Kinivo BTC450 Bluetooth Hands-Free Car Kit for Cars with Aux Input Jack (3.5 mm)

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  • Hands-Free car kit designed for answering and receiving calls with any Bluetooth smartphone – iPhone, Android, Blackberry etc
  • Seamlessly stream music from any Bluetooth (A2DP) capable device; supports aptX for CD quality audio
  • Built-in microphone and easy to use music controls
  • Provides audio through your 3.5mm input in Car Stereo when playing music and answering phone calls
  • Requires 3.5mm audio input in the car stereo
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9 reviews for Kinivo BTC450 Bluetooth Hands-Free Car Kit for Cars with Aux Input Jack (3.5 mm)

  1. Verified Buyer ☑️

    I do have some criticism of the BTC450, but I also love it.

    I bought the product to use in my car with an iPhone 5. My car already has Bluetooth, but it only supports HFP and not A2DP for music. I use the BTC450 for audio streaming and for a siri button on my dashboard. Although the BTC450 HFP works better than my car’s stock bluetooth, I would rather use my car’s bluetooth because it displays the caller’s name on the navigation screen.

    I did extensive research on similar products, and for the price this is the best product I found. Belkin, Gogroove, Scosche, and Griffin all make bluetooth products but they all have their shortcomings. The only product I found that seems better than the BTC450 is Parrot’s Mki9000 series lineup. Parrot’s lineup seems to outperform the Kinivo, but at a starting price of $150.


    1. The BTC450 auto connects. This is huge…especially if you are traveling from place to place. Having to remember to press a button to auto connect every time would be extremely annoying. The only other product that did this was the Griffin Bluetrip, but it lacks accessible buttons.

    2. Music sounds amazing. After reading reviews of bluetooth technology and the not so good audio quality this product puts all those worries to rest. I cannot tell the difference between audio quality from a wired connection or bluetooth. The only difference that comes into play is the bass. For some reason the BTC450 overcompensates for the bass which makes it louder. Not a problem because you can always turn it down.

    3. Phone quality is superb and outperforms my expectations. Although I rarely use it, but when I do use it I am placing a call with siri. The quality of the call outperforms my car’s stock bluetooth.

    4. It works great with siri. I read reviews of bluetooth devices not being able to communicate with siri because of microphone quality. Not a problem. The BTC450 handles siri with ease.

    5. The design is elegant and simple to use. It looks great in your car. The mounting strip is very strong. I remounted the same strip more than five times. The buttons are easily accessible and seem to be able to hold the test of time. The length of the cord and the car charger were designed meticulously.

    6. The last and a deal maker for me is being able to use my car’s bluetooth and the BTC450 simultaneously. Initially, I was having problems using both at the same time. Siri wouldn’t work, music would skip, and sometimes it wouldn’t play. However, I think it had to do with trying to use two devices with the BTC450 at the same time. Unfortunately, you can only use one device at a time and it only auto connects to the last paired device. Fortunately, over the last two days my iphone, the BTC450, and my car’s bluetooth have been all working flawlessly together. I can switch between devices while still being connected to both. If music is streaming I can receive or place a call with my car’s bluetooth, and when the call is done music will resume playing. I can place a call with siri and transfer it to my car’s bluetooth with no problem while music is playing. Once the call is done, music resumes playing.


    1. The BTC450 only connects to one device. I read a review in which you could connect two devices simultaneously using different profiles, but after consulting with Kinivo support and trying haplessly myself I could not get it to work. The only other product I found that can do this is Parrot’s Mki9100 and 9200 devices. Bummer!

    2. As stated before, I was having problems using my car’s bluetooth and the BTC450 with my iPhone 5 at the same time. Even after I removed the second device from the equation, for a couple of days it was not working, but over the last two days it has been working great. I am glad it is working because I would have returned the product.

    In concluding my review, the BTC450 exceeds expectations and I highly recommend buying this product.

  2. Verified Buyer ☑️

    I am very pleased with this purchase. Originally I was going to purchase the Belkin model, but the price of it was increased. I decided to purchase this one since it was cheaper and just hope for the best. I am pleased to say that I have been using this for a week now with out any issues. Audio quality is great. The device has a forward and backward track buttons on the top and comes with 2 adhesive pads to mount it to your dash (1 is an extra). The center of the device acts as a large play/stop/call button. Press the center button once to play or stop music, or to answer a call. Press it twice to call the last person you talked to. Pairing the device with my android phones was really easy (just hold the center button down for a couple of seconds). The device is charged through your cigarette lighter, but has a usb input in the back of the charger so you can still charge your phone with a micro usb to usb cable (assuming Droid phone). The microphone on the device seems to work great (I have had no complaints from people regarding the quality of the call on their side). The only minor problem with this device is that only one device can be paired with it at a time.

