Porsche drivers old and new: Why Le Mans is important – XCAR

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We’ve covered Porsche’s Le Mans history pretty comprehensively, the German manufacturer has a huge history there. We went to Le Mans 2014 and spoke to the team’s drivers to find out why its return is so important.

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10 thoughts on “Porsche drivers old and new: Why Le Mans is important – XCAR

  1. Gumnball says:

    Sad they did not make it. Hope they will be ready for 2015. This gonna be a tight fight against Audi.

  2. Geelar says:

    Felt really sad for Toyota, I wanted them to win. But Porsche was also sad, I mean they didn't even have any car have a completion =(

  3. kfyork says:

    Superb video.

  4. Dan Scoggins says:

    @givemeajackson Just wanted to say that if you're going to bag on other people's writing skills, you might want to get your own correct first! It's proper grammar to capitalize the first letter of a new sentence or paragraph.

    Until you get that right, you're writing is incomprehensible.

    I hope for your sake that you're a better guitar player than you are a critic. I highly doubt it though.

    No doubt the crap you TRY to play is incomprehensible!!

  5. Dethmeister says:

    Jacky Ickx and Derek Bell are the Man.. er the Men!

  6. gabb05 says:

    @4:21 the Porsche wing with the word "FAG" on it hahahaha…luckily for Porsche no self-righteous assholes rome these racing lands to "feel outraged"…kinda funny though

  7. ki flex says:

    its very good to see Porsche back @ la'mans  but to be honest Porsche ..technically  didn't   leave  the track  wait here me out for a minute…all of the engineers  mechanics  team members in long distance racing  @ AUDI owe their  beginnings to Porsche.  Behind the scenery for years Audi  benefited  from Porsche  not taking anything from Audi  they have done well  and congrats on their 13th win..    

  8. SeagoingJet says:

    I really wanted to see a Gulf version of the 919. :(

  9. This is just not sport, sport to me would be, folk in their hatchbacks racing at Le Mans with a few grand spent under the bonnet and at the wheels. Not this elitists crap where only a few select people ever have the chance and only by a handful of elitists manufacturers. It's just not sport, it's protectionist nonsense….. Just saying, rallying when you have amateurs is far better than watching pros alone, I'm just not interested in what a massive corporation can do, I'm far more interested in what you can do with a spanner and some pocket change. 

  10. twistey 1799 says:

    I want this accent

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