Professional OBDII Scan Tool for iPhone, iPad & Android

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7 reviews for Professional OBDII Scan Tool for iPhone, iPad & Android

  1. Verified Buyer ☑️

    In my opinion most of this devices poor reviews come from the time when you had to pay for the app to activate features. Other reviews simply come from individuals not understanding OBII or how it basically functions.

    This app imo is awesome 1st I am a used car dealer I need a fast OBII that is accurate and that can do a basic scan of all vehicle to make sure the car can pass emissions and to check for trouble codes or pending codes when a check engine is not on. This does it plus so much more.

    Another import aspect is I need something small to carry around auctions. It gets tiring even carrying a small OBDII that has a cord. This is perfect it can fit in my front pocket & for rainy days I just toss it in a waterproof wristlet.

    Today I scanned about 50 cars nissan maximas/ altimas/quests/ muranos/ toyota siennas and prius honda accords, civics, odysseys, BMW 3 series 335 and 325, Porsche Boxster, VW Passats, Jetta, bugs/ Audi A4/ acura RSX and TL. Basically it scanned every car I needed it to. Now on some cars the extra features did not work but that is expected most handheld scanners cannot do certain advanced features unless you have a scanner specifically for Euro cars. And this is where I see alot of complaints from this device come in here.

    This scanner can do alot of things, clear codes, read emissions readiness and it’s accurate it went against my 400 scanner and everything it read this thing registered. Except I noticed on this bad boy I can see when the last codes where erased on a vehicle so I can weed out those dealer cars that clear codes on their problem child cars as they enter the auction.

    Imo this device is a good value

    5 Months later and this little devise is my best friend. It goes to auctions 4 auctions a week and probably scans at least 50 cars per auction. Its never been glitchy or wrong. Its also amazing on a carlot scanning a vehicle in front of a potential customer brings car selling to a whole new level they can see the vehicles readiness monitors. SO I have a 2nd one now just for the sale lot. I absolutely love this item and the quickness of scanning a vehicle. I can scan vehicle almost on the auction block if need be for those cars that just appear that you never saw parked in the sale lot..

    Also for kicks i scanned a Maserati and it worked..Scans Mercedes c class to. I am pretty sure it will do a basic scan on any car with an OBDII port at this point

  2. Verified Buyer ☑️

    I downloaded the App from the iTunes Store (FREE) and installed it on my iPhone SE. The download and install went perfectly. The first test was on a 2013 Chevy Silverado pickup that had the Check Engine light on. I scanned the codes and the error was in the “Vapor Recovery System”. I was already familiar with this error but the trouble-shooting guide recommended checking the gas cap. We tightened the cap, reset the code and the Check Engine light was gone and has not returned for one month.

    I leave the module plugged into the OBD2 port on my 2011 Mercedes GL350 (Diesel) constantly since I purchased the BlueDriver in June, 2017. I tow a trailer with the SUV so it lets me monitor the engine as we travel. I am a Mechanical Engineer that studied Automotive Engineering at Oregon State U. (1972) (Beavers) so I was not intimidated by the 70+ parameters that were supported in the logging mode.

    I love the real-time logging feature so I can monitor Engine Oil Temp, Boost Pressure (absolute), Fuel Useage(GPH), Boost Air Temperature, and Atmospheric Pressure.

    I am towing the trailer again this week with the real-time logging running, when yesterday, on hwy 93 in Idaho, the middle of nowhere, the engine dies! We miraculously find a place to safely pull off the 2-lane (no shoulder) highway and my wife starts calling our subscription towing service, I look at the BlueDriver app now that we are stopped, and I can now see a warning that the fuel pressure is low. I can smell diesel also so I know there is a leak. I open the hood, remove the pretty cover (so I can see what’s going on), and I have my wife start the engine. I can see fuel gushing out, I yell STOP!! Thank goodness it’s diesel as it is hot today. I get an update from the towing company and they will be there in 10 hours. I start looking for a broken fuel hose/connector. I find that the connector is good but the wire clip has come off the female side. I look around the engine compartment and I locate it, I retrieve it, re-install it, and put the connector back together. My wife re-starts the car, no leak, so we put on the pretty cover, cleaned up with simple green and a paper towel, and head down the road. All thanks to the BlueDriver that was plugged in, logging, and told me where to look!

