NEW 2018 Audi RS4 Avant: Must Have For Your Dream Garage – Carfection

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Have you ever played the 3 car garage game? If you have then the Audi RS4 must be that third car, right?

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29 thoughts on “NEW 2018 Audi RS4 Avant: Must Have For Your Dream Garage – Carfection

  1. unknown says:

    Uncage the baldy man with the relaxing voice!!!!!

  2. I'd have the new RS6 and just like on the RS4, I'd tinker a bit with the ECU to get slightly more power… 1700 kg? Why not 700 bhp! :)

  3. FedeRSX says:

    I think the review is nice, very high quality and enjoyable, like a film. However, I was expecting some criticism towards the car reviewed, not only the good things but also the bad things and how it performs against the competition in terms of speed, quality, price, etc.

    Also, about the car, this may be an unpopular opinion but I think every version after the 2008 RS4 B7 Avant looks worse than the last one. Front is too sharp, with pointy and exaggerated edges to make it look modern, and the design of the rear, wide with long rear lights makes it look bigger, fat, heavy and slow, instead of a quick and agile sports car.
    And a last thing, the V6 may be light and help the front of the car turn better, but the bad thing about, is that it's a V6.

    PS: Don't like the sound either, and the crackles are like farts. :/

  4. Herwig V says:

    Congrats Henry you are the best – great review and awesomely filmed

  5. This was amazing. The style and the angles – perfect. Not just a review, but art. Please do more of this!

  6. @Carfection reincarnated.

  7. est1976 says:

    Thanks again Audi of N.America for abandoning a potential growth market. What a shame you can't provide such options like BMW, MB, etc.

  8. What a review!

  9. Except Audi North America probably won't bring it here to the states. I've been dying for an Audi Avant for a decade…

  10. Pashtette says:

    I use A4 B9 Allroad (peogrammed by Revo to 330 hp) for all the same reasons Henry mentioned in this video for RS4 ;) Sadly, can’t afford new RS4/RS6 or even S4.

  11. Kyle Burns says:

    Frickin America….. This is definitely my most ideal car on the market right now, and I can't even go to look at one in person!

  12. crossphaded says:

    Excellent perspective, Catchpole! I think most car enthusiasts watch videos to see the skiddies, which makes the AMGs and M's much more appealing, but when it comes down to it, 9 out of 10 buyers of cars in this segment aren't gonna be drifting around every corner and laying down burnouts at the local cars & coffee meet. That drive 8/10ths max and occasionally stretch the car's legs up to the triple digits. Audi RS cars look the part and play the part superbly!

  13. There is nothing better than your videos, next level stuff.

  14. One of the best car reviews I've seen in a long time! Gorgeous!

  15. Three car garage: P100D, 275GTB/4, Mark2 3.8. Still, Audi RSs at any level are, well, very nice indeed!

  16. B.M says:

    This channel never disappoints,for me the rs4 seems pointless nothing special over it's competitors if i want a fast practical audi the s4 is perfectly fine and cheaper

  17. E-B-M-M R-L says:

    This car and this review are amazing wow

  18. BlackWind says:

    Not even 20 seconds in and the quality of the video and editing has made me fall in love! Its insane!!! Great work guys!

  19. John Woest says:

    Sounds like a bmw

  20. I enjoyed a movie right now.

  21. I thought Carfection was dead without Alex but sir, you proved me wrong! Great review, lovely cinematography.

  22. This chap looks like Dalhousie

  23. 100% agreed

  24. Kyle Marley says:

    Why is the only comparison made with the merc wagons? Would you prefer this over a Panamera turbo?

  25. Mr Hakz says:

    He does it again. Possibly my favourite presenter at the moment. Very well put together

  26. Floris says:

    I know the comment section of your videos is always full of this but just want to say the production quality of these videos is off the charts, especially by Youtube standards but by any standards really, and it makes for such pleasant watching. So much so that I sometimes have to watch them twice because the first time I forget to listen properly to what is being said because I'm enjoying the amazing shots which feels almost criminal because the storytelling is just as good.
    Very very quickly becoming my favourite car channel, thanks guys!

  27. Doofy says:


  28. trustgtr33 says:

    all these journo, everything seems all perfect and great. try live with one of these you will need a spare car while its in the shop

  29. WOW stunnig video, just wished it was longer

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