Geneva Motor Show 2018: EVERYTHING You Need To Know With Henry Catchpole – Carfection

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Henry Catchpole walks us through the must see cars from Lamborghini, Toyota, Rimac and more.

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20 thoughts on “Geneva Motor Show 2018: EVERYTHING You Need To Know With Henry Catchpole – Carfection

  1. blooskys1 says:

    Was patrick watts there talking about the allard badget on a bentley ?

  2. solo Xyooj says:

    so disappointed should of just build the ft-1

  3. Nice video, loved Henry’s relaxed commentaries.

  4. John T says:

    M8 is perfect. rear end is awesome.

  5. biocybernaut says:

    Rimac: 1914 PH not BHP

  6. alfamonk says:

    kickstarter campaign to buy Henry an iron?

  7. Masimar says:

    Hi there! Big fan of the channel, thank's for all the great videos
    Just to want to point out that's Henry has been spotted in another video of a french channel called "p.o.a", while visting the stande of the new range rover sv coupe.
    Here's the link, take a look

    Ps: he is all over the video ;D

  8. Who gives a fuck about poo-goe or seet.

  9. Rover Waters says:

    McLaren same boring shape over and over again, they overthrown Porsche in this aspect

  10. this car will age so much better than the current 6 series. The E63 6 series was beautiful and will look great even 60 years from now.
    At 1:37 this one looks like the E63 6 series when u look at the fender and the front area

  11. Great reviews!

  12. Senshi Bat says:

    sesso auto italiano

  13. david stock says:

    Enjoy your videos Mr C, shirt is fine, but Please don't say "productionise" again.

  14. mjv1967 says:

    Toyoto will say there is a lo tof GT2000 in that design. But you are spot on with the Zagato styling cues.

  15. R33C3 says:

    I do hope that Toyota release the FT1 supra rather than that crap

  16. The Wolf completely stumped at 3:25 lmaooo

  17. Milkman69ner says:

    I was at the show. None of the French manufactures had anything good. They are god awful at making cars and should just give up.

  18. RVINDVNCE says:

    Mansory is fine. They do what they want and don't give a damn. I respect that.

    What's really ugly is decades of Audi A6 and Rolls Royce trying to be "sporty". And is that Cupra really "separate"… Yeah right.
    Volvo coupe sucks ass too. Stupid name, lame design. This is 2018, not 1998.

  19. Jaguar ipace

  20. Why would u want a 150y old combustion engine. The combustion engine is dead under powered and useless in our modern world

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