Magnus Walker: Turbo Fever – XCAR

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Magnus Walker, the Urban Outlaw, talks to XCAR about his passion for vintage Porsche 911 Turbos.

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Click here to see Magnus talk about his ’66 Irish Green 911:

44 thoughts on “Magnus Walker: Turbo Fever – XCAR

  1. Jonas Raab says:

    But what is the dog's name?

  2. Neon Luong says:

    damn it, all I need is one

  3. Josh Collins says:

    that black one omg

  4. A good drinking game…take a shot every time he says "turbo"

  5. Was anybody else trying to wipe Magnus' mole of their screen at first?

  6. that dude makes me want a Porsche so bad.

  7. BEERUS SAMA says:

    He should get a slant nose

  8. Steve D Wong says:

    I Love Your Passion for Porsche Mag, U Da Man. Cheers. I'm from Burnaby, British Columbia; Canada.

  9. Steve D Wong says:

    The stereo unit is upgraded…..

  10. I drove an 930 turbo Targa but with the bigger intercooled Engine and it was insane… when the boost kicks in…all Hell breaks loose. Was one Hell of a Experience.

  11. superamerica says:

    Really great. Want the first turbo too.

  12. maravilhosos!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Im nearly 99% certain the Ice Green Turbo was the same one at Autohause in Lancaster. It was a a very clean car.

  14. annagrace says:

    He sounds exactly like Christian Bale.

  15. This guy is FUCKING weird.

  16. LiveByBurton says:

    Yup the '76 Minerva Blue is my favorite but that '77 Ice Green Metallic is close behind

  17. Ifzal Akhtar says:


  18. Magnus Walker is living the dream! I'm so impressed and amazed at what he (and his wife) has accomplished in terms of his business success and the commitment he possesses to collecting these Porsches and restoring and racing them. He is undoubtedly and unmistakably the most intense Porsche 911 fan I've ever run seen. Magnus, if by any chance you read this; keep up the phenomenal work and please continue following your dream! You are truly an inspiration to your fellow Porschephiles the world over. Your love and dedication to these cars is nothing short of visionary. We love you buddy, keep making us proud!

  19. richard0807 says:

    Something about Magnus Walker's voice that makes me feel sleepy. I like the dog, btw. Is that pure Rottweiler or is it a mix? I had a Rottweiler before – gorgeous dogs, so affectionate. Oh, and the Porsches are AWESOME! Thx for the upload.

  20. I love his passion for Porsche. Hella cool dude.

  21. I wish I could afford his cars =(

  22. Fonz Arkel says:

    That black one

  23. Víctor says:

    i like the video but a little bit more driving and sound would be great

  24. Can someone tell me what's the song that starts playing near the end at 13:40? Thanks!

  25. 5:00 wrx sti

  26. james dean and paul walker both actors died in porsches not a safe car what soo ever there nothing but death traps

  27. They all look the same height? I think the springs would have sunk about at least one inch over the years.. especially at the rear where the weight is.

  28. bigger fans of you

  29. Garth Hope says:

    Well done, Magnus. That's an excellent film about your collection – and indeed about the Porsche brand.
    I currently have a C4S and am expecting to change to a 911 Turbo or Turbo S next year. Every Porsche owner I've ever spoken to agrees that nothing drives like a Porsche – and all also agree, that they'd never have any other make of car.
    What more can you say?
    Many thanks again, Magnus – enjoyed it.

  30. cedric smith says:

    I wanna be this guy but with fiesta st's ….. Anybody think he's bald under those hats

  31. Maltfusion says:

    Not  quite….

  32. S says:

    The 08 boxster is hands down the best Porsche in history keep your 911s

  33. This guy looks so deceiving…. No way would I had thought by looking at him he was a Porsche enthusiast.

  34. I want a Carrera 964, not a turbo. How good are the Carrera 964's? Are they fun to drive? Somewhat powerful? I want to buy one but i'm not sure if i should go for the classic 964, or the quicker, newer car, the 996.

  35. DavidEJ9 says:

    How did you guys get such a clean rolling shot through out the film?

  36. Jason Teddy says:

    you have the money to do and Jay Leno… 
    Ok..imagine with me… Your car .. think about the top end of the cylinder…  On your piston.. Place a Magnet on the top of the piston, then put a. electro magnet on the top of the head side… open the head and leave the rocker assembly open… the whole system is already designed for it.. no combustion… just add magnets and go… how about that?

  37. Great video

  38. soooo much talking… yeah most of it was interesting, but i want to hear these cars

  39. mcneil83 says:

    Can someone tell me what Boots Magnus wears !? I think no Redwings. ? Thank You

  40. Edison73100 says:

    Very very cool

  41. JC B says:

    Id love to visit and hang out at the garage.

  42. SlyRobot says:

    priorities… -_-

  43. Very cool guy ,enjoyed listening to him on Joe Rogan. Very clean cars

  44. so this guy made all his money as a fashion designer??

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