    This device coupled with a Bluetooth Autoconnect app, means I can literally just sit in my car and begin to play music from my Phone without taking it out. This has significantly reduced the cable clutter that used to be required for me to connect my phone. If you have an aux jack in your car and are looking for bluetooth adapter I would definitely suggest this one.

    – Forward/Backward track buttons on top
    – Easy set up
    – Very litter effort to connect to the device each time
    – Good Microphone phone
    – Excellent Quality and no skipping
    – Cheaper than alternative
    – Ability to charge your phone and the device at same time
    – Relatively small and non-intrusive to add to dash

    – Can only pair one device at a time

  3. Verified Buyer ☑️

    I have a newer vehicle with Bluetooth support for audio streaming and handsfree phone operation, and I absolutely love it. In my older vehicle, I have an aux input, and just found it to be a pain to deal with the cable hookup so that I could stream music from my phone. This device was real easy to hookup using my existing aux input, and once you have bluetooth in the car to stream music/audio, you’ll never go back to an aux cable. I also like the handsfree phone operation, super handy for taking a call when you phone is in your pocket or not easily in reach. I’ve had no trouble connecting several iPhones to it for audio streaming, and I’ve used the handsfree audio only once, but it works well. Only thing you have to think about is how to setup the device so that the wires, and voice receiver/play/connect disk (about the size of a half dollar coin) are placed in a good spot in your car. Give this some thought, since you have find a spot for receiver/play/connect device, power connection to your 12V cig lighter, and your aux input. Basically, 3 connection points that may not be near each other, so if you don’t like wires hanging around you dash, you may want to route them behind a sub-panel on your dash. Like I’ve done. See my attached photo for an ideas on how the install might work in your car.

  4. Verified Buyer ☑️

    I read the reviews about buzzing and worried that I’d have to buy an additional noise cancelling. I went for it because now we have stricter laws in Cali about cell phone use and driving. I was pleasently surprised with the quality of the sound. I’m not sure how this vary from car to car, but I don’t hear any static or hissing while using the device. Even while listening to podcasts or audio books. The setup is great and my phone connects right away when I turn on my car. Holding the button reliable activates Siri. I’m more than happy with how this worked out. It came with 2 double sided round stickers. I used one to stick the device on my dash and the other to help hide the cables (I bundled them up, tied them together, then stuck them on). I’m driving a nissan altima 2010 and using an iphone 7.

  5. Verified Buyer ☑️

    Recently upgraded from an iPhone 6 to an iPhone 8 and needed a new solution to play audio through my car’s speakers and charge at the same time since I no longer have two dedicated phone ports. The Bluetooth audio quality is great, I don’t notice any difference in quality from plugging directly in to the auxillary input. The USB passthrough on the plug is a great touch to conveniently charge. Auto-connecting is great, the receiver boots up when I start my car and my phone is connected after a few seconds.

    Had mixed results connecting to multiple Bluetooth devices. During the first week of using it it had a tendency to hiccup for fractions of a second, sometimes frequently, which I thought was a defect with the model, but I noticed my phone was simultaneously connecting to both this receiver and the built-in HFP Bluetooth in my car. Removing the car Bluetooth from my phone stopped the hiccuping, and since this unit also supports Bluetooth calling I didn’t need my car’s built-in Bluetooth anymore.

    My only (minor) qualm with it is the LED light blinking can be a bit annoying, especially at night, I ended up coloring over it with a black Sharpie.

  6. Verified Buyer ☑️

    My specific application was for a Subaru Outback 2011. I have a Harmon Kardon premium stereo system without Navigation (no touch screen). I have the ability to make phone calls through Bluetooth, but not stream music/audio. To get music out of my phone, I connect through the 3.5mm headphone jack aux cable.

    This gives me the ability to have Bluetooth to stream music from my phone, which is an Android running Nougat. To do this, follow these steps:

    1. Before turning on car, plug unit in the center console (3.5mm cable in aux jack, power into cigarette lighter socket). Note, the socket plug has a USB port on the outside, so you can plug a cable in and still get use out of that port…I have a thunderbolt cable for my wife’s iPhone that sits passenger 99% of the time).

    Run the main button somewhere (I put it right above my car seat heating switch, next to the shift). Hide the wire under the center console (just push it up there, it hides easily).

    2. Assuming you already have your phone connected to your car’s bluetooth for making calls (Bluetooth device name: “CAR M_MEDIA”), when turning on your car go to your phone’s Blueooth settings. The Kinivo BTC450 automatically goes into pairing mode when you turn your car on, so look for “BTC450” and pair with it.

    3. After pairing and connecting, your car will not be connected with your phone since the Kinivo has taken over the Phone Audio & Media Audio. To make your Kinivo only a Media Audio device (use your car for making calls, like usual), then go to the Blueooth settings for the Kinivo. This will appear on the “Paired Devices” section of your phone’s Bluetooth settings. Click on the cog on the right, uncheck the “Phone audio” and “Contact sharing” boxes, leaving only the “Media audio” box checked.

