How To Build A Drift Track: Welcome To Driftland – XCAR

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If you’re sick of driving hundreds of miles to find a decent spot to go drifting then maybe it’s time to build your own. Welcome to Driftland.

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27 thoughts on “How To Build A Drift Track: Welcome To Driftland – XCAR

  1. How much is this?

  2. Death2508 says:

    2:27 FC3S RX7

  3. just subbed awesome stuff

  4. If you like drifting, check out our exclusive video with the drivers from Formula Drift as they visit Long Beach, California:

  5. I _I says:

    I want to drift!!!

  6. need to go there anybody done an experience ? how did you find it ? id probably bring my mate chuck him in a drift taxi is this possible ?

  7. M3 = european silvia

  8. darek4488 says:

    This is how to doesn't answer the title question. I still don't know how to build a drift track.

  9. FWDoraDora13 says:

    I love the Turbo ls swapped e30 with the most ghetto intake setup i've ever seen on such a badass swap lol.

  10. Haiti2017 says:

    Check out the "View Counts" of your videos. That would tell you everything that you need to know

  11. Haiti2017 says:

    The last review of the Defender, was nothing but a long ad for a specific coach builder, it seems.

    Let us know how we can all contribute to the team. Keep up the good work guys, I know production costs is high, but choosing what to cover, highlight and review requires no cost

  12. Haiti2017 says:

    Please guys, bring back the REVIEWS OF NEW CARS. Not ideas on pet projects

  13. Mr Ol Skül says:

    That white hachi roku tho.

  14. SnakeyUk08 says:

    Gotta love bmw and Volvo estate cars drifting :) ,good luck fellas hope you get more local support

  15. Per Eldh says:

    Why would you drift? It's slow. It's silly.

  16. The four door BMW…sick build!

  17. Awesome! But what did they say?

  18. DJ says:

    If I were rich, I'd buy a bunch of land and have a big paved area in my back yard and a few beat up cars with rear drive to thrash on every day with my friends
    And a dirt path around the property for some rally too, of course.
    Fuck having a fancy garden with grass and flowers, I want a race track!

  19. dweften is slow: nofing entestin hir

  20. fun track but those tyre sets are costly

  21. biro24 says:

    So this is where e30s go to die

  22. Plumperkins says:


  23. man i miss my e36 compact

  24. Damn, is there anything a BMW cant do?

  25. Urvrannon says:

    Oh, come on you guys. English is not my native language (russian is) and i understood everything they've said.

  26. Thomas Borg says:

    Is that a "5-Series Drift-Ute" at 0:46?
    That's one madddd drift car!

  27. Thanks for the great insight into driftland. Definitely a bucket list spot for sure. But I feel the title is deceiving. "How to make a drift track", I was expecting them to go into how they designed the layout of the different runs, and how much material it took to make the track. Also, what types of insurance does the complex need to allow a bunch of amateurs in to shred. Maybe I am being rediculious, but I want to build my own drift track and do what they are doing.

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