Porsche 911 Carrera T: GT3 On A Budget? – Carfection

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In the Porsche 911 Carrera T Henry Catchpole revels in the delights of no distractions and asks whether this new stripped-out 911 is a GT3 Touring for the masses.

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24 thoughts on “Porsche 911 Carrera T: GT3 On A Budget? – Carfection

  1. theoneanton says:

    Looks like a waste of time and money

  2. HustleHabit says:

    I like this guy. Seems earnest in his presentation.

  3. 9enius says:

    So why would you get this over an S???

  4. I couln't agree more about the fact to bring out an even more lowpriced "911" Here's my idea. In the '60 they made the 912. a cheaper version of the 911 with a 4 cylinder engine. WIth the new engines for the cayman, Porsche is in the perfect position to repeat this. Put in a 300hp 2.0 4 cylinder in a 911 shell and these will fly out the door. just my 2 cents…

  5. Very focused…. more like undistracted

  6. viasevenvai says:

    I hope in the future the true "off grid" car is one that you park, let the solar roof charge the battery, and you go.

  7. Luke W says:

    Fools paying more to have less. If you want weight reduction take a dump before you go for a drive.

  8. clubracer6 says:

    Great production as always, thank you! I don't get the value of this model. I'll take the suspension, shifter, limited slip but keep the rear seats and radio. Seems Porsche has over complicated things once again in hopes of selling more units via this marketing stunt.

  9. e99783 says:

    Henry, your journalism has really improved. Much more mature, excellent.

  10. Will Oliver says:


  11. Audi_ophile says:

    Henry is the most underrated journalist in all of automotive journalism. I've followed him from EVO to Drivetribe and now here and he never disappoints.

  12. As eluded by others the last part of the video probably echos most 911 enthusiasts thoughts perfectly. I certainly agree 100% Pretty please Porsche.

  13. bong cow says:

    This car is for people with more money than common sense. Or for Porsche speculator who flip these for profits

    Funny it probably has a black box with GPS in the car computer but no radio

  14. DOS says:

    BRING BACK THE 912 !

  15. Kilian engel says:

    It is also the only Carrera Model with the option of speccing the full bucket seats

  16. YVAN PEDRON says:

    no cayman still 911

  17. YVAN PEDRON says:

    no better … rien de mieux

  18. Teddy Walsh says:

    offense ally grain crawl pack commit tension collector enemy buyer sector play.

  19. Just put an aerokit like for the GT3 RS in option porsche please

  20. Sakis Vak says:

    So, you can call it a cheap 911R,can you?

  21. SLLC // says:

    I like how we consider a brand new Porsche “buying on a budget”

  22. Pedro says:

    The only thing I don't like about 911 is that they all look like the 911 than average Tom has in his garage.

  23. doesnt really seem worth having its own name. not really much of a change

  24. idiotic topic. can not compare a turbo against a naturally asp.. and other things

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