Ferrari Portofino: 590 BHP Entry-Level Drop Top

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The new entry-level Ferrari packs almost more power than the McLaren F1 did. What a wonderful world we live in.
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28 thoughts on “Ferrari Portofino: 590 BHP Entry-Level Drop Top

  1. K onliner says:

    Headlights remind me a bit of the first gen Porsche Cayenne.

  2. Never liked the California but this is a fucking beauty

  3. sugarsaint says:

    This car is somehow the most Ferrari of Ferrari's current line up. It some how looks modern and classic at the same time, if i were buying new model Ferrari tomorrow it would be this, not the 488 or superfast etc.

  4. Kevin Ho says:

    finally a good looking 'california'

  5. Diana Shaula says:

  6. The title is miss leading I didn't see anything regarding Detomaso

  7. asimo sss says:

    Is this guy Wolverines little brother?

  8. Hugh Mongus says:

    What, no more California T?! It's such a beautiful car. What a shame. This Portofino is nice, but it its just aesthetics pale in comparison with the classiness of the California.

  9. A AQ says:

    Forget everything i only want this one ever green

  10. Alexx Sounds says:

    forget the Ferarri stand … he needs to find the shirt ironing stand

  11. Col Sum says:

    600hp? Ferrari aint playin around. This looks so much better than the California. Looks good with the roof up too

  12. Light Yagami says:

    It has "600hp" which probably means it has like 550 after taking out ferrari's inflation

  13. shaft9000 says:

    Many improvements from the Cali, although I'd prefer a grille that doesn't grin like an MX-5

  14. YOH!!!!!

  15. Very nice

  16. I thought that was Guy Martin at first

  17. Dead Monk says:

    Beautiful creation,, as always.

  18. Aditya Gupta says:

    Catchpole & Bov, the auto-journalism sluts!

  19. GatesofKarma says:

    Where's Alex??

  20. David Chiu says:

    Wow this thing is gorgeous now!!! If I had the money id choose this over a R8 V10plus TurboS, SL63 AMG or any of these 'entry level' supercars although their prices arent that 'entry level':P

  21. g7sky says:

    I am sure you are some how related to the X Wolverine

  22. I really thought this was drivtribe when I saw Henry…

  23. adj789 says:

    kinda looks like the FF

  24. Paul Jones says:

    Wolverine doing car reviews now.. guess x-men doesn't pay that well

  25. Ben Cook says:

    Best looking Ferrari of the range – not over designed.

  26. tatoo99999 says:

    headlights looks so cheap Japanese car..almost Mazda style

  27. SPcamert says:

    Did Ferrari hire Henrik Fisker?

  28. J.Chan says:

    It looks like a baby F12. It's gorgeous, I love it!

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