HD PRO Dash Cam with GPS

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  • PREMIUM DASH CAM w/ 2560×1080 / 2306x1296P SUPER HD – The highest resolution currently available on any dash camera. Everything is recorded in crisp, 2304x1296P resolution allowing you to see the most detail.
  • WDR (WIDE DYNAMIC RANGE) / HDR Technology – WDR technology allows for the best night video. WDR is able to show a fully balanced exposure, with the ability to compensate light and dark spots of the frame in one shot.
  • 3x MOUNTS FOR MULTIPLE VEHICLE – 2 Sticky Mounts + 1 Suction Cup ★ PLUG & PLAY – Once a microSD card is inserted, all you need to do is plug the camera in to the cigarette lighter outlet and it will start recording automatically.
  • GPS Enabled – Follow your video alongside a Google Maps screen showing you exactly where you were! ★ EXTRA WIDE ANGLE LENS – The dash camera is equipped with a 170 degree extra wide angle lens that allows you to capture absolutely everything that you see in front of your vehicle.
  • CONTINUOUS LOOP RECORDING – The HD PRO will start recording automatically and will fill up the microSD card until full. Then it will automatically delete the oldest file and replace it with the new. Allowing for fully automatic and continuous playback!
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5 reviews for HD PRO Dash Cam with GPS

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Verified Buyer ☑️

    EDIT: This review posted after I have used over 1 full week. Can’t wait for another sale so I can grab a second one for my other car.

    First off, I’ve tried at least 4 different sub $50 cams from Amazon and they all were cheaply made and offered sub par quality. The following review sounds like corporate shill material but believe me it ain’t. I live in MA, we are known as MASSholes for a reason, and a dash cam is a MUST if you want to feel comfortable driving here.

    It’s actually wide angle!! All the other cams I’ve had stated they were wide, but they were measly 120°-140° narrow angles. This camera actually has 170° wide angle and it’s awesome. It states it records 2K video, which I’m not sure what resolution that is to be honest. I’ve tried all and it records as wide as 2560×1080 and as tall as 2304×1296. It also does the usual 1920×1080 but the only true 60fps option it has is 1280×720 unfortunately…the rest of the resolutions are only 30fps. Unlike other cheap dash cams I’ve tried here on Amazon, this camera actually does have H.264 encoding so it’s not some MJPEG garbage like the others. The camera is very great at all light conditions too, during ultra bright sunny days it can adjust exposure so it’s the video isn’t washed out and also in low light conditions it’ll adjust the exposure so that mostly everything is captured.

    The GPS unit is a must have. Not only will it record and embed your current speed onto the video itself. It also geotags your location in real-time. This means, when you load up their software onto your computer, right along with your video it will show your whole trip mapped out, second by second. Although they show Google MAPS in their ad photos, I don’t see the option to switch to Google in the software. Right now, I can only switch to Open Street Maps, Yahoo, Mapquest, and various other maps…no Google. BUT the GPS unit will record your current bearing, speed, and altitude so you can view that right from their app.

    It’s great, other dash cams I’ve tried were choppy at best and could not equalize proper sounds. This camera picks up everything from low to high, I’ve had music off mumbling to myself and I’ve also had times the music was up loud as all hell and the camera still did not become choppy.

    There’s also an option where the camera will beep if it detects you are drifting out of your lane, which is a nice feature. It has helped me a few times when I’m in the middle of my commute and I look down at my phone for a second. It also will beep if it senses that your headlights aren’t on, which is nice because since my TL has the automatic headlights, I sometimes forget if I’ve flicked the switch or not. The last two options I have yet to try are G sensor and motion sensor. The G sensor, I believe, if it senses a large shock to your vehicle, as in if you got hit, it will save the current recording automatically and make sure that file doesn’t get over written by the loop recording feature. The motion sensor, I believe, will start recording when the car is off when it sees any motion cross its viewing space. Though I believe the G sensor will foul things up if you live in pothole infested areas and the motion sensor you may need to hardwire it to your battery to function properly.

    The plastic is what you would expect, light but don’t mistake that for low build. It’s firm in your hands and doesn’t flex and pretty durable…I dropped it twice trying to mount to window.

    What I received was very nice! My camera came in a nice quality box with the branding all over it. That’s a good sign since many of these chinese knock off cams will come in a plain cardboard box…not a good sign. The box included the camera, GPS unit, suction cup window mount, two double sided tape window mounts, ENGLISH owners manual, 16GB Kingston class 10 microSD card WITH an SD card adapter and USB adapter too, 12V socket plug with 12FT of length…nice, and also a USB to microUSB for hooking it up to PC, ALSO the camera has an HDMI port on the side as well for hooking up to TV…not sure if it’s mini or micro though but that cable is not included.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Verified Buyer ☑️

    Just purchased my 2nd one. Bought originally in March 17, was involved in an accident that totaled my car in June. In this case it was pretty obvious who was at fault but the other driver was caught in a lie. Said the sun was in his eyes and he was reaching for sunglasses. The camera showed that his face was in a shadow (sun higher in the sky) and he already has his glasses on. Posted on Facebook and I know of at least 10 other people have already purchased the same one (4 I helped install). I am very techy so people tend to trust my research. I chose this one for the clarity, ease of use and GPS included.

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    Verified Buyer ☑️

    I have been using this Dashcam for a few months now and i am really happy with performance. I drive trucks for a living and it has been working for me. User interface is very easy to use and setup is easy also. Software for viewing recorded data is awesome, very informative and many features. Purchased 3 more to put in my other cars.

    Also Have contacted customer support and response was very quickly and prompt. they answered all my questions and concerns

  4. Rated 5 out of 5

    Verified Buyer ☑️

    Great camera very easy to use. Fast set up and I love that it will hold such a big memory chip. Works well in my truck even with all the banging of pulling an unbaffled tanker.

  5. Rated 5 out of 5

    Verified Buyer ☑️

    Works great and was easy to setup in the menus. I like the mapping feature and the fact that the date, time, and MPH are stamped into the videos. The other feature that moved me to purchase this dash cam was that the GPS module plugs directly into the camera. I had another dash cam that had a GPS module on a five foot lead. The resolution on this device is awesome. You can read license plate numbers and street signs clearly. I’m extremely happy with this camera.

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