Audi R8 V10 Spyder: Topless Sounds So Good – Carfection

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31 thoughts on “Audi R8 V10 Spyder: Topless Sounds So Good – Carfection

  1. Steven B says:

    They’re making a V10 Plus roadster now

  2. What's the song at 5:18?

  3. zhong kevin says:

    He looks like Richard

  4. sionbon Kwok says:

    KP66 GMV this means keep 66666 general motor vehicle :)

  5. If the "normal" version of this is already that good… my gosh will the plus model be on point !

  6. Namkyu Kim says:

    Dream car.
    Which color do you think looks best on the r8 spyder?

  7. ejo says:

    5:15 thank me later

  8. evanescent03 says:

    renting one of these soon … should be a great day!   even if it rains, it'll still be fun and loud thanks to that rear window!

  9. Metric HP ? kW are metric : )

  10. tacfoley says:

    What is '540 metric horsepower'?

  11. StriderCX says:

    I usually prefer coupes to convertibles, but this looks really good. Which one would you guys prefer?

  12. The new R8 is not a particularly striking car to look at, at least not compared to other supercars, but it is actually a really attractive car, and I would as far as saying that's probably the first supercar that everyone, aesthetically at least, can accept. it's contemporary sharp edges are not over the top or brash(showy) but rather subdued and elegant… Or rather they were, taking off the roof completely ruined it.

  13. Ferrari ALI says:

    In the 2020s Audi r8 should have 700hp

  14. jaguarjaonzz says:

    What is the song at 9:05 ??

  15. Vincetagram says:

    With the roof down the r 8 looks like it was built to be a full time roadster with no roof like ever, and its been like that since the first r8, same with gallardo, it doesnt look like the roof was cut off like other lambo roadsters, mclaren, and ferrari convertibles.

  16. Vincetagram says:

    Who else remembers the episode with the old r8 that supplied the exhaust note for the intro

  17. The best reviews! Thanks

  18. Razi Hasan says:

    Love the review and love the keffiyeh! Did they make you take it off during close-ups? hehe

  19. This is the true definition of a dreamcar and I truly hope I can achieve this dream at some point in my life.

  20. psychologist not yours purchase smell.

  21. Horse6L says:

    RIP Audi Sports Team Joest

  22. 5.15 min!!! WOW sounds of THOR!

  23. Andres G says:

    No one would buy a manual? This guy clearly had his balls chopped off, manual cars are still wanted by consumers.

  24. Joe Gregory says:

    That rear looks amazing.

  25. Spencer T. says:

    Great review! Does anybody know the title of the outro song? Thank you

  26. Matt JT says:

    Should be a metal roof, expensive cars with cloth roofs look awful, so what if its heavier not exactly a track thrasher when its a convertible

  27. My scatpack has that spec with a lil tuning

  28. alan jackson says:

    Is it me or this was filmed at different times, in some clips he's wearing a scaf and others not lol

  29. The Honda CRX had the retractable rear screen. It was fantastic. Gave a lovely gentle buffering when it was down. Never understood why all cars don't do it. Glad to see Audi caught on after 20 years.

  30. Adi Adi says:

    For me as an car enthusiast this car is the car I did follow the most this year so car of 2016 is Audi r8 v10 plus

  31. pennysmurf says:

    I'm not sure why in this video, the presenter reminded me of Kermit the frog. But brilliant video. Brilliant car!

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