Safe Working with Diesel Engine. Safety rules

Authorized to attend to the diesel engine are only those persons who have received special training, have been briefed on safety rules and have passed a test confirming their knowledge of the fundamentals of engineering and of this publication.

Never touch any rotating part of the engine by hand or tool and never repair the engine in running condition.

Never use open fire as a source of light while filling the engine with fuel or oil; eliminate any leak of fuel or oil without delay.

Use portable low-voltage lamps (not above 36 V) for lighting purposes.

Install the engine in a clean, well lighted and ventilated engine room wherein a fire extinguisher is provided; keep the engine room tidy.

Never keep inflammables in close proximity to the exhaust pipe.

Hoist the engine with the aid of lifting fixture only.

Use, when repairing the engine, only those tools which are in good working order.

Place guards at all rotating parts such as pulleys, fan, flywheel, etc.