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The Corvette Grand Sport is the Goldilocks of Vettes

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29 thoughts on “Corvette Grand Sport: Just Right – Carfection

  1. why the steering is that heavy ?

  2. Mike says:

    ZO6 !!! Not Zeto6 Learn the dam right name to the car..

  3. Max Kors says:

    so stewie griffin grew up to be an automotive journalist?

  4. no one give a shit about what happen before. we only care what happen today

  5. Kim Jong Un says:

    A British youtuber? That doesn't hate on American cars for the sake hating on American cars? Wow.

  6. Farhan Khan says:

    what is the ground clearence of this car

  7. Hemi Dave says:

    The smell is the adhesives that hold many of its parts together.
    The adhesives save weight(Less (weight adding) screws and bolts)

  8. How does it compare to zl1 or ss 1le?

  9. EdVentures says:

    I'm thinking about upgrading from my C6 corvette to the C7 grandsport :)

  10. Autos389 says:

    What do you mean "gets SOME of the handling" of the Z06? It's literally a Z06 in all regards except for the N/A LT1 engine instead of the LT4. It gets the lower hood too, and less weight.

  11. is it just me, or is this the best looking Vette since the 60's?

  12. Adam S says:

    I guess if you haven't driven a Corvette before, the C7 GS is a great one to start with. Hopefully it defies all of the paradigms and cliche excuses most Europeans seem to tout about it.

  13. Welp you have now one corvette GS in london… Archie Hamilton

  14. u666sa says:

    with your voice and looks you should lock yourself in bathroom and yell busy every time people knock

  15. Surely the Grand Sport is a wonderful Corvette, but, to say that it's "the Vette to get"…, I say, "not necessarily". As compared to the "regular Stingray, the Grand Sport is NOT faster in the straight quarter mile, and if the Stingray has the right options, z-51 package, magnetic suspension and big brakes, you have an extremely capable Corvette for a lot less money. IF you're a 'track guy', sure, go for the z-07 package on your Grand sport and go kick the pants off your Grand Sport at the track. I'll settle nicely for an absolutely gorgeous, very well optioned, super nice Vette, driving sanely on regular roads, and still have a Vette capable of putting a smile on anyone's face…. with many thousands of $$$ still in my pocket! How do I know this? Simple, I bought a 'left-over' 2016 in late March 2017 with 24 miles on the clock (only 3 potential customers even bothered to test drive it). MSRP = $74,000, loaded except for the LT-3 (it's a Z-51, LT-2 with magnetic ride and big brakes red calipers, black mag wheels, 8-speed auto…, and get this I got it for $62,000, with ZERO-PERCENT INTEREST FOR 72 MONTHS!!! So, I want to thank all those folks who walked past this Vette in 2016 at the dealership, who were contemplating the release of the new 'Grand Sport', and in the process creating this opportunity for a great deal on a very very well performance optioned, 'regular' Stingray, which will not ever see a race-track, never be abused, and I used GM"s money to buy it for not one red penny in interest, AND not one single cash dollar down payment (I traded a near 6-year old Camaro SS, and got a fair deal on that as well). Want a nice Vette?? Wait to see what's left over from 2017 next March 2018…, and wait too for the ZERO PERCENT FINANCE OFFER.

  16. I'm 35 seconds in and he's already wrong. The Grand sport has five more horsepower than the base stingray

  17. One minor note you can change the steering feel and exhaust manually but you half to be familiar with the car to know that.

  18. ZR1Terror says:

    Hey Ben Rudolf, when did you quit Microsoft?

  19. I think the biggest problem this "guy" is having is that he's a pussy.

  20. I am a Shelby Mustang owner and this is the first Corvette I would consider buying and yes I am aware its less HP than the Z06. Only thing I don't like is the rear taillights in fact if they used the 68-71 taillights it might be the perfect sports car

  21. domari nolo says:

    What German cars are you talking about? Ones with two or three times the price tag?

  22. photo doode says:

    Enjoyable review, and the car is a beast.

  23. this is the best handling vette

  24. Tod Olusola says:

    This or the stingray, this or the stingray

  25. Looks like track mode is for people in above-average physical condition. Nice touch IMO. Most of today's cars are designed just for lazy people.

  26. Rush Love says:

    Beautiful animal… sat in one today–Waaaaaay too tight! 6'3 220lbs BTW

  27. xenfreder says:

    Awesome car. Btw you can put it in track mode and set the steering to Sport. Best of both worlds!

  28. actually the older vettes were just as good for their time

  29. Carfection great review

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