BMW M2: The Best M Car You Can Buy? – Carfection

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The BMW M2 is finally here and makes the M Division magic a little more affordable. Is it one of the best M Cars you can buy though?

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49 thoughts on “BMW M2: The Best M Car You Can Buy? – Carfection

  1. Duke says:

    This guy looks like Linkin Park's lead singer.

  2. The M2 will go down the history as one of the greatest M cars just like the V8 M3 and the V10 M5.

  3. Is the BMW M2 better performance car than the Porsche Cayman GT4

  4. madmacshrek says:

    Freakin autoblip is not analog enough

  5. ZDY says:

    As fast as a Cayman GTS but half the price (and from my testing also seems like half the brakes, maybe 70% of handling of GTS, half the looks, half the interior. Half the badge.) still a really good value though.

  6. Kmk Khan says:

    How can it be a comfy car when your back is hurting from driving it?

  7. The three vehicles I really want are this, (daily driver) gt350 loaded (because MURICA) and for a truck I want a Dodge Ram srt10 standard cab with a 6speed auto lol..

    Or a charger/challenger hellcat, ALTEAST a regular srt8

  8. There has never been a fast, sports coupe I have desired more than the BMW M2 . . . still an AMG boy for life #jussaying #tAP

  9. Davie Man says:

    analogue car??? don't think so. a million driving modes, auto blip etc. most modern cars are crap, despite their performance, and feel detached from the road. buy a lotus. that's a proper driver's car.


  11. Franzino says:

    BMW can thank you guys….this review made me interested in the M2 and in the end I ordered one :)

  12. M F says:

    one downside to the m2: there is no sun/moon roof option for USA, only for Europe. Does anyone know if this is true? or will USA costumers be able to order the m2 with a moon/sunroof option.

  13. Karl lee says:

    does it come with AWD?

  14. 25myob says:


  15. wcm5150 says:

    Don't censor the word shit, it's just stupid. Censoring words just propagates stupidity.

  16. CockatooDude says:

    These manufacturers need to stop this with the downshift blipping for you, or at least have an option to turn it off, like in the 370Z. I get it that not that many people are that good at heel and toe, but isn't this car supposed to be for people who like driving. Chances are they already know how to heel and toe, or if they don't then they want to learn it.

  17. John Paredes says:

    I miss Chris Harris

  18. I am so sorry to hear that the seats are stiff. I was hoping for something that could take a long trip in without killing my back.

  19. Rsracerp60 says:

    It's damn overrated

  20. Nick Amarit says:

    For me, this is how it should be:
    DCT >>> autoblip
    MT >>> heel-toe

  21. slllll says:

    i would never buy an unreliable car. nothing fun about car servicing

  22. "Focus RS and Aston Martin DB11" lol what

  23. Sad that the old 1M coupe is a better car.

  24. A future classic

  25. Fast Er says:

    M3/4 are now high-end, expensive big luxury performance cars. Not as much drivers/sports cars as they used to. Just look at the segment of buyers. That role is now shifted to the 2-series. It might not be as fast as Focus RS or Audi RS3 point to point but it's easily the best drivers car in this segment and as mentioned can be both comfortable and sporty (just opt for another seat).

    Focus RS is simply to harsh to enjoy daily, RS3 is not a sports car but very fast point to point and A45 AMG is just to expensive for what it offers. The next car a step below M2, that wins over it's competitors in the same ways as M2, is actually Seat Lone Cupra.

  26. Majin2606 says:

    Put recaros and a flat bottom steering wheel and I'll sell my 14 audi s4

  27. helloitsme says:

    It certainly grows on me the more i see it

  28. Lawrence Lo says:

    An "M2 GTS" will be an awsome idea!!

  29. Rear tail lights are too big and Subaru like…..

  30. Pedro says:


  31. Terry Thomas says:

    Another POS from BMW ! Dudes I.C.E. motors are history they are slow inefficient Petrol guzzling pieces of crap ! Its 20th century crap technology And every 4 to 5 hundred kms you have to go to a petrol station pay too much to fill up and or get ripped off if you buy anything as the company charged you 180 % above retail for that chocolate bar & can of Red Bull !

  32. Uh… $51k for a M2 that can't match a $33k Mustang? Ah, NO.

  33. These auto journalists contradict each other all the time. From Tony Quiroga of Car and Driver: "…the light steering is distant and faint…the steering tells you nothing."

  34. seats are less comfortable than the 235i?

  35. semperf1dude says:

    well filmed, beautifully filmed, good review, just need to save a few more pennies then it will be mine well done BMW, well done Carfection

  36. darek4488 says:

    Is there a debadge option to choose? I would stick an M3 badge on it.

  37. S. D. H. 3T says:


  38. I wanted to buy this car and I'm so glad all the journalists keep coming out with the same complaints and reasons I made not to order one. Went for a Cayman S with ventilated seats and it is way more fun and precise than any crooked seat M2. Thats right Bimmer boys your new hero car has a FUCKING CROOKED DRIVERS SEAT for the USA and who knows where else.

  39. Sponsored by bmw m2 team…

  40. emwa3d says:

    What about the Subaru BRZ and Toyota 86 ???!

  41. m4/m3 outside mirrors on de m2..nd sports bucket seats..please

  42. awesome s sports seats in de audi rs3,nd de merc A45..

  43. aggressive n angry looking car,but not that aggressive n sporty inside,especially the seats..boring nd no options on it.

  44. sports bucket seats on de m2,please.

  45. bingoberra18 says:

    I enjoyed that road to Ronda. Went back home about the same time as you arrived.

  46. Catfish says:

    why u delete our convo comment bitch :(

  47. Am really not into this type of c…….Goodness me! bad ass whip :-))

  48. Roger Lee says:

    no. it's M4

  49. den525 says:

    I agree the M235i is a great car and the M2 is a greater car. BUT I don't think the M2 vs M235i in terms of price is worth the difference. In Australia you're talking $25-30k difference (105k+ for the M2), in the UK it's £10k difference. That's 25% more (that's sticker price, obviously M235i have alot more negotiation room over a newly introduced M2)

    Regardless of discounts, I really don't think the M2 is 25% better car, especially for day to day drivers who don't track their cars. M2 lacks adaptive suspension as well (which explains the sore back)

    I find it hard for those like myself who are in a M235i already, to justify upgrading as well, considering the lack of upgrades between the 2 cars, especially interior. For a half the amount, you can easily upgrade suspension, full exhaust, brakes, LSD and flash tune, which will make it better and faster.

    BUT you don't get the flared arches tho… which is the killer. The M2 do look alot better.

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