Driving a Subaru WRX STi

It’s nice, but honestly it wasn’t as fast as I thought it would be. Don’t believe the hype. It’s a nice car, but it’s not a rocket.


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36 thoughts on “Driving a Subaru WRX STi

  1. "yeah it makes a bang in the back, not sure what it is… Dont worry about it"
    If i was viewing a car and the owner said that i wouldnt be buying that car..

  2. Joseph Brown says:

    bet its the shifter bushings for the slop on the shifter and ​maybe the endlinks in the back?

  3. I don’t like this guy…

  4. You're so boring..

  5. Nick Cooper says:

    I used to have a 04 sti and that thing was probably faster than anything I’ve ever driven and I’ve driven v8 camaro‘s and cts-v’s nothing compares to the feeling of accelerating in a sti

  6. Та дай ей пизды,че ты сунешься….

  7. javier sepu says:

    manejas como marika

  8. Shit example of an sti.Not the best driver either.lol.Defo shouldnt be idling at under 500 rpm.Something up there.The boy needs to get the car dyno tuned n checked over.He seems to know very little about his own car.

  9. How much for that sti

  10. 'You should hear a banging noise" oh hell nah hold up pop the trunk

  11. Subaru Impreza 2.5 WRX STi horsepower of 500 RPM

  12. I like Subaru Impreza WRX STi

  13. Subaru is a Japanese

  14. Subaru Impreza WRX STi is driving


  16. "Banging noise from the rear suspension, idk what it is, but nothing to worry about" How the fuck does that work if you have no idea wtf it is….

  17. Gelo Reyes says:

    You must be lucky enough for personally meeting Zach Galifianakis and driving his STi.

  18. What a mess of a owner.
    “I just want it to work” can’t even think to do basic maintenance idling at 500

  19. JonnyTheKin6 says:

    This subie shoudnt belong to this fagget at guy

  20. Mateusz B says:

    One of the worst reviews I have ever watched. I don think "whip my dick out" belongs anywhere in a car review video. I love how you pulled the seatbelt 100 times after figuring out that it squeaks because we love to hear a good 10 seconds of seatbelt squeaking. Great job on putting in a clip of you guys noticing a irrelevant warning light, you specifically edited that in… why? Why on earth were you comparing things between a Coronet and a Subaru sti in a sti review video??? 9:48 you completely interrupted the guy with your "a wham wham".

  21. Cerrystyle says:

    That sloppy shifter ahah

  22. That clunky noise in the back is (possibly) a blown out strut. I'm not 100% sure, but that is what it sounded like.

  23. Andrew Paige says:

    This guys clearly knows shit about his car ! You could easily sell this guy a GX with STI badgin g

  24. ThaYewTuber says:


  25. I listen to this driving my 2006 WRX and the harmony of both exhausts destroyed my ears.

  26. What a shitty ragged out STi…

  27. Marc Kenyon says:

    What a complete pile of shit, and the owner doesn't have a clue! Ridiculous lol

  28. Dansvidz says:

    Its hard to listen to these two potatoes that know nothing about what they're driving

  29. datsatoilet says:

    That is a really bad example of one, and the geat shift isnt supposed to be that sloppy i have a 1998 wrx with the 05 gearbox and its almost miata like

  30. rico sumal says:

    his voice is turning me on lmao

  31. Leo says:

    Sad to see old sti's go. Spoiled young kids buy them and tear them up. It's very rare to find one in pristine shape

  32. obviously I'm not the only one who thinks you can't drive lol…

  33. if your shifter is that sloppy it's time for new bushings and linkage… the sti shifter is supposed to be tighter then the wrx gearbox… the wrx the owner was talking about must had upgraded shift bushings and linkage

  34. probably the gears

  35. I had to tune my equalizer due to the Subaru sounding so fucking deep

  36. Ford Focus says:

    why wouldn't you get a hatch sti

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