BMW, Ariel Atom and Formula 3000: One Fast Day – Carfection

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Before Henry joined the team Drew took Charlie out to the track for a challenge in some pretty fast cars.

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32 thoughts on “BMW, Ariel Atom and Formula 3000: One Fast Day – Carfection

  1. SMN BOYO says:

    your fatter thats y

  2. hawkinsrod says:

    hes faster because he is use to driving karts, which is much more similar racecraft to an open wheel/open cockpit car than any supercar roadcar.

  3. pSyk says:

    God, these instructors talk waaay too much!

  4. Yeah this just confirms it – wearing two watches makes you a shitty driver.

  5. Amadou Beye says:

    you guys been putting out some lame reviews lately

  6. Comb your damn hair, man!

  7. rockervdrive says:

    Damn, what a fun day that must have been.

  8. DocWolph says:

    He was faster because he hadn't developed any bad habits to slow him down yet.

  9. corner cutting Drew

  10. Stephen Rose says:

    Cool vid folks

  11. This was brilliant!! I love when you take driving lessons, so much fun!

  12. ianiva says:

    Is that James Calado's brother? He may be a great driver and a great guy but having his name plastered all over the visor is so daft. Anyway, very nice video!

  13. I'm sorry but I really can't get on with the new presenter, it's really quite distracting.

  14. Oscar Lee says:

    I know this is irrelevant, but Drew's accent is so annoying.

  15. Nitin Kumar says:

    Where is chester bennigton? He should've also participated.

  16. Antonio Dias says:

    This is the reason I don't like to rent track day cars. These MfS don't shut up

  17. Sunyata says:

    Track rule #1: "There is always someone faster than you."

    Leave the ego at home. Just do your best. There's nothing else to do. :-)

  18. Seems like Charlie might have to get out from behind the camera now

  19. biocybernaut says:

    Intermittent fasting will kill the gut and those man boobs.

  20. biocybernaut says:

    You don't drive a race car without gloves.

  21. lol the rock at 7:48

  22. Wael waleed says:

    great <<< thing !

  23. simon lloyd says:


  24. Gjarllarhorn says:

    we need a race with Henry, Drew and Alex :D

  25. schumiisking says:

    these guys are miles off the pace…………1.15-1.16's are respectable times in the F3000's……..

  26. schumiisking says:

    how is he seeing through his helmet wtf??? 6:38

  27. Brilliant video guys!

  28. Adam Khan says:

    Thats NOT an F3000 car I can assure you.

  29. Ed says:

    Can the instructor see much with 'Calado' across the front of his otherwise black visor?

  30. Palmer sport
    Will the car crash itself

  31. wait, where is the bald guy? i like his review

  32. Hoonigan X says:

    I like tities

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