as possible huh? Wow. Did they think of that all by themselves?

  7. the sound ov that exhaust, uuhhhhhh, I love it!! now living with it and using it 4 track days, yeah im dreaming but what a dream. couldn't afford the fuel, but theres not that many people I know who could.

  8. Fast Er says:

    Sorry but such a big wing at the back of an Aston? Doesn't look right, just as it didn't with Jaguars. Kind of below them.
    And £165K MORE than the standard price? For a track car that probably will be beaten by a Ford GT350R? I get it that Aston want to milk this old car to the last day but none of this makes sense unless you're as a blind fan of Aston as a Tesla fan.

  9. Nick Amarit says:

    What's the engine in the intro, sounds so heavenly-hellish…

  10. "A really, really, lightweight party"? Who says that? WTF

  11. Good god that sound thunderous

  12. Underwood95 says:


  13. Hoist Hanger says:

    Lightweight this, lightweight that, carbon this, carbon that…why not mention the weight? Did I miss it? Curious to hear what a German, Italian, American, or any other respected journalist outside the UK would say about the GT8. Have to agree with +Two Thumbs? This Guy.

  14. madjh says:

    The problem is that with that price the 0-100km/h should be under 3.5sec not 4.5 that is what you can get with a Lamborghini, Ferrari or a muscle car from the US, they are under 3.5 even the GTR R35 is under 3.5 sec. It is good looking, nice noise but the performance is poor. A 2015 M3 do the 0-100 in 3.8 sec, Cadillac ATS -V in 3.9 sec and the Mercedes AMG C63-S in 3,9 sec, so they are faster.

  15. Mumbo Jumbo says:

    I want this far more than anything I have ever wanted.

  16. Tyler kerr says:

    Is it just me or is 440 bhp for a 4.7 V8 a little lacking…

  17. Everytime I click on your channel page I'm greeted with "This is Xcar…."

    Since your sticking with your ridiculous new name you might want to change that at some point. Those niggles aside keep up the great videos.

  18. Strabunitz says:

    still the worlds ugliest steering wheel,.

  19. I adore AM, but they should leave Vantage to die at GT12 which was already too late and still too slow vs competitors. Those bi-color accents should not take place on any blue blooded GT. Almost horrible as green neons on Bentley GT racer.

  20. Amazing car.

  21. jon martini says:

    0-60 in 4.5…not that impressive at all

  22. The performance of the engine is underwhelming. Considering the looks and all the other good things it has it's a shame.

  23. The exhaust note sounds like a cross between the F Type and the Shelby GT350 R

  24. probably would still get destroyed by a 991 turbo s

  25. Why is the engine so underpowered when compared to the old 4.5 litre Ferrari V8 for example?

  26. For some reason I feel uninspired and underwhelmed

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