Diesel engine. Preparing for maiden starting

Remove the coat of rust preventer from the engine.

Make sure the engine is well secured to the bedframe and properly coupled to the driven machine.

Make sure all the auxiliaries are mounted on the engine in a secure way.

Disconnect the load.

Fill the fuel tank with fuel of the grade specified for the given ambient temperature. Open the fuel shut-off cock and hand-prime the fuel system so as to enable trapped air to escape through the bleed screws provided in the filter and fuel pump.

Fill the sump with oil, pouring same through the breather, so that the oil level is at the top mark on the oil level gauge.

Fill the governor with oil so that its level is at the top mark on the glass of the level gauge; fill the pump with oil so that its level is at the check hole.

Fill the bath of the inertia-type oil filter so that its level is at the check hole.

Fill the cooling system with soft water containing potassium bichromate so that the expansion tank or radiator is filled to 75—80% of its capacity. Warm up the water and oil to not over 80° С preparatory to the filling if the ambient temperature is under 8°C. Use heater 3 on the engines of the stationary modification.

Cooling and warming-up system

Fig. Cooling and warming-up system, 5П2, 8П2, 10П2, П12, П21, П22 and 5П4 diesel engines:1 – exhaust manifold; 2 — valve; 3 — heater; 4 — heater pump; 5 — thermometer; 6 — thermostat; 7 — radiator; 8 — pump; 9 — engine; 10 — cooling of engine; 11 — warming up engine

Prime the outside water pump on the 5Д4, 8Д4 and 6ч engines and open the cocks in the suction and delivery lines.

Hand-crank the engine and make sure it rotates Freely.

Check the valves for correct clearance, measuring same between the valve stem and rocker arm, and make sure the action of the fuel pump rack and governor leverage is not sluggish.

Lubricate the rocker arm bearings and the valve clearance adjusting screws with lube oil; lubricate the tips of valve stems with fuel oil.

Check the storage battery for correct charging.

Make sure no foreign articles (waste, tools) are present on, or in close proximity to, the engine and the driven machine.