Defender Challenge: Racing In a Way No Other Car Can – XCAR

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The inaugural year of the Defender Challenge saw some of these off-road beasts really show the world what they are capable of. We caught up with the organisers and some of the competitors to see what it’s all about.

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23 thoughts on “Defender Challenge: Racing In a Way No Other Car Can – XCAR

  1. Looks like a defender Oh but it isn't Oh no bowler got their hands on these

  2. water Lee says:

    dream car

  3. Best truck ever!

  4. HeavyDan says:


  5. Rafael Gomes says:

    Amazing video!

  6. That Guy 007 says:

    Great review, great coverage, great topic, great cinematography, simply a great channel. This channel should have many many more followers. Looking forward to whatever you guys come out with next.

  7. JoshuaPlays says:

    The Defender is a tank!

  8. It's sad the Defender's not long for this world

  9. Anyone knows what car the sound of the intro comes from? Thanks!

  10. gb291 says:

    "Low cost" sport for farmers

  11. What engine do they use?

  12. CMGDF says:

    Xcar, that was what I was talking about when I commented in the X6 video. Defenders are not the most comfortable cars but are ( if no the best) one of the very few reliable true off road cars

  13. Chris Barr says:

    I would put a Jeep against a Defender any day in any off road situation!

  14. looks really cheap …

  15. Nothing Gets In The Way Of A Land Rover

  16. CCFerrariF1 says:

    Anyone else think that one guy looks like Gerard Butler ?

  17. Looks so much fun! Would drive in a heartbeat

  18. Lada Niva is a better offroader, imho

  19. Carfection says:

    It's here! Check out our piece on the #landroverdefender  challenge!

  20. G Man says:

    A rare wild British Wolverine (aka Henry Catchpole) spotting!! 

  21. 2nd. Love your channel keep up the good videos

  22. keanehgz says:

    Henry Catchpole spotted! Hope to see his version of this event as well!

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