Nissan Juke-R Shakedown first drive- evo exclusive

evo’s Richard Meaden is first to get behind the wheel of the amazing Nissan Juke-R, which uses the same running gear as the mighty GT-R

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21 thoughts on “Nissan Juke-R Shakedown first drive- evo exclusive

  1. likeferrari says:

    they should make a Leaf-R

  2. Alexandre says:

    the JOKE… r

  3. mazinais31 says:

    well it looks like a tiny batmobile :D

  4. Paul Jerrel says:

    whats the price?

  5. I bet only a few will buy this car…yuck

  6. xaviertc07 says:

    Nissan Puke

  7. Nissan GTR ftw… Juke is a baby in comparison

  8. Performance wise it is.
    Throw a ridicilously powerful engine in a ugly underappreciated car, and give it a good chassis.

  9. except not at all.

  10. oh god.

  11. If that's a Joke-R then I'm Batman.

  12. It's like the Renault Espace F1 all over again. AWESOME!

  13. Nissan Joke

  14. T Martina says:


  15. T Martina says:

    egy álom!!!!:)♥

  16. Nidhoggir says:

    This would be a badass rallycross supercar. ;)

  17. teohard says:

    de lo raro q es, es bonito
    porfin un coche fuera de las lineas normales de cualquier deportivo

  18. O A says:

    lmao, i guess ur right!

  19. Mdesmyttere says:

    totally agree but I'm glad it's fast, that way you don't have to look at it for a long time when you see one comming.

  20. O A says:

    this is one of the most horrifically, disgusting, ugliest, cars i have ever seen, i don't care if its fast, cause id rather drive a ferrari or a porsche, then this hump of shit.

  21. bosh8888 says:

    its ugly.

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