Ferrari LaFerrari Aperta: Open Top Hypercar – Carfection

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Ferrari’s Paris Motor Show star is a limited run open top version of its latest hypercar, the LaFerrari. It promises 200mph thrills, if you can get hold of one…

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23 thoughts on “Ferrari LaFerrari Aperta: Open Top Hypercar – Carfection

  1. Andrew Smith says:

    Gordon Ramsey is the first to have his delivered and in white

  2. Ocee Bee says:

    Lol look at the pubes at 1:25

  3. I get a feeling Ferrari is unveiling something big next year. I have a feeling it might be a throwback.

  4. Bryan says:

    "200" customer cars. Just like the "500" coupes

  5. Kalin Kostov says:

    I desperately need a website where I can trade my soul for one of these.

  6. TrailRecon says:

    It's looks so amazing in that silver color with the red stripes!

  7. Hoffalo says:

    2 million Euro…..optional roof. What a joke.

  8. Honfy Lam says:

    removable carbon fiber roof? well the 918 spyder has always had that.

  9. dear alex…. please iron your shirt next time….. think of your shirt as the carbon fiber on that car…. clean and crisp

  10. Liberty W says:

    The best of this thing is has no turbo and sound incredible.

  11. Executive says:

    Glad it didn't lose the cool doors being that it's a spider.

  12. Absolutely stunning car!

  13. scootosan says:

    A Fabric top…haha and real nice detail job at 1:29….

  14. Luis Salgado says:

    I rather take a 918 tbh way cheaper with the same or better performance

  15. Turd Muffin says:

    Ruined the car with the cheesy red striping.

  16. The laferrari is a high-performance car. What's the point of making a convertible? That will make it slower.

  17. green ferrari what a pervert did that

  18. White FLY says:

    Most people don't know this but Mister. ED is the horse on the Ferrari emblem. I miss that horse.

  19. strings on 1:25……

  20. Martin Allen says:

    So it's just another trim spec special like a S-Line or GLX?

  21. Sandouras says:

    paint your car in a different, one-off colour and sell it for double the price because "it's a special livery". The supercar market ladies and gentlemen. And it's not like rich people wrap their cars every other week, changing their colours, right?

  22. MrGrandure says:

    just 80 mph?

  23. Do you know what would be cool if Ferrari and other car companies went back and remade all their old cars but modernising the mechanics. Cars like the LE50 and the Eagle Roadster are examples of this. Those cars to me look nicer on the eye then all these futuristic looking cars.

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