Lexus LF-1 Limitless Concept: The SUV Of The Future? – Carfection

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Lexus shows its vision for the SUV of the future with a plethora of powertrain possibilities.

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38 thoughts on “Lexus LF-1 Limitless Concept: The SUV Of The Future? – Carfection

  1. Junior Rana says:

    they did a spoiler gap on ferrari fxxk , surely it worked for them mr. Catchpole

  2. Samson Okoro says:

    A very poorly done overview, if you know anything about Lexus you would know they can turn concept cars into reality and there's nothing wrong with that grill and the rear spoiler with the glass in the middle seeming like it isn't complete according to him. That's the problem i have with European journalists and Europeans in general, once it isn't a German car they look for crap to say to put it down. This SUV has plenty of innovation in design exterior and interior plus tech. It is a great looking SUV and it won't shock me if some Europeans start copying in future and then the same Europeans droll over it like it's the best thing ever.

  3. Dan F says:

    What's with all these over the top Japanese car designs lately? Between the weird Lexus grille and the Honda Civic Type R, you have to wonder what kind of taste these Japanese car companies have. It's 10x worse than the Bangle-era BMWs, for sure.

  4. The front grill is ugly af.

  5. DocWolph says:

    The Lexus Front end works on SOME vehicles, the RC and LC particularly. but then they were well designed to carry that grill. The LF-1 follows this with the a vehicle that is well designed to wear that grill. So, while not my flavor, I am not averse to the Lexus LF-1.

  6. robin pratt says:

    Bold, brash and beautiful – build it!

  7. slanahesh says:

    So this will likely be the basis and style direction for the next RX? Sounds good to me.

  8. Jay h says:

    Front looks like the elephant man

  9. Emilioh888 says:

    very nice concept

  10. Yung Padawan says:

    They should build it, especially since I know they'll tone it down, and that's just what it needs. It's a great branding exercise because it's unmistakably Lexus, it's just that some of the areas are over styled to me, and I feel that if they brought it to market they'd smooth out some of the more, lets call them brave, styling decisions…and that would make this into one great looking car, cuv, suv thingy.

  11. Name says:

    For me, Lexus is making the ugliest car going at the moment. That grill idea is awful.

  12. Ed Hyde says:

    What's wrong with the sound!

  13. Kadir Çelik says:

    0:48 thats just weird

  14. LexusReyes says:

    Lexus is sex.

  15. G Man says:

    Fucking hideous…like everything Lexus shits out for soccer moms.

  16. Knowing Lexus, I wouldn't be surprised if they stick some side mirrors in this and sell it. Thank god someone's doing what BMW isn't.

  17. William A-D says:

    The voice on this video was sped up I did not hear what the presenter said

  18. Jatin Patil says:


  19. Andres Rojas says:

    It looks the same….

  20. Sharjeel A. says:

    Problem is… The production model will never look like that

    Also the front "lights" which go all the way back looks a bit weird

  21. Tai Jay says:

    The Lexus look is growing on me. It is a beautiful example of Takumi Craftmanship. Japanese styling is very unique and spaceage, like something from an Isaac Asimov novel.

  22. DEVILGAARA8 says:

    That’s so ugly.

  23. ukbondraider says:

    Sort out those side burns….

  24. im seeing some mixed feelings on this, Lexus? WTF is going on?!

  25. Taregames 95 says:

    It's ugly

  26. StinkyTofu says:

    A diesel, gas, battery, and hydrogen all under one roof!

  27. StinkyTofu says:

    I think if you work a sorcerer hat it would suit you well.

  28. darek4488 says:

    It's been a long time since the change, but Carfection is still a stupid name.

  29. von Coconut says:

    Well, of course they won't build it. The design is just an afternoon wank by one of the 'rainbow' designers at Lexus. Should they remake the movie, 'Judge Dread' this could be his patrol car.

  30. StinkyTofu says:

    More like limitless hair.

  31. I like the look of the front, the whole car looks fantastic to me.

  32. Afiqreza says:

    Why is his voice speed up

  33. Oh that interior was god damn sexy

  34. Eyasluna says:

    meanwhile in the German brands, still making boring copies of each other (e.g., AMG CLS "53")

  35. robotnyk says:

    from the side it looks amazing, the shape is there, but the front is a tad too much

  36. 8166UY says:

    My biggest complaint is the badge itself. Why so blue, flat and large? Sure they can do better than that. For me, it really ruins the image of being a posh luxury brand.

  37. Hugh Clarke says:

    I’m sorry but it looks like it’s constipated.

  38. bigfutus says:

    Oh boy, Lexus and their stupid grills.

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