Crazy Cart Review: Turn Your Office Into a Race Track – XCAR

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The Crazy Cart tell you pretty much all you need to know about itself in the name. We took one out in our office to find out what it’s like to hoon round your office after dark.

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37 thoughts on “Crazy Cart Review: Turn Your Office Into a Race Track – XCAR

  1. gixeff 750 says:

    12 hours of charge for 20 mins driving?

  2. It's 40 minutes

  3. Eric H says:

    It's $350 US??? Hahahaha. I don't bloody think so.

  4. This device is useful in deciding which dumbass to fire first, in case that necessity emerges, so yeah, thumbs up from me…

  5. Iain says:

    Can you swap out batteries though?

  6. Seems to me a good way to kill time … I meant overtime

  7. papasy228 says:

    anyone know the name of the song in the beginning?

  8. fuck i woulda had one of these when i was a kid if i could of. looks fun

  9. chris c says:

    like it

  10. TheCamPayne says:

    Now I REALLY want one! Looks like a blast!

  11. Whipper snipper engine mods I am waiting for you!

  12. Nabil says:

    I want this so bad

  13. JohnnyNr5 says:

    Fun idea, but 12 hours of charging for a lausy 20 minutes of riding kills it for me, completely.

  14. Montiman0 says:

    We've heard more about these than real cars recently. I understand the need to fund your channel and all but perhaps explore other market segments not for 7 year olds?

  15. JoshuaPlays says:

    Oh my god you reviewed it lol. Anyways it was actually really good! Great video as usual.

  16. No ERS?

  17. Cybergig00 says:

    i can't wait for the RS model`!!!

  18. These are so much fun.  Best mod is to buy a couple of extra batteries, and wire them in line to double the run time, well worth it.  You are usually sore after riding for 20-40 minutes.

  19. kyle says:

    20 minutes of use off a 12 hour charge ? That's complete shit

  20. Voluted says:

    12 hours for 20 minutes though….

  21. Just D8vid2 says:

    Mario Kart. In teal life!

  22. If I had one I'd put a decal of the UK's Dennis the Menace on it, then break promptly several important bones on the first ride.

  23. Brandon Gale says:

    My dad recently bought two of the XL versions in the states. TONS of fun! As for people complaining about the ride time. The XL version lasts about 30 minutes after a full charge but your arms will get tired and your butt will get sore before that 30 minutes is up. We've still yet to run the batteries all the way down.

  24. Jet IceBane says:

    always glad to hear about someone shitting on another person's ideas which later become successful

  25. where can we buy one

  26. Shen Lua says:

    12 hours of charging time and 20 minutes of ride :(

  27. If he reviewed cars with this level of enthusiasm, doing skids and stuff, this would be one of the top car-review channels

  28. Chris S. says:

    This looks like amazing fun! I was just kind of bummed about only 20 minutes of usage for 12 hour charge :( Hopefully they have longer batteries in the future!!

  29. Haider A says:

    Damn I need one!!

  30. Carfection says:

    Check out our review on the Razor Crazy Carts!
    #Razor   #CrazyCarts   #Cars  

  31. reyrob says:

    Haven't you shown us this already twice in the past?

  32. Beef Broth says:

    Your best review yet.

  33. Menel D says:

    I really need one of theese machines! It is just crazy!

  34. Don Clout says:

    Does he not exceed the weight limit? Cos I'm guessing it was designed for 9 year olds

  35. I need one of these in my life. I think they are amazingly fun machines.

  36. MrOzryel says:

    Finally the review I was waiting for! Who wants a gt3 when you can drive this all day, every day?

  37. furiousgtz says:

    I need this in my office.

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