    4. You can now connect to your car from your phone’s Bluetooth settings screen, connect with the following Available Device: “CAR M_MEDIA”.

    5. Next time you turn your car off and on, you will automatically connect to both Bluetooth devices (CAR M_MEDIA and BTC450) and if you are streaming music through your Kinivo and receive a call, it’ll automatically switch to CAR M_MEDIA like before, and you can keep using your steering wheel buttons to control the call.

    OTHER STUFF: I have my phone mounted in a CD slot holder and always have the Waze app running. Benefit of the button that comes with the Kinivo is that with where I have it mounted (by the bottom of the shifter), I can just tap forward/back/pause to control my phone’s music app rather than having to swipe down and then click forward/back on the app. I’m in CA now and new laws regarding touching your phone while driving went into effect, this helps me avoid the temptation.

    THE BOTTOM LINE: I like it, but it’s only been three days. I had one hiccup when I kept my car on while running in the house, so the Kinivo disconnected and when I got back in the car I just had to tap the button and it reconnected. No biggie. Best thing about this is for only $35, I plugged a hole in my car’s bluetooth streaming ability. The cost of replacing the head unit for a 2012, which does have streaming would’ve been $350+labor, so around $500 after taxes. What a savings.

    I also used to have a weird feedback issue when charging my phone and listening through the headphone jack connected into my car’s aux port. I added a Ground Loop Noise Isolator for 3.5mm for less than $10 and it solved that issue. I kept that in place and connected to my Kinivo, with no issue, but I should test removing it to see if I even need it anymore.

  7. Verified Buyer ☑️

    Was looking for good price on a good way to go hands-free and to get streaming music into my older vehicle.

    This product was plug-and play!

    Sound quality is great for both music and phone calls. Can access Siri through center button. Can even control music via forward and back buttons on the device. This thing has eliminated 90% of reasons I might have had to fuss with my phone while driving, which is a win all the way around.

    Only one beef–and it cost the rating a star: The device will not look for and sync up with my phone except on power-up. So, if I leave it plugged into the power port, and the power port doesn’t power down, then I have to manually reconnect through the phone, or I have to pull out and then plug back in the power port plug to cycle power on the device. If I had a power port that was tied to ignition power (instead of battery), then this would be a non-issue.

    All that being said, I’d buy this thing again in a heart beat! Now all it has to do is live up to longevity expectations.

  8. Verified Buyer ☑️

    Powers up and pairs automatically when you start your car. All you have to do is follow the instructions to do the initial pairing to your phone, then leave new device plugged into the cigarette lighter. From that point on you never have to mess with it again. Just what I was looking for. I listen to podcasts while driving. I don’t do much calling, so I can’t speak to how well it works for phone calls.

    -It sends a little beep (not overbearing) sound through the stereo when it pairs.
    -It does take about 5 seconds to pair from the moment you turn the key. Very minor thing.
    -I haven’t had any connection issues. Sound is fine just like wired.
    -Turns off when you turn off engine, no internal battery. This is actually preferable for my purposes.
    -Comes with two adhesive strips (one extra). I usually don’t trust these adhesives, but so far it seems very sturdy on my dash. You can always use super glue or some other stronger adhesive to enhance the adhesive’s adhesiveness.

    This little device has a male audio jack so if your stereo (like mine) doesn’t have an aux jack and you’re using one of those cassette adapters that also has a male jack, you will need one of these: B004C87WQ6. Use it to connect your cassette adapter’s male jack to your new bluetooth device’s male jack. Otherwise you’ll have two male jacks and no way to connect them.

  9. Verified Buyer ☑️

    First off I am very satisfied with this! I am a producer and audio engineer so having the highest possible sound quality in my car is very important to me so I was hesitant to buy this because every Bluetooth device I heard sounded awful. This had great ratings so I took a chance and I couldn’t be happier.

    Important note: you may need to get a device called a ground loop isolator. If you ever get any kind of buzz in your car (usually happens when your playing audio from your phone and charging it at the same time) then you’ll definitely need one of these. They aren’t expensive either.

    The device itself lives up to all the hype and there are plenty of reviews out there so I won’t go into too much detail other than that. Though I will say it does boost the low end bass a little bit which is actually kind of nice and it is not a lot. Most people probably won’t even notice but it’s just a subtle boost which in most situations will probably be a good thing. And if it isn’t a good thing you can always turn down the bass in your cars audio settings.

    The call quality was a little lacking in my car compared to just plugging my phone in to the aux and talking through that using the phones microphone. But that being said its not terrible. I did a test call and they could hear me just fine and it was no problem. It pretty much sounds like every other cars Bluetooth phone call.

    Overall excellent product and I highly recommend it to anyone!

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