Porsche 911 GT3 RS: Andreas Preuninger Tells Us EVERYTHING – Carfection

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The devil is in the detail with the 991.2 GT3 RS. Henry Catchpole finds out all the small nuances of the car at the Geneva Motorshow from Andreas Preuninger, the man who knows the car best.

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46 thoughts on “Porsche 911 GT3 RS: Andreas Preuninger Tells Us EVERYTHING – Carfection

  1. Nick Fox says:

    I saw a 2018. 718 Cayman S today in that same colour, it looked stunning up close.

  2. Great interview with all the technical info we like to know

  3. Dr Davin Lim says:

    Damm, got to trade the knife in for a scal-pel…….both great guys in the car industry and love Henry's writing style as well as dialogue. Brilliant journalist.

  4. Belts14 says:

    Fantastic info!

  5. That was absolutely brilliant

  6. maheep12 says:

    So much talking and yet he doesn't show how the interior works?

  7. such a passionate man i could listen to him for hours

  8. What a company spokesman! Beast!

  9. Moe One says:

    Wow wow wow. Thats all i Can say. What a super informational interview. All details you dont get anywhere Else or can google up. Keep the good work up!

  10. Galvatron says:

    Brilliant! Thank you.

  11. why didn't you ask him about the revised GT4?!

  12. I love how for Porsche designing the streaks on the side of the intake opening was super aesthetically scandalous bc it “wasn’t functionable” lmaoo i love these guys

  13. Cycgnr says:

    GT3s of how ever many there have been now, just have too much black plastic. The orginal didnt, was all body coloured and looked nicer.

  14. The look Henry gave to the annoying photographer @10:45 was hilarious. The dude leaning right on top of Andreas to get a picture wasn’t cool.

  15. Eddie Panedi says:

    Hey Andreas, hire me, I'm an engineer and my team (OSU) won several national and international Formula SAE/Student world championships. Also, I love Porsche so much I even made my own commercial for you guys:

    NEW 2018 PORSCHE 911 GT2 RS TV Commercial | 'Performance Speaks For Itself'

  16. Eddie Panedi says:

    I love Andreas, but "NACA ducts, that's what we call them?"

    Excuse me, but what? I hope he is aware that NACA ducts were invented almost 100 years ago in the US by the agency that preceded/became NASA. It sounds like he's trying to pawn it off as a Porsche invention. BTW, the real reason they are on the car is not because they 'get fresher air', but rather, they are a type of duct designed specifically to reduce drag on high speed aircraft. In fact, they weren't even used on automobiles until the late '50's.

  17. Abdul Kahar says:

    Could listen to Preuninger all day #boss

  18. Nice Omega Speedmaster (if my guess is right). Car isn't bad too.

  19. RaceX Amador says:

    Excellent interview, great explanation from Andreas!

  20. Don Smith says:


  21. The interviewer sucks, i dont think he has ever driven a GT3RS, We are witnessing one of the greatest minds of the 21st century-Andreas Preuninger!!! He puts magic in the 911

  22. RaceX Amador says:

    In the close up you did with the camera, you got the real color? Isn't it?

  23. Katatonic4U says:

    Porsche one of the few that sells you less for more

  24. Richard John says:

    Thank you, Great chatting to Andreas , to understand the attention to detail that goes into the GT3

  25. Another Porsche you can't go to a dealer and buy..

  26. This guy is the best presenting Auto Executive in the business

  27. Hi Henry, can you do a comparison video of the GT2RS vs GT3 RS

  28. The want is high. The wife's opposition is too hard to overcome though.

  29. jealva says:

    Andreas is brilliant. I was thinking about keeping my 991.1 GT3 RS and skipping the 991.2 but now I want both. Time to start doing more work around the house to build up the good will bank with the wife.

  30. john kidd says:

    An Excellent presentation for Mr. Preuninger for the new GT3RS. Every detail that was relevant to the car, was explained and I cant wait for the Weissach package to arrive.Many thanks for a great vid.

  31. Kamak Mama says:

    Porsche , Ferrari and mclaren are the best

  32. scarfy1988 says:


  33. Yet another GT car you can’t buy!!!

  34. Henry really shed some light on this channel.

  35. gmax876 says:

    10:44 That Look…

  36. Henry, he's way ahead of you in this interview. You don't even need to ask questions.

  37. What a great person to talk to
    And engineer

  38. Vok Star says:

    Here's how to do an "interview" shut up and let the dude speak.

  39. BLT says:

    The best thing about this car is the NA engine. With turbo it could easily go 700 hp, but who cares.

  40. Rage Fire says:

    My dream car, I wish I could afford. . . Or even just drive :(

  41. Zombie Head says:

    Last non turbocharged engine from Porsche (most likely)…..

  42. Oh wouldn't you love one of those. .

  43. Saves weight on the door handles. Keeps the electric mirrors.

  44. mugdays says:

    "This [Gorilla Glass] is new for the automotive industry"

    NOPE, the Ford GT has Gorilla Glass, too.

  45. Petter says:

    Thanks, great interview

  46. Ketch 509 says:

    Take my money already

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