SEAT Leon Cupra 280: Hothead Hatchback – XCAR

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XCAR is a big fan of the SEAT Leon, but do you maintain that wonderful balance when you step up to the Cupra model?

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48 thoughts on “SEAT Leon Cupra 280: Hothead Hatchback – XCAR

  1. I like Spain, i like Leon!

  2. 3rR4h says:

    Ugly. Like the cheap offspring of a RS3 and mk2 focus st.. volvo c30 crossed with a Opal OPC-like interior, not quite as bland, but definitely cheaper looking… Nope doesn't win my heart. Hopefully Seat finds their identity and defines it soon enough

  3. john jackson says:

    I know some people will feel a little cheated that the electronics do most of the work, but i for one are glad they are there! Not everybody has the skill to control all the power all of the time and its nice to know they are there to keep you out of the hedges if you get a bit carried away lol

  4. Sean Walker says:

    horrible in yellow but a beaut in black

  5. French? it a Volkswagen under disguise

  6. Martin Allen says:

    Circa 250 lbs/ft!??? That's crap.

  7. You should do a Volkswagen Scirocco R 2016 review!

  8. bry4n3 says:

    That matte yellow Cupra is ace.

  9. when testing a car with both automatic and manual options, could you please choose the manual.

  10. Ace Gaming says:

    How does it compare to the Focus ST in terms of dynamics (accelerating, cornering, braking) and functionality (interior space, trunk space, etc.) ?

  11. Erik Anon says:

    Nice Mondaine watch

  12. They are not gonna make a Cupra R out of this.. The list of hot-hatches at VW Group is currently like this: Step 1 = Golf GTI, Step 2 = Leon Cupra 280, Step 3 = Golf R or Audi S3, Step 4 = Audi RS3 (which will be on the market soon) – and thats it – only the most expensive hatch from the VW Group will come with the most power.

  13. Carfection says:

    #seatleon  on #Saturday  – What better way to start your weekend?!

  14. Pvulture b says:

    The design is so freaging awesome. 

  15. Just bought a Cupra 280, two weeks ago….after having a few Leon FR's…..all I can say is, what a fantastic car to own….you wont be disappointed if your thinking about buying one…..

  16. David Gómez says:

    I love this car

  17. Jet S says:

    This is a Hothatch no question.

  18. BFC Ricky says:

    No matter what styling cues Seat use their cars still look dull.

  19. Zach Payne says:

    But don't worry guys in the USA, If/when TTIP gets drafted and signed, (It's a bit held up ATM) Many Safety/Emissions regs will be standardized between the US and EU, meaning cars designed for Europe will essentially also be designed for the USA which  means we will get a lot more Euro cars coming here, (As certification costs will be nearly nill). SEAT, Skoda, Renault, Citroen, Peugeot. The lot of em, will return in the next decade.

  20. How did you manage to get this in yellow? I thought they scrapped this colour from series production Leon (a big mistake if you're asking me).

  21. its like a boxer who wants to take his boxing gloves off and want to fight bare knuckle handed    

    That car is faaaaast

  22. thats a cool car!

  23. Europe has the best roads for drivers like us, and their cars seem sculpted around them. I wish we got some of their more affordable cars here in the us.

  24. It needs to have looks to compare with the insane power. The previous generation had the BTTC inspired K1. That was a sweet body kit and gave the Cupra real road presence.

  25. well this car comes insane from fabric with 280 bhp, I am the owner of a Seat Leon FR and I electronically unlimiting  the car and is very fast, but whit this one you will get more power if you chip the car

  26. Where i can buy the Cupra in Yellow? Oo
    Im from germany.

  27. turbo311 says:

    I wish Seat was sold in the US. They're building better hot hatches than VW for less money with the same parts.

  28. John Mayer says:

    I really want to know what kind of watch he's wearing!!!

  29. Nice Video. It would be easier to find if you add Cupra 280 in title!

  30. yellow really suits the car

  31. Br0chure says:

    "Top speed of 155mph" What is with the brits and electronically limiting their cars all the damn time -_-

  32. I've got the previous gen Leon Cupra R and can't say I've ever noticed any torque steer at all really when flooring it in the lower gears (and I've had it remapped to just under 300 bhp). I do really like the look of these new ones though

  33. Lancelot M says:

    this sucks that the mazdaspeed 3 i have comes with 263hp stock with a 2.3 turbo i believe. this has a 2.0l with 280!! the 2.0l turbo vdubs in canada come with like 200hp. America sucks!!

  34. I love it in yellow!

  35. Awesome quality vid, always top effort from XCAR

  36. 420apache657 says:

    I wonder if that big ass turbos gonna ruin reliability 

  37. TangoR34 says:

    no manual though :(

  38. hyphon12 says:

    The Cupra is the top spec Leon at the moment but doubt it always will be in this generation of the Leon, I'd be shocked if they don't up it again with a Cupra R. So I wouldn't compare this to the Golf R, RS3 or even the Megane 275 in terms of "which is faster".

  39. george balan says:

    Your videos are Great but put more sound and driving Scenes ex top Gear instead this guy talk Too fuckin much, i don' t give a fuck about His opinion i want to see the car.

  40. Megane 275 would win!

  41. Dwight Deane says:

    Quesion, Does the cupra share the same chasis as the Kia Cerato hatch back?  I see strong similarities between the two.

  42. fullwerkes says:

    Precisely why I bought one!

  43. Such a nice looking car. Wish it was available in the US but Europe gets all the good toys.

  44. William says:

    Beautiful colour, but it is not yellow painted, it is wrapped. You can see it on the B pillar, it's pity that yellow colour isn't offered.

  45. Ayrton Atif says:

    Cupra R with over 300 hp and four wheel drive bias to the rear will be an amazingly awesome car.

  46. ianiva says:

    I've said this in every Cupra review I've watched, I love this car and will most likely be my next car!

    By the way, the one used for the Nurb lap time is a harder version that will also be offered. Brembo brakes, stickier tyres, lighter alloys and maybe a few other things as well. TG Mag used it in their Speed Week test.

  47. omar seyed says:


  48. omar seyed says:


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