RCR rides with in L.A. with Corbin Goodwin

LA at night. Is is new. So strange.

39 thoughts on “RCR rides with in L.A. with Corbin Goodwin

  1. Alabama Shakes playing in the background! 0:56

  2. Andrew Smith says:

    People in Pennsylvania don't merge at the last minute? Drive I-79N into I-70W near Washington, PA outside of Pittsburgh. Bring your strongest middle finger and stink-eyes.

  3. KiriyaAoi says:

    Heh, I learned to drive in Upstate NY, and while upstate NY drivers in general are a bit more aggressive than you'd find in the midwest, making frequent trips to NYC and NJ ruined me. I'm now a fairly aggressive driver, though I tone it down when I'm not in those places. It's funny to think I also used to be terrified of the idea of driving in Manhattan, and now I'm completely comfortable with it. People who ride with me are amazed at the spaces you can squeeze a focus into.

  4. Justin W says:

    The Initial D reference killed me.

  5. yothere1209 says:

    i like you regular guy. you're cute.

  6. To the reference of initial D- even in the scenes when they are driving with one hand , the hand is still in the 9/10 O'clock position. So that's no excuse.

  7. oh shit!! that's my car lol love the Mazda P5

  8. In LA, you take the lanes you need. You're not gonna get it if you don't take it, no one is gonna give it to you. At the same time, it helps to use your blinker so people know what's going on when you do force yourself into another lane, and you don't get mad when other people do it to you. It's like a karma system. It's just how it works. You have to be really assertive, but you don't have to be an asshole, like some people in LA are.


  10. I owned a red 2003 Protege5 and it was the best car ever! Hauled my bike, dog, friends, had instant response from any input and great fuel economy.

  11. Montiman0 says:

    aids aids aids HERPESaids aids aids SYPHILLUS

  12. Allen Veloz says:

    MR Regular, you should pay 'denmah' a visit and review anything he's built in his garage. he's part of the sloppy mechanics channel

  13. Hi Corbin


  15. Leon Gofman says:

    Mr Regular, driving in NYC, is pretty similar. People are aggressive and impatient, and the fact that everyone around you is this way makes you this way. Taxi drivers would make sharp rights from the left lane. Drive in NYC for a month and you will be confident too.

  16. tommyistommy says:

    I spent a couple months in LA, I used to commute to NYC and I also live in PA. I've actually met Mr. Regular and talked about how insane LA is with him. I'm the guy with the mint red aw11 from sloppy mechanics dyno day if you're reading this Mr. Regular. The driving style in LA is absolutely insane, nobody will give you the finger or even honk if you drive like a NYC taxi driver on a regular basis. The lanes really mean nothing, they are just more space…you change lanes about 30 times per minute during congestion and nobody bats an eye. I found it entertaining and fun to drive like a total asshole during my time in LA, it didn't take me too long to adapt and I drive under the speed limit 99 percent of the time. I did have a similar reaction when I went for a drive with an LA native for the first time, I wanted to honk at him and was practically giving him the finger from the passenger seat. Its just a different world out there.

  17. X Blocky says:

    That laught at the end

  18. CookedSkunk says:

    My Mum drives like that.

  19. DaedalusZero says:

    Protege5, eh? Corbin has good taste.

  20. Cmon, Mr Regular. You've never driven through Allentown on Rt 22 at rush hour? Fuck that highway with a whole pink Paseo.

  21. ArmedZagi says:

    Alabama Shakes in the background. Nice

  22. DigitalV3 says:

    Lol, come to Paris, it's the same traffic but with aggressive persons

  23. Corkoth55 says:

    we drive like mad cunts in Connecticut compared to PA apparently…. but never as bad as fucking jersey or Rhode Island

  24. Dude, did you NEVER drive on the FDR? This is just a regular day in NY

  25. chopper63d says:

    review my Saab 9-5! lol

  26. Mike says:

    Hey, the Mazda Protege would be a good regular car review.

  27. Wait. Corbin Goodwin is the guy with the sick edelbrock rx-7?

  28. as long as you are in socal, want to ride my motorcycle?

  29. disciprine says:

    405 near the fox hills mall

  30. disciprine says:

    405 near the fox hills mall

  31. Wow…I'm from Sacramento, and I thought OUR drivers were crazy…

  32. Wait, other states don't have EXEMPT plates?

  33. It'll be interesting adjusting my driving style when I move from Los Angeles.

  34. 2:03 This applies to any reckless, braindead, or even just misunderstood driving done in PA by anyone at any time.

  35. C N says:

    Ahhh california its what i have to deal with daily

  36. Adam Mayer says:

    I disagree. That's the thing to do in Pittsburgh. Turn signals and common sense are over rated

  37. SPcamert says:

    Fucking LOVED my P5. Easily one of the most fun cars I've ever owned. Decent fuel efficiency, nice reflexes, decent power. Lot of fun.

  38. Adrianzx says:

    God hand God hand God hand God hand God hand God hand God hand God hand God hand

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