Attending to the running diesel engine

Take the reading of the instruments when the engine is in running condition; watch the level of water in the expansion tank or radiator; watch the levels of oil in the sump, fuel injection pump housing and governor; watch the level of fuel oil in the fuel tank.

Never allow the temperature of the coolant at the outlet from the engine, the temperature and pressure of oil to exceed recommended values.

Maintain the level of oil in the sump and governor above the lower mark on the oil gauge or sight glass.

Give particular attention to the level of oil in the sump and governor when the engine is hound to operate under the conditions of protracted list or trim.

Inspect the joints between engine units as well as those in the cooling, lubricating and fuel system for minor leaks in the form of droplets, which are likely to occur when the engine is in running condition, and eliminate the defect by tightening the relevant nuts or bolts or by replacing the defective gasket during the next servicing of the engine.

Never overload the engine without good reasons and avoid protracted idling which may result in a stuck nozzle valve or in the carbonizing of piston rings.