Audi S5: Tuned to 411bhp by STaSIS – XCAR

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STaSIS specialise in Audi tuning and can really unlock the potential the cars have in them but don’t take advantage of stock. We talk to STaSIS to find out what they do and look at two cars that have had the STaSIS treatment.

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26 thoughts on “Audi S5: Tuned to 411bhp by STaSIS – XCAR

  1. James Leng, where are you currently supplying Stasis in the UK?

  2. Didnt Stasis go out of biz?  I hope not.  Can anyone confirm this?

  3. David Newman says:

    Interesting… I just pu a new 2014 S5 and it is clear that even though everyone is looking at smaller plants,, most of what will stomp $150,000 cars from a decade ago,, most 5yr old cars too. Get with it ,, and superchargers are getting as popular
    as turbos even with the spool up times dropping to zero..
    I want to find some mods I can make, starting with ones that slide by warranty issues….
    I have a Saab Viggen with a 2.3l turbo that I have pushed up near 300 hp from 230 as Saab over designed the motor,, right to the oil cooling the pistons with jets from below so I am sure the Audi can be modded to surpass that increase.
    As for all the NA cars pushing 600 hp, sure wonder when the go pedal will ever safely be bottomed except on the track…
    People are dead from unleashing that to public roads..

  4. TonyTube407 says:

    Can you pick and choose which Stasis mods you want done or do you have to go with the whole package? 

  5. S.T T. says:

    I guess "german overengineering" means having and Audi 2.7 TDI 2011 which went to the service twice in the last month for transmission issues…Did i mention that in 47 000 km the xenon lights failed,and soon after that the air condition block..DO NOT TELL ME ABOUT GERMAN ENGINEERING…PLEASE SIR!

  6. S Miller says:

    +ToInfinity1 yeah it does only 333bhp, the diesel bitdi has 313bhp

  7. vic lam says:

    Giac , revo and apr tunes way better than stasis. Everyone says so on the Audi forums

  8. kennyd says:

    Stock S5 lacks punch? Are you crazy?

  9. nbrigdan says:

    yes….. exactly….. BHP (brake horsepower) it the power that's being made after it's corrected for drivetrain loss IE before drivetrain loss. A stock S4 commonly dyno's 320-330 AWHP, which after 20% drivetrain loss is 400-410 BHP. So what's your point? Or do you not understand something? When someone just says HP it means BHP. It only doesn't mean BHP if they specify it is "at the wheels"..

  10. nbrigdan says:

    411 hp? Did they even tune it?? The stock S4 makes over 400hp STOCK. (put it on the dyno) I'd like to see it with the APR upgraded pulley, makes about 475hp.

  11. Ryan St.Rose says:

    That's the previous gen S5.

  12. Kaden Snoop says:

    Ur channel is awesome

  13. Kayroseky says:

    how much do they charge ? so upgrade your engine??

  14. Drumer4990 says:

    What's simple common sense is that the Porsche would have stayed ahead for the whole race. That was either a 911 Turbo or GT2, and even a Stāsis S5 would not have won that race. Simple common sense though, right?

  15. STaSIS – truly great tunning company, and what better car manufacturer chosen to explore its tunning skills than on Audi, well done and keep up with the great work! XCARFilms thank you for sharing passion for cars, many people forget to realise that cars are part of our history that lead us to be ever so excited each time new model comes out, subs and well done thumbs up!

  16. HesteBremse says:

    Well that black A5 Coupe looks great, just wish they would apply tuning to the RS5 and go a bit bunkers. Also the Q5 looked better with the new wheels – happy they did not touch the Q3 because thats plain ugly and very boring looking.

  17. lffit says:

    Sorry forgot to mention the same with my previous Ford Fairmont in Australia.

  18. lffit says:

    Well sorry I can do in my new Ford Fiesta or my Jaguar without a problem, provided I don't go above 110 kms per hour, the limit here in my region.

  19. 420apache657 says:

    you must never overtake people

  20. Carfection says:

    It is pleasing that our passion for cars is recognised and our content is enjoyed. Thanks jamdc2000.

  21. You're welcome. :) Have a sticker.

  22. lffit says:

    Fed up with these clinical ugly German cars, with so much power we can never use, get real!!!!

  23. Haxixe 13 says:

    yes teacher, thanks

  24. bitumen83 says:

    @XCARFilms name of the song at the end of video? pls

  25. Nicholas Lo says:

    Lovin' the frequency of these videos. Not to mention top notch quailty. I enjoy your videos very much XCar!

  26. dilawer321 says:

    Flipping hell lol Audis are the worst handling cars in existence

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