Quick Drive: 2017 Acura NSX (w/ Alexander Rossi) – Daily Fix

Indy 500 winner, Formula 1 driver, and burger enthusiast Alexander Rossi dropped by the office a while back. Carlos Lago offered him a handful of car keys to choose from, including keys belonging to a 707-hp Charger Hellcat. Rossi decided to drive an Acura NSX instead. The two take a cruise around the office and reflect on the important things in life: Pedestrian daily drivers, hamburgers, and the state of the supercar.

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29 thoughts on “Quick Drive: 2017 Acura NSX (w/ Alexander Rossi) – Daily Fix

  1. Why did they have turn this into a hellcat promo?

  2. dahee park says:

    is this SF?

  3. gabrielwhite says:

    i though this is Ryan Raynolds

  4. Why is the BATMAN in the passenger seat?

  5. John Zielke says:

    Should take them to pershing off imperial to wake it up a little

  6. Tony Adas says:

    Get over ANYTHING Chrysler. They have not made anything worth owning since before the gas crisis of the 1970's. Every product they make is crap after a year.

  7. The 707hp Hellcat got smoked in a drag race by a Tesla Model X SUV on Top Gear. It's not an impressive car, not by any stretch of the imagination.

  8. OkiPuhno says:

    Haas should've paired him with Grosjean, I don't see the hype behind Hulkenberg his career highlight is winning Le Mans….

  9. DocGorilla says:

    this guy is a real dick, hes trying to start shit with alexander because he picked a honda. its a great car regardless of his affiliation.

  10. Car Guy says:

    honda should have bought the rights to used the jaguar xj220's engine in this nsx

    (3.5 v6 turbo, tuned to 680 hp in the xj220 s models and backed by rwd.)

    the weight would have dropped to maybe 3400 lbs, and the price would drop a lot from not needing that electric hybrid motor nonsense, but doing a 6 speed automatic rwd.

    and it would be closer to the design scheme of the original NSX (simple, rwd, light to mid weight)

    the xj220 was overlooked back in the 90's. but was the best example of what could be done with only a 3.x L v6

  11. A car expert and an auto sport racer talking about bacon. Who knew.

  12. I don't like eggs either…I also consciously limit my bacon intake to save my own heart…

  13. DA KING says:

    drift lever? really….

  14. You look like Ben Aflack lol

  15. 67claudius says:

    The surname "Rossi" must have something special.

  16. BallerG1000 says:

    Carlos and Jason in Ignition and Head 2 Head please!

  17. At least Carlos is back. A true automotive journalism great indeed.

  18. white humor

  19. Fast Er says:

    Why waste Carlos time on this dead end job? He might as well had stayed at the old dead end job he had. Let him test drive cars as he used to do and heal YouTube once again, because as it is YT is broken, damaged, not healthy. PLEASE let Carlos test drive cars again. There are millions, if not billions, waiting for him to come back FOR REAL.
    If you won't let him come back then I hope MT goes bankrupt and closes for good. You're all just trying to get back at him for leaving you. Pitiful.

  20. I thought you quit.

  21. bud morse says:

    I love to have a NSX or GTR.

  22. Seriously, a Honda Pilot?

  23. brocky says:

    The new "NSX" should be named something else. The more and more I get to know about this car the more disappointing it is. Hardly anything Japanese about this car and also that engine/exhaust sounds really terrible.

  24. Why do this video? If you're going to be this boring, might as well drive a Corolla.

  25. Thumbs up if you like Subaru BRZ sit and thumbs down if you don't like the Subaru BRZ sti

  26. KRACC Media says:

    That Lexus SC coupe tho

  27. ksmithca07 says:

    "New phone. Who dis?" perfect way to describe the Aventador's fall into super car oblivion. hahahaha

  28. Éric Michel says:

    I believe he's trying to have a Pulp Fiction moment

  29. i hope they make the nsx t for this , damn this would look hot

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