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  • Build in Motion Sensor: Auto Power on without any delay at the moment the car door is opened . It is also capable of Auto Connection and Auto Standby to save engery.
  • Impressive Audio Quality: The caller can hear clearly what the answerer says due to echo and background noise reduction feature. While not using for handsfree calls, you can use it to play music or GPS and enjoy awesome speaker quality.
  • Safe Driving with Convenience: Keep your eyes on the road while taking calls, advanced multi-use for connection to 2 bluetooth mobile phones simultaneously.
  • Bluetooth V4.1+EDR: The latest wireless technology to connect your all bluetooth smartphone device in 3 seconds, outstanding connection range of up to 33 feet.
  • Easy to Use : Simply clip the speakers to the sun visor, find our device on smartphone bluetooth list and connect to it , then it runs. We offer a first class car charger for gifts.
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7 reviews for Bluetooth Speakerphone

  1. Verified Buyer ☑️

    I love this product, but when talking with my son on it, he constantly complains that it is hard to understand, few other’s have this complaint. One thing to mention though, is that I listen to books when I drive and this device works great for that purpose, listening to music would not be really great with it though, it does not have a high quality speaker – it does what I need it to do.

  2. Verified Buyer ☑️

    I bought a used car recently that didn’t have all of the bells and whistles we expect in cars today. Don’t get me wrong, I love bells and whistles, but I didn’t need it in this car. Being able to speak on the phone, however, is important to me if I’m commuting. I bought this device based upon a youtube video, put it on my visor, synced with my iPhone 8 blue tooth, and voila! It works perfectly. I can even have a conversation at freeway speeds in this tiny, loud car. This economical product serves my needs perfectly.

  3. Verified Buyer ☑️

    This is a pretty good little device – no complaints. For the price, you can’t beat it. I had one I bought from costco a few years back and it was horrible, so I was skeptical at first but this unit works like a champ. You can easily hear the people you’re talking to and I have never had anyone say they couldn’t understand me. It holds a charge for a really long time, which is key. Would definitely buy again.

  4. Verified Buyer ☑️

    I ordered this speaker for my friend who does Uber and needs to use the cell phone hands free. I programmed it to her cell phone and it was super easy and it worked right away. The sound quality from the speaker is excellent and the sound quality from the microphone on the speaker to the cell phone is also excellent. This is a product that really works at a reasonable price. Buy it!

  5. Verified Buyer ☑️

    It’s loud and easy to hear call quality is great and the people on the phone can hear you well. Not sure how long the battery lasts so I turn it off to make sure it isn’t dead when I need it. Overall, it gets the job done (hands-free talk) but getting connected isn’t totally easy to do if you’re driving so don’t forget to connect before you take off.

  6. Verified Buyer ☑️

    This unit is exactly what I need for my older car to be hands free without hastle. Folks can hear me and I can hear them. It’s nice for playing music or podcasts that the rest of the crew doesn’t want to listen to. Stays out and long range. Only downer is it doesn’t always do an auto turn off when you close the door so sometimes It’s still linked to the car when I’m in the house. Just forget it us the auto feature and turn it off and on like anything else and you’re good to go.

  7. Verified Buyer ☑️

    I have an older truck and now my Bluetooth turns on automatically when I enter the truck. Let’s me know I am connected and ready to use. Also sounds very clear and easy to communicate while driving. Will be buying another for my other vehicle.

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