  3. Verified Buyer ☑️

    I should’ve written a review for this along time ago. This thing saved me money. And I mean a lot of money. I recently bought a used car and this helped me weed out like 10 lemons. Ended up buying a car that was in much better shape for a really good deal.

  4. Verified Buyer ☑️

    This is a really great product. It serves many purposes for me, a DIY car guy. I must admit, If you want this item as a live gauge and data logger, its not that great. Watch some youtube vids on it. You have to save the log before you disconnect or it will be lost. Also, it doesn’t read everything the computer can show you. If you were to compare this to say HPtuners live feed, you’d see a lot more on HPtuners software. As a live gauge, it is nice to have but it won’t display anything crazy. It’ll most just show you water temp, rpm, IAT, speed, etc… As a diagnostic tool, this thing is great! it can tell you so much information about your car from recalls it needs to how long the check engine light has been turned off last. I love this thing. Everyones car I get into, I hook it up to watch their data and see if the car is doing what it should. And to also inform them on any recalls they might need. This is definitely a step up from the classic 30 dollar code reader.

  5. Verified Buyer ☑️

    its not the best scan tool out there, but as far as bluetooth scan tools goes this is definitely the best Ive ever used. yes you can get more out of a professional grade OBD2 scan tool and pc software but you will also have to dish out a lot more money for that equipment. for any backward mechanic or DIY guy this little guy is all you need. some of my favorite features include data logging that allows me to save the reports i pull from someones car that way i can clear the codes, try to fix the problem, and see what pops up after the repair as opposed to before. i also am a huge fan of the suggested repair feature, its not always 100% accurate but it at least gives you an idea as to what you should be looking at, and i imagine this feature will get better as time goes on as its based on the most popular repairs that worked with the codes that pop up. the app is very user friendly, and i would recommend this to pretty much anyone other than audi and other VW group vehicle owners who don’t plan on needing a scan tool for anything but VW group cars. for the VW group cars id recommend OBDeleven, for everything else id recommend this

  6. Verified Buyer ☑️

    Purchased a few other cheaper versions of the OBDII wifi/bluetooth scanners. Quickly returned them to purchase this. You get what you pay for and no other scanner compares to this when it comes to ones that connect to your phone. This thing is great. Supports a long list of vehicles and the app is constantly being improved and updated to support more. Fast connection and great code reading ability. If you are a mechanic or even DIY and are looking for a high quality but portable scan tool that you can take with you to read codes or look at live data look no further. The live data is pretty good and responsive and almost instant with the app. There is a small lag but its nothing noticeable. Does not support all live displays on all cars but typically has the important ones.. But as stated they keep updating. I am very happy with this and hope they keep their updates coming.

  7. Verified Buyer ☑️

    2005 Silverado 2500HD Ext cab LB

    WOW, that’s really an understatement for how nice this BlueDriver is. I got this to mainly because it can read ABS and Airbag codes. The information it provides is extremely good. It will research the code for you and give you the best suggestions to repair the problem. The vehicle information is very informative and helpful. If you need a specific part that requires a special code or date, the vehicle information may be able to provide it for you. Not sure why but my friends $4000 GM Tech ll scan tool would not see any history codes in my truck computer. I knew there were codes in the history. The BlueDriver found those history codes during the scan. Awesome, keep up the good work Lemur and keep those updates coming! I highly recommend this from the average DIY mechanic all the way to the professional mechanic. The scans can be done right there with the customer and you can show them what the issues are.

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