Masentek M26 Bluetooth Headset V4.1 Cordless Handsfree

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  • WIRELESS AND UNIVERSAL – Latest Bluetooth 4.1 technology with up to 4.5 hours of continuous talking / music time, easy and fast pairing with smartphones and tablets, compatible with iPhone 6, 6s, 6 Plus, 5, 5c, 5s, 4s, iPod, iPod touch, LG G2, Samsung Galaxy S5 S4 S3 Note 3 and other Android cell phones.
  • SWEAT PROOF & RELIABLE – Whether you are at the gym or doing outdoor sports like running or biking, Masentek Earphones can withstand your most rigorous activities. Its sweat proof and splash proof features keep you move without compromising the functionality.
  • PAIR WITH ANY 2 DEVICES – Masentek Earphones can pair with 2 different Bluetooth devices simultaneously. It will double the options for answering calls & enjoying music from 2 different devices at the same time.
  • HANDS FREE SOLUTION – Keep your phone in your running belt or armband, and utilize the multi-functional controller to listen to music, answer phone calls and change tracks conveniently. Never worry that the long, tangled wires will get in your way when you are on the move.
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4 reviews for Masentek M26 Bluetooth Headset V4.1 Cordless Handsfree

  1. Verified Buyer ☑️

    This could be the best Bluetooth I have ever bought and I have bought a lot. As a matter of fact my wife took it from me.and.she hates Bluetooth really hates them. Normally I use the.over the ear flap thing but when it.came and I took it out.of the box it had the in your ear thing and man wow first times.r first times.for.a reason. It felt like nothing my ear and I expected it to fall off but it did not. Them wife and said whays this and put it in her ear and was like wow.this is great like it’s not there .
    Pairing was easy
    Hearing is clean and crisp
    And for the price you cannot beat it
    Stop.and buy it that’s all
    Now I have to buy another one for myself
    The cool tho g is I am not paid or received anything free for this
    I’m just a dude who like you has bought Bluetooth for 100,80,50 40 and down the lime
    Like u I loose them and tend to buy the inexpensive because I know it will be lost and dread the inexpensive but now I have found the one that fits my budget and if I loose it I won’t be.mortified.
    Its really a good deal and value.

  2. Verified Buyer ☑️

    I drive for Uber, and have to be able to hear GPS directions over rowdy passengers and loud music, and this earpiece does the job. The mic works great, the person on the other end can hear clearly. It fits perfectly in/over my ear with the 2 attachments. I’m not all the time grabbing it as it falls out of my ear. It stays in place, which is a huge deal for me. I have a small mountain of failed earpieces; either they fell out or I couldn’t hear clearly, or the mic had static or was garbled. It charges quickly on any micro/USB charger cord. Strongly recommended.

  3. Verified Buyer ☑️

    I am totally happy with my new bluetooth devise. Upon opening the box of my new Bluetooth headset I was shocked at the size. It is pretty small. After charging it, reading directions (yes, I still read directions), and trying it on for size, I began hearing music and realized that it picked up the iTunes on my iPhone. Cool! I was able to get Siri on my headpiece to make a phone call. Success! I was also able to speak with my daughter and hear her clearly while driving through Siskiyou summit. The only problem I had was trying to plug in the charger. It would not slip completely into the slot. However, it still charged.

  4. Verified Buyer ☑️

    Works well. Fits my ear nicely. Stays on my head easily. Clear and loud enough, but could be louder. I do not like the lights that flash every few seconds, it gets really annoying. And the biggest complaint is that it takes an age to turn on or off.
    For the price it is well worth it